This was posted 3 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Club Plus Membership (Was $5) with Free $10 Credit @ Supercheap Auto (in Store)


From the upcoming Supercheap Auto catalogue starting 26 August. Open to customers who are not Club Plus members.

For everybody in lockdown, you can call your local store and sign up for free over the phone and pick up your physical card next time you're at the store (whether open or click and collect).


Join online for $1

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    Could be hard to do it in store during lockdown. A form at the door?

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      It's literally Targeted at 1/4 of Australia

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    Website saying join for 1 dollar. Lol

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      Because it's $1 to sign up online and free to sign-up in-store

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    Just went in today got given a free membership card with the $10 so this is not a deal

    • Says “in 4 days” at the top.

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          What day did you go in?

      • Catalog starts in 4 days the the join free just says before October 2nd?

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    Of course they make it in store only when half the country can’t go to one.

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    Hey SCA how bout you give your existing members a chop you bums. We never get anything.

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    Pick up 10 cans around the car park and sign up for $1 on the site if you want it now.

    • Amazing, will have to travel to the place to recycle, then redeem at Woolworths plus petrol, not a bad idea though, although due to lock down probably not a lot cans lying around in park, unless you are not in Sydney or Melbourne.

      • If you already recycle normally just consider it a reimbursement over time.

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          Also in NSW we get paid into Paypal if you opt for that payment methods

          • @Sheng: So after you recycled, there is a button for donate and a button for voucher for woolworths, is there a specific location you go to get paypal? Edit just google, works for certain reverse recycle, looks complicated. I visit Woolworths regularly.

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    For everybody in lockdown, you can call your local store and sign up for free over the phone and pick up your physical card next time you're at the store (whether open or click and collect).
    The offer is current and runs until early October from memory.

    • Just tried to call and sign up and they said no. Just a waste of time.

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        I’ll send you a message about this. I should be able to help you out if your local store isn’t coming to the party.

    • Hi, I tried to call up 2 of my local stores to sign up but no luck. Could you please help me out?

      • No worries, shoot me a message and I'll help you out. Your settings mean I can't message you first.

  • Anyone signed up multiple accounts?

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    There is some discussion regarding Super Cheap Privacy Policy in ozbargain here:

    6.5 Overseas disclosure of your personal information
    Some of our related companies and third party service providers perform the functions we have engaged them for in overseas locations.
    Due to the number of third party services providers we work with, it is not practicable to provide an exhaustive list of every country where your personal information may be sent. However, it is likely that your personal information will be sent to the following countries: China, Germany, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. We may also disclose your personal information internally within our related companies located in Australia, China, and New Zealand.

  • Free money. Can't complain. Gotta upvote this.

  • I saw something I liked in the catalogue so I checked my account balance, but my credit was zero.
    Their FAQ PDF says:

    12.1. Upon paying the $5 club membership fee and approval of the Member’s application for
    Membership, the Member will be issued $10 complimentary Loyalty Credit. This credit
    must be used within 56 days from the date of club membership activation (AEST).

    That's what I get for waiting 8 months to use it… but until now I didn't know the credit expired.

  • Is there are recurring fee after this or is it one time forever?

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      No recurring fees for membership.

  • I just signed up …seems like they extended the expiry date, not 7 days like previously reported:
    26/08/21 New Sign-Up - $10.00 $10.00 21/10/21

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