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Seagate 4TB One Touch Portable Hard Drive (Grey) $119 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Seagate 4TB One Touch Portable Hard Drive (Grey)

Seagate Rescue Data recovery service included
Works with Windows® and Mac® without reformatting
Customised automatic backup and folder mirroring

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    Not a bad price but I got a Seagate 5TB for $113 today from Officeworks.

    • Which officework store?

    • +2

      Portable high drive or expansion drive?

      • +1

        It's called a Portable One Touch.

    • Lucky you, been calling a few ow in Melbourne but they are all closed, same with phone orders and price beat

    • Lucky you.
      My local store wouldn't price match that earlier post. They did scan the photoed barcode, but it showed $131. And they would only offer that price on the black. Said they don't price match Clearance lines, even in other Officeworks stores.
      They still insisted the grey would be $199!

      • +2

        I have always questioned the service you get at Officeworks. Most of the time they try their hardest to screw you over for a price match, even their own stores. The other times they hover around to help you but they don't know anything about the products and in fact, if you have entered the store with a specific product in mind, you could most likely lecture them!

        • Like most fkn retail stores they are full of "customer service" officers none of which actually have any technical experience… Been to many stores and ask questions so they go read the box, like I can read….

          • @Willco88: Yes, these 2 comments are very true.

            It would be funny if they listed on their benefits of dealing with Officeworks "literate staff members available to read packaging to answer all your product questions".

        • I've never had an issue, have successfully price matched/beaten various stuff over the years including boost mobile Sim, pixel 5 etc. If the first attendant doesn't know much they usually get a tech salesperson who usually sort it. Helps if you can look up the deal on the phone (or their browser) and show them, pretty easy. Obviously deals that need a code may not be approved, and some membership deals like prime or Costco.

          I'm not sure, but maybe their own stores are franchises and have different sales (like Bunnings red/yellow tickets)

  • +10
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      2-4 weeks delivery on Amazon.

      • +4

        NSW lockdowns are in place until Sept and VIC could be extended again, given the increase in numbers and covidiots protesting in the CBD. 2-4 weeks for a guaranteed delivery beats the "selected areas" or possible C&C issues that could result from buying online from a brick and mortar store.

        Thanks for the links @delirium211

        • +1

          The dispatch itself is 2-4 weeks. That means the shipping process hasnt even begun.

          • @jasecutler: And for those that are in lockdown for another 4-5 weeks without a C&C option, Amazon is a no-brainer.

            • @KangaDrew: I'm in a Sydney hotspot LGA, JB was and is open for C&C (I collected the $119 yesterday).
              But sure, if you want to wait over a month for Amazon, that's available too :)

  • OW - the way to go one these at the moment.
    5TB for that money.

    • +2

      Can you elaborate how to get it at that price?

      • +1

        They are maked down in-store.

        Not helful if your in Melb or Sydney though.

        • If the store /local store is open for click and collect, why not call them and ask to pick up?

        • Called up a couple of stores showing with limited number of stock, but got quoted at $175 for 5TB, instead of $113.

          Eventually settled with JB at $119 for 4TB. Not the cheapest, but pretty okay price for now.

    • I've tried 2 Officeworks stores in Perth just now. They both said they have nothing 4 or 5 tb at that price any brand.

  • -3

    I'm looking for 10TB best price?

  • Only selected office works

  • Is this any good for PS5

    • -2

      Apparently these 4 and 5tb ones are a little bit wider than the 1 and 2tb ones, so maybe they won't fit. From my understanding they don't fit a ps4, pretty sure ps5 would be the same

    • have one on PS5

      it's half full, smooth so far

      • I think he means to plug in as extra storage… I currently use a 2tb portable on my PS4 via USB

  • -1

    if you want another option, Officeworks has a 4TB USB3 External Drive with three year warranty for $99:


    Same price at Harvey Norman:


    • +2

      The $99 4TB requires an AC adapter.

    • Apples, meet oranges.

    • those are 3.5" drives not 2.5".

  • +1

    For all those mentioning the $99 4TB, those require an AC adapter - which is therefore essentially a different product than one which does not require external power ($119 @ JB).

    • These comments have been happening for years….one day people will realise……one day……

      • -1

        Doubt it if they haven't learnt by now. Portable external HDDs' days are coming to an end within the next few years.

        • lol and who told you that?

          • -1

            @KangaDrew: No one told me that. It was an observation of the HDD industry releasing 5TB 2.5" HDDs in 2016 then stopping development ever since.

            SSD development has resulted in 8TB 2.5" released last year in a thinner form factor. Prices are very high but will come down over time and so will larger capacities. It's their obvious focus for the future.

            • @Guybrush57: Saying

              Portable external HDDs' days are coming to an end within the next few years

              like it's a fact rather than a simple opinion is a bit OTT. They're not going anywhere anytime soon. Definitely not within the next few years.

              • -1

                @KangaDrew: You must be new to computing.

                • +1

                  @Guybrush57: Yeah, I must be, although I'm not making out that my opinions are facts, so…..?!

                  Given that the pricing is absolutely no where close to where it needs to be to replace tried and tested platter drives, an "observation" that they will come to an end within the next few years sounds more like it's coming from someone "new to computing".

                  But you do you.

                  • @KangaDrew: Note I specifically mentioned portable HDDs AKA 2.5" drives. I am not inferring 3.5" HDDs will disappear any time soon.

                    • @Guybrush57: I'd still expect high capacity 2.5" drives to be around for a while, that is at least until SSDs come within the realm of affordable for similar workloads.

                      It's all conjecture and personal opinion though.

  • Can u shuck these?

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