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[Pre Orderr] Ergohuman Fit IOO Executive Mesh & Upholstered Chair $399 + Delivery @ My Deal

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Trying to buy one of these Ergohuman chairs for a while and found the price to be decent (not the lowest ever)

Ships on 30th October

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  • got it from the last ebayplus deal, very happy about it

  • I noticed this deal since last night.

    Not as good as this one weight balanced(new model) and cheaper.

    Also the minimum seat height is about 50cm(seat top to ground) actually, too high for some people.

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      More expensive ?

    • +1

      What's the difference between normal and weight balance version?

      Edit - think I found it: "The Weight Balance mechanism auto-adjusts the recline resistance to suit each user and can be locked in three recline positions."

      Edit2: this one also has 100b in the model number though, so I'm a bit confused in regards to whether they are actually both a weight balanced model and if so what the difference is. If both of them are weight balanced, is one of them simply a newer version?

  • Those arm rests don’t fold up, do they?

  • In need of a chair and was trying to hold out for a Herman Miller Mira/Embody on sale. Anyone know how this compares to the Herman Millers?

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      I own a ergohuman as I could not afford a Herman Miller. But I have used Herman Miller chairs in offices I have worked in.

      If you can afford a Herman Miller.. get it .. You will not be disappointed and they are better than the Ergohuman. Also you can get the Herman Miller chairs in different sizes to better fit your size.

      That said.. ergohuman chairs are good for the price and better than officeworks and other cheap office chairs. Also as a Tall person they go high enough for me . Must chairs from officeworks and similar are too short for tall people

  • Is this got good cushioning?

  • Does anyone actually know the difference between the two models?
    * IOOB-WBNF-3DHBM-F listed RRP $629 and is on sale
    * IOOB-WBNF-3DHAM listed RRP $599 and is not on sale

    The one without headrest is also on sale for $349.

    Similar situation here as well
    * IOOB-WBNF-LAM listed RRP $529 and is on sale
    * IOOB-WBNF-LBM-F listed RRP $549 and is not on sale

    Maybe it's just regional differences, ie of it's grey import. Would be interesting if anyone knew the difference though.

    • Mesh vs upholstered/cushioned seat.

      • Oh, I didn't see that! Thanks. I'm blind.

    • +3

      Share your experiences please

    • Reviews seems pretty good. I will probably buy one. Could you expand on what was terrible about it?

  • Can anyone recommend a chair that suits long torsos? I have the ergohuman elite and find that when sitting upright, my shoulders are resting against the headrest even when it is set to the highest position.

  • In case anyone who reads this has this model of chair, can the arms be removed? It's mentioned explicitly in the description of other Ergohuman models but not this one, so I'm supposing not.

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      Yes. Just don't attach them during assembly.

  • Thanks OP just bought

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    Did they just pull the stock? There was 18 left a couple of hours ago, figured there was no rush and I was gonna order tonight. Now it's out of stock somehow. So typical.

    Probably just more popular than I expected. Guess I need to be faster next time.

    Edit: they changed it from out of stock to presale now. Shipping isn't until 30th of October :(

  • Can someone please recommend me a heavy duty sub-$300 model? Thanks in advance.

  • 6 days later and it's showing $599 :(

  • Just got a shipping notification. Thankfully sooner than expected!

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