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Tool Trolley Set - 2 Piece $19 (Was $49) + Free C&C or Delivery @ Mitre 10


Tool Trolley Set - 2 Piece is on sale for $19, normally $49, has been as low as $29 but never seen it at $19. Pick up at your local or get it delivered ($10 for me).

Unfortunately, we bought the Bunnings equivalent Stanley 3 in 1 Rolling Workshop Plastic Tool Box for $85.

Interlocking toolboxes are stackable or can be separable
Top tool box can nest into lower tool box to provide compact storage
Foldable handle
Durable plastic construction
Overall dimensions: 46 x 26 x 62.5cm
No assembly required

via LittleBirdie Price Drop

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    I reckon you made the right choice Neil.

    • +1

      Yeah I would pass on this if it was $49 and save for the Stanley one that Neil bought.
      But for $19, its worth it for the bargain- dodgy latches and all.

      • Ill be honest with you, i bought a stanley tookbox a couple of years ago and the quality of the plastic is pretty poor so i definately won't recommend. Even the one in OPs link seem to have pretty bad reviews so maybe look at either other brands if you're after quality or go craftright if you want to save a bit of money.

    • The stanley is probably equivalent to this one, using the same sort of rubbish plastic. $19 for this or you go all out and buy something decent for $300.

    • I would agree - you get what you pay for. Doesn't look of high quality and the Stanley looks to attach to each other rather then nest into each other.

      That being said I would go drawers for most things rather then open top but then you're starting to get quite a bit more.

  • -1

    Plastic latches on a tool box is terrible. You get what you pay for.

    • I mean, it's $19, what do you expect?

  • I'm looking for a toolbox where I can arrange my spanners and screwdrivers in an orderly arrangement rather than just sitting loose in a tray. Has anyone seen anything like this where you're not buying the tools as well?

  • +2

    thanks op got a box

  • Thanks neil I got a box, thanks too for the little birdie tip - never heard of that website until now

  • +2

    Expect these to be poorly molded with crappy latches and not very sturdy when fully loaded…What you pay for is what you get - Been there done that…

    These days, I only own Tactix boxes…well built and value for money.

    • Yeah I have a few of the Tactix plastic and metal ones and they are all great.

  • Been after something like this for a few years and never seen anything cheaper than the aforementioned Stanley ones at bunnings, which I find hard to jump over for a plastic box. This will do me nicely, and if the clips are a bit dodgy they will be fine for using once a month when I work on the car up the driveway and not right at the garage. TBH I'm more concerned that the wheels will hold up when fully loaded.

  • Is there any drawers or partition slides in each box ?

    • Looks like no drawers, but the top box has two compartments on the top that are slightly transparent to store small trinkets.

      Anyone know how much weight the lower box can hold with the top box connected and used as a trolley? Need to haul 2 piece rotors and this seems a good fit.

  • I have the Stanley version I purchased from amazon US years ago. It's fine to store things but I wouldn't use it for frequent tool jobs. Great for lego and toy storage…

  • -1

    is this good for carry on luggage?

  • You are a living legend Neil

  • Cheers OP!

  • -1

    Got one for sewing stuff, I expect that's about the limit.

  • +1

    Great. Got one last time. It's loaded up. Use it everywhere. Surprisingly still going. Gonna grab another.

  • Good point on the plastic latches gang.

    Don't like them on my current toolbox and while I like the price to space ratio here, pretty sure I don't want to triple down on that problem.

    How much would we be looking to pay for a better quality equivalent?

  • Just bought 3, i am forever carrying my tools from shed inside then back outside.

  • +2

    I find this box from Bunnings to be great.

  • +1

    Bought this a while back on sale. Seemed a good deal but in reality a complete waste.

    Poorly made/designed, won't latch together. Bottom half therefore useless, left with top box with a long janky handle.

    • Poorly made - sure, but it does latch together.

  • Just an update, I got 6 of these delivered today. They are fine. yes the latches will probably break over time under reasonable use, but these are good for tools you dont need all the time which is what I got them for,

    Happy with my purchase

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