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[Afterpay] Ubiquiti Unifi Protect G4 2MP Video Doorbell $270.30 Delivered @ Wireless1


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Historic best price for this doorbell. Great for those who don’t want a cloud sub and have bought into the Unifi eco system. Pairs finely with the HeathZenith dinger.


This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Keen for some real world experiences from people that have transitioned to this from earlier generation wifi doorbells e.g. Ring/Arlo/Nest ?

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      I hear it’s quite good, but keep in mind it requires you to have a Unifi Protect setup which has a $300 odd starting point for the Unifi Cloud Key G2 Plus, before you add the cost of the doorbell.

      Being hard wired may be a pro or a con too.

    • I have a full UniFi setup bar the doorbell. I hate Ubiquiti for what they have become. All their protect stuff is overpriced.

      But if you want an easy self hosted solution, no cloud. It's good. Just expensive.

  • Actually… klarna 25% off was cheaper.. around 240 odd. I bought one, but need an electrician to install

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    I bought one last year from B&H. Can’t fault it and would recommended it, super stable, native app can be a bit slow to open and connect but notifications are super fast. It’s also connected to Home Assistant and homekit (via homekit-bridge).

    Looking to get one of the transformers which are included in the Au version if someone wants to off load it. :)

    • If you can get an ethernet cable behind it you can hook it up to POE power :) I've done this and it worked flawlessly for almost a year.

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        What happened after a year?

        • nothing, I've had it almost a year now.

    • Were you able to expose it in Apple HomeKit?

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        Yea, via Homebridge UniFi Protect

        • Does the two way voice work fine

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/eufy-2K-Video-Doorbell-Battery-P...

    How is it compared to eufy gen 2? $250 atm after disc.

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      Unsure about the doorbell itself but as I noted above, the Unifi one needs you to have a seperate Unifi Protect device which has a starting price of $300-$350 for the base model. If you only want a doorbell and aren’t interested in also getting Unifi security cameras, this product won’t be cost effective. The Eufy comes with everything you need on the other hand.

      Another big difference is this one is hard wired and “should” be installed by an electrician, where the one you linked to is battery powered.

  • Does anyone know if your able to use two-way audio function outside of the Unifi app's e.g. Tinycam?

    • Can’t comment on Tinycam but the two-way audio is a bit of a gimmick. I find most of the time people have already left before you’ll be able to speak to them. Never really tried with the native app but via HomeKit its a bit useless.

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    Sometimes I just don't get Ubiquiti's product releases. They are primarily a network system vendor, so why is this not powered by POE?

    (I was curious why several comments above were suggesting an electrician would need to wire this up).

    Oh wait, POE is probably coming in a future Pro or SE version.

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      This confuses me too. Especially as I have a POE switch, would be way easier and cheaper to do a CAT 6 run. This should be an option at $300 for a door bell

  • Has anyone been able to integrate this DoorBell with Apple Homekit?
    What has been your experience?