This was posted 10 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Raspberry Pi 4 4GB RAM Board + SanDisk 64GB Micro SD Card US$79.20 (~A$111.34) Delivered @ Labists


Raspberry Pi 4 B Model B Starter Kit 4GB RAM and 64GB Sandisk SD Card AU$111.34
Code: Labists28

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    Honey was able to find a better code - SALE3OOFF

    • Did that code also give free shipping?

      Too late for me, I grabbed 4 sets, total cost $AUD462.10 using PayPal …
      [ $115.525 each ]

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        yea, free shipping as well. I went with the 32GB card version, so ended up with 70USD (98.22 AUD) on my ING Orange debit card via Paypal.

        • How do you get $70? Its showing $75 with the code.

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            @superfriends: They seem to have reduced SALE30OFF discount to 25% rather than the original 30%

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        Not to worry, their codes are wacky and best price was had. For the 64GB model you can get US$79.20 (LABISTS28) vs US$82.50 using SALE3OOFF.

        I think they increased the 32GB price overnight, it's now US$75.00 using code SALE3OFF (ineligible for LABISTS28).

    • Cheers mate.

  • This is very good deal. 100$ for entire set with 32Gb card.

    • Yep, Id be all over it if I didnt have three here on my desk

  • Brilliant deal - thanks op

  • Are these basically mini - PC's?

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      Yes, but dont run windows

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      Depends on how you define a mini PC.

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    what are people doing with these? interested in ideas

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      Got a Rpi3 as a file server + automated TV show grabber (Sonarr + SABnzbd). File-shares to Plex/kodi on TVs in the house. Thinking of getting this as the Rpi3 is somewhat speed limited due to lower specs.

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      I've just had a graphics card start to fail in old computer I use as movie player (plex player). It's been super quiet low end i3 CPU but the Radeon 6800 GPU as been getting noisy (10 year old GPU) and now it's starting to flick on a off. I wanted to get a cheap GPU with HDMI and was looking at $80 or so for something with passive cooling which seems like a waste of money compared to this. For $100 this Raspberry would replace that old machine and use quite a lot less electricity… The i3 has been also used as a backup Plex server when my NAS was having problems.

      I'd probably be ok for kids Google Classroom use as well.

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    This be suitable to run a home assistant IoT setup?

    • yea sure… However some would argue the sd card might be the weakest link

      • Yeah was just looking at that. Appreciate the reply!

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          put all the logs on an external drive (doesn't have to be big), significantly reduce the wear on the sd card.

          even RPi 3 handles homeassistant quite nicely

      • Any recommendations on good value SD cards for this?

  • Does this mean the next generation of rpis are on the way?

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    Lucky I check ozb before buying anything, I was about to buy from jaycar eBay for $109 for raspberry pi only, without all the startup kits. Bought 2x 32Gb sdcard version for $143.99 USD/ $211.11 AUD with PayPal's conversion.

  • Thanks for this, pulled the trigger on this one. I'd be interested to to hear if anybody has setup a bitcoin lightning node using the Pi and which software package they went with?
    Great community, thx guys

  • thank you, OP.
    Got one.

  • Has anyone received shipping details yet? Mine is still saying the order is confirmed and I'd receive an email when it ships. Or did we just OzBargain them?

    • No shipping notification yet for me.

      • Got my shipping notification today. Got an Australia Post tracking number, but checking that shows no updates yet. So, I guess they are shipping from here.

        • good to know.. hopefully it is a matter of time now

          • @nokia3660: I have yet to receive any shipping notification yet, still waiting

  • Thanks OP. Splashed out and went 8Gb with the SALE3OOFF code (Note it’s an O not a zero!!)

  • Was about to order but noticed its not 4B. Is that correct?

    • Checked the description and it is 4B. Ordered one.

  • Thanks OP. I grabbed one a few days ago. Yet to be shipped. Anyone got shipping conformation?

  • I received an email today saying they don't have stock to ship my order - I wish I had ordered with someone more reliable.

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      same here.. I had to mail them to ask for an update and got the out of stock email.

      They are asking me to wait for a week or 2 or upgrade to the 8gb RAM version for another $40. I guess I'll wait for a week or 2. Paid via paypal so fairly confident I can get the money back if things fo south.

      • Has yours shipped yet?

        • Nope, they said a week or two on the 27th…

  • Ordered 2 on the 22nd and hadn't heard anything so emailed them today. Same response as above, out of stock (without any indication on the website) and estimated 1-2 weeks until it ships. And asked me to upgrade to the 8GB model for $95USD if I want it sooner.

    • Same story here.

      • No stock yet, got a refund.

    • I got pretty much the same response last week, ordered 4gb on the 24th and on 27th they told me stock is 1-2 weeks away and suggested spending an extra $30 USD to get the 8GB model…

      • Last notice I got, the tracking says Australia Post has it on the 24th August. I know there are issues with AP at this time, perhaps that is part of the problem.

      • I ended up accepting their offer of an "immediate refund" yesterday. They weren't joking! I received a full refund within 5 minutes of sending them an email.

    • Contacted them as I hadn’t heard anything and was told a further 2 weeks wait, so I have cancelled my order.

  • Has anyone that ordered from this post gotten their kit delivered ?

    I ordered the 8GB model (original order), and got the same response that it will take 1-2 weeks to arrive, since its out of stock. Checking the website - they are still taking orders with the discount !!

    Being suggested to get the 8G + 128GB SDCARD version if I want it sooner (??) .

    Is everyone just getting upsold to the next higher version ?

    Not sure why they are asking the buyers of the 4GB version to get the 8GB version, while I am being told that thats out of stock too!

  • I am still waiting for mine to be shipped.

  • Same, not shipped. They suggested I buy a more expensive model.
    I asked for a refund and that was fairly quick.

    • Same - and a week after the previous guys post where they recommended a 2 week wait, still saying another two weeks or to buy the 8gb instead.

      Probably best to refund this one

  • I got a tracking number but it hasnt updated on any tracker of where the package is, does that mean they have the stock for my order or?

    • +1

      My tracker only updated for the first time since the 24th August over the weekend (Sunday actually), but it's on the move and I ordered 4 sets (with 4GB RAM / 64GB Micro-SD). AP apparently had it since the 24th August, it is now in Sydney, not yet in Victoria — showing "on time", hahaha; I wouldn't call it on time, but I'm not worried about the timing.

      • Gotcha, pretty much same predicament as me haha. Got it as a gift but i doubt its going to come in time :(

      • Still no updates on tracking since Sunday the 5th….. :(

  • FWIW, there is a current code for labor day — not sure when it expires, but the code is LABORDAY for 30% off, just got an email about 3am and it said "final hours". No mention of shipping waiver. Still waiting for my earlier order to update again and be delivered though, so less confidence until at least one order turns up!

    • Looks like free shipping is a "standard" feature.

  • +1

    Just got a notification that no longer in stock, despite getting an order confirmation 18 days back. Anyone else?

    • Same here. I got an email for OSS and an offer to upgrade it to 8GB version. But I decided to cancel the order since it took them that long to process the order. On other note, their customer support response time is not bad.

      • Exact same. Cancelled and went with one from Amazon.

  • Australia Post finally delivered yesterday; no card in the box, I was there yesterday. I checked tracking, no card in the box today, but I showed them the tracking and then they found my delivery. So AP had it from 24th August to 21st September, but finally delivered. All 4 sets.

  • Now waiting on this:

    Not many hours to go, about 59 hours to go…..

  • +3

    So apparently it's now 7 weeks from my order date to get any stock .. terrible didn't mark it oos on the site when I bought this !! So annoyed

    • Yep. Two weeks ago it was "2 more weeks", now it's "another month". They suggest I spend double the amount to get a more expensive model? Nahhh.

      There was no indication this would be a preorder, this is bait and switch scam. I'll be getting a refund

      • Agreed! to their credit they provided refund immediately but yeah sad to see the bait and switch with no specific details on orders it's always another 2 weeks out but not sold out on their site

  • I ordered the 32GB kit on the 20th of August; it finally shipped today. Good luck to people who still waiting.

    • Same here!

      • same here.. Got an AP tracking number yesterday night.

        • And finally delivered today. The packaging seems nice, haven't hooked it up yet. The Pi4 I received says made in UK (not sure if it is a thing, but when I got my Pi3B there were discussions around the ones made in china vs others)

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