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        Bondi is never on lockdown!

        They are “special”!

        There are literally hundreds if not thousands every single day since covid started abusing the “exercise” rule!

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          The majority of cases are coming from Merrylands, Guildford, Auburn, Granville, Lidcombe, Greenacre and Blacktown were the suburbs that had the fastest growing number of infections of the Delta variant and from a particular community.

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        Click and Collect.

    • Wouldn't they have prioritised to allocate the spare one to other pre-order customers who're on the waiting list?

    • +4

      Because there are some of us in the fortunate position of still being able to work. The HN I went to this morning only received 5. Easy to find 5 people to sell too when supply is that constrained.

    • +3

      I dunno about your circles, but I've had more money come in and stay in during this pandemic than ever before and know many people in the same boat.

      Work a well paid job that hasn't had a single day of shut down, have been selling stuff I've accumulated for more than it's reasonably worth because supply/demand issues have put value in old stuff, and haven't had as many things to splurge spending money on (travel, cinema, days out, etc).

  • Thanks managed to get one!

    Shipped and Sold by jvozbargain

    • How much was the saving though?

      • $749 I believe!

        • believe

  • May be its easier to get one when some scalper goes into financial hardship and has to dump all the scalped PS5 quick

    • +1

      Which still won’t be below or close to rrp

      • i got one today, but i think the market is nearing its saturation point. I think by christmas they will be on sale and the scalpers will be selling at a loss

        the journey was fun, but now that i got one, what do i do? its very time consuming

        • It will only be a blip in the profits they made along the way. Also I think it's pretty safe to say that shortages will only increase around Xmas time rather than decrease.

          Time will tell but I'm sticking to that theory

          • +1

            @cute as ducks: I agree. Especially if another lock down demand will increase exponentially

    • Along with the Toobs their selling.

  • Impossible to buy

  • I'm stuck in the Afterpay deal and this stuff comes up ?

  • I had one in the cart and made the total rookie mistake of stopping to remove something else (a kindle cover) instead of just jumping right into checkout. In that 10 seconds it was gone.

    • +14

      if the entire state being in lockdown isn't the perfect time to buy a PS5 then i dunno when it is.

      • -2

        Ahahhahah got me there

    • +3

      Yeah guys. Don't you know that each time you think about a PS5 an elderly person dies of Covid?

  • +2

    I am starting to forget why I need to buy a PS5 in the first place.

    • +1

      To play PS4 games at 60fps?

  • I still think if you missed EBgames entire morning PS5 stock dump then you're probably not gonna get one. That window for buying was so long, I could have taken a nap and still be able to easily buy a ps5.

    • that was pre order

      • Yes and you could have preordered it, and waited for another deal to come around and cancelled that one if you found stock shipping sooner.

        • +1

          I just got one today instead

  • I was going to buy it…. and then thought stuff it… Bought a 2TB 980 Pro instead.

  • Why people still buy LOL at this stage you should be looking at their second generation.

    • What will you get by looking at their second generation?

      • You'll get a send generation of scalpers.

  • +2

    Managed to score one. Bye bye scalpers!

    • one day soon scalpers will be selling at a loss

  • -3

    Xbox is leagues ahead of ps5 at this point. And recent comparisons have shown it being more powerful as developers get used to Xbox tools.

    Bethesda exclusive games, retroarch, Forza, halo infinite, gears of war all great games. Never been a better time to own an Xbox

    Don't take my word for it



    • Get both. PS5 for truly exclusive games. Xbox for cross platform and Bethesda games

    • +2

      Thing is though. Is that all Xbox exclusives will be available for PC, and I've got a decent gaming rig for that.
      Got my PS5 today simply because of the exclusives for it that are coming out.

      • -2

        Ps5 games are eventually going to be on pc as well..

        • Will take years and not for alll of them and the key ones will always be ps exclusives. It’s Sony’s business model to keep players in their ecosystem, it sucks but it works.

          • +2

            @alteclan: I'm still awaiting on a Metal Gear Solid 4 release on any other platform

    • +1

      XBox Series X to PS5 has to be the closest in hardware and performance from the main two consoles since the mid 80's, so little in it, PS4 to XBox One had a much larger gap. It is better for developers that they are so close, but I miss the hardware variety.

      • +1

        What even is the performance percentage difference? Based on TF, it's about 14%. The games don't show that much improvement. The performance difference probably isn't huge. Besides the art direction and style is much more significant for the platform than raw performance.

        I miss form factor variety. I hope one of them brings back the truly pocketable handhelds. Something closer to a Gameboy or NDS/3DS.

  • +1

    PS5 should be classified as an essential item in lockdown

    It should be subsidised by taxpayers

    • Ok

  • Anyone's PS5 shipped yet?

    • Hi buddy, have your shipped? My order status is stuck at just before "shipped"!!

  • Looking for a PS5 but found a fanboy instead in this post 🤣

  • +1

    In stock now!!!

  • Finished

  • Digital in stock at Amazon now!!!

  • Made the mistake of changing my payment method which has changed my estimated delivery to ‘when available’. Anyone else had this problem?

    • Mine was originally Monday but it’s just shipped and is inbound Sunday!

      • Hey buddy, which state are you in? anxiously waiting for my order - I'm worried if Amazon cancels it for whatever reason!!

        • Victoria, got mine Sunday!

    • My order is stuck at just before "shipped" for 4 days now!!

      • Yep I'm also still waiting. Now have an estimated delivery date of 31st August - 2nd September

        • Just got off the phone with Amazon, apparently they don't have stock now despite confirming the order!!!! They will call me back on Saturday but I'm not getting my hopes up…hope you have better luck than me.

  • Might be a big w drop today from 10am onwards

  • Mine finally just shipped. Could potentially be another drop shortly if they've received more stock.

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