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Noctua NH-U12A 120mm CPU Cooler $152.70 + Postage @ Noctua Cooling Solutions via Newegg


Looking at CPU coolers and I found this.
RRP is about $185-$199 the cheapest I have found.

Postage is about $9.
Total will be $160.80

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    Why pick just this model? It seemed like every fan was cheap on the site compared to Aus prices, and lots of them have free shipping too.

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      Because Noctua is always cheapest on Newegg. It's been like this for years and years.

      Once a month someone goes looking to buy a Noctua fan/cooler, sees it's cheapest on Newegg, and posts it as a 'sale'.

  • Love this cooler.

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      well, you are posting different model……..U12A has 7 heat pipe.

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        Okay fair point, but that doesn't nullify the D15 and U14S arguments, which should cover the vast majority of users looking for a cooler.

        I'll remove the neg.

        • U12A is the biggest cooler i can fit into my case nr200.
          so there is a different, (able to/unable to fit).

          really not much point compare different size/heat pipe model. but i get your point for sure. i didnt neg you.

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    The fan, A12x25, is kind of legendary, but the price diff is not worth for that marginal gain IMO. Still prefer D15 at the same price, if ur case can fit. U need the fin surface area, not just number of heat pipe, plus D15 also push air on VRM heat sink, due to the 15cm fan

    • Their fan is no longer legendary. T30-120 is if you dont mind the thickness. Kicks A12X25's a$$. Released just a few days ago.

  • Usually this goes for $170-200 Delivered @ Amazon with prime. I love this cooler. It very similar to D15 but compact. You don't need to worry about RAM clearance at all.
    I have this with R9-5900XT. Idles at - 35C, 100% - 68C

  • Notcua fans are generally quite good (at least in my experience). Have been using 1 for the last 2 years, it's quiet and reliable.

  • This is apparently the best air cooler you can fit in the cooler master nr200. thanks for posting! when i was looking around, it was ~$199

    • Well the Scythe PCGH is going for $95 from Amazon UK at the moment, it's pretty much the same as Mugen 5 Rev, b which fits both TG and mesh case, but uses lower RPM fans to make it quieter. Pretty good deal IMO as a comparable cooler that'll fit the NR200P in both orientations for a much more enticing price. Only a few left but also says 'more on the way'

  • got it with same price, i thought it is the normal price.

    rather than calling this is a deal, its more like all the other seller are ripping ppl off. but i guess they have to charge that much?

  • Glad I paid $138 for this during Christmas.

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    I've been a loyal noctua customer for more than a decade but apparently this is the new champ:



    Like half the price of a u12a.

    • I mean, that's because it's pretty much a Noctua NH-D14, just marginally smaller. Not a great comparison to the U12a.

      Regardless, that looks like a great cooler at a great price, especially for Noctua brown haters.

      • Yes it's definitely bigger than u12a but case clearance is 154mm compared to 158mm for u12a so should fit in the same cases…

        One great thing about noctua though is that they'll keep sending mounts for new cpus sockets for free… My nhd 14 is still going strong for that reason.

  • If you don't mind an AIO you can get the NZXT Kraken X63 for even less https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184472567187