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Vodafone $250 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack for $139.50 (365-Day Expiry with 150GB) @ Groupon


Use Groupon promo BRANDNEW - 10% discount to $139.50 (Thanks CC123)
Also make use of the cashback from ShopBack/CashRewards

$155 for a Vodafone Prepaid Plus Starter Pack with 150GB and 365 days expiry
* $250 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack with 12 months expiry and 150GB
* Simply make the purchase and have your sim card delivered to your address

Starter Pack Inclusions
*150GB | 12 months expiry
* Data Bank | Save up to 200GB of unused data. Don’t want to lose your unused data? Keep up to 200GB with Data Bank when you recharge on any Prepaid Plus plan before expiry
* Unlimited standard national calls and TXT
* BYO Number | It’s easy to transfer your number to Vodafone from your current provider
* Data for use in Australia
* Expiry of the SIM is 365 days from the date of purchase

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    $139.50 with the code "BRANDNEW"

  • Don’t forget CB from Shopback 8.4%. Btw, may wait for the 30% promo code like Amaysim deals.

  • Does anyone have idea/experience whether Vodafone NumberSync is available on top of this pre-paid deal, or can Apple/Samsung eSIM watches only receive cellular calls as a Vodafone post-paid customer?

    I'm due to switch out of my JB/Telstra 12m post-paid deal.

    • same question here, is this plan can use esim? im also with JB plan now

      • I am currently using a Vodafone prepaid as e-sim. Samsung S21 handset.
        Used the $40 starter pack, then recharged once with PAYG and recently with $10 for 7 days. Works fine.
        edit: Might actually port out and port back in again with this one. Thanks OP.

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    this is also currently discounted at Woolworths for $150. 40% off $250.

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    no wifi calling?

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      Only VoLTE for prepaid.

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    Might be best to test out vodaphone reception and network with a single month plan before commiting to this network for a year.

    • I used to be on vodafone (a long time ago) and they had ok bush coverage at my mancave but recently a MVNO subscriber was there and had no signal at all…I wonder if the MVNOs don't have access to the full network of country towers?

  • does anyone know how long we have to activate the sim ?

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      Just purchased, and it said "Your SIM card must be activated within 365 days of purchase" :)

  • so far bad experience activated sim but they sent me 2 faulty sims so haven't been able to use it. i have to find time to go to a store to sort it out. BTW does their prepaid throttle to 1.5mbps once all data is used up?

  • So what's the advantage with getting this over say a Catch Connect prepaid plan on discount - $120 for about 145gb…?

    • catch is optus network and this is VF . not sure if catch has unlimited data on their plans?

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      VoLTE - but I'd rather get Boost which has both VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling

  • Does anyone know whether this will work for an iPad Pro? Great find btw OP :)

  • No overseas calling or roaming [not that we can go anyway], for a international company like Voda thats piss poor

    • Yeah, that’s the deal breaker for me.

  • Does this have to be activated within a particular timeframe?

  • Does it have 5G access?

    • Yes

      • Thank you. Ordered.

  • Any issues with switching from Kogan which is on Voda network in terms of qualifying as a new customer?

  • Flabbergasted that there are so few likes. Ok their coverage is the worst but since hardly anyone uses them the bottlenecks on peak hour seem almost non-existant.

  • Please read comments from today's post….


  • To check mobile phone towers sites in Australia….

    Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFNSA) website to search for active and proposed mobile phone base station sites in Australia. …

    To specifically check - telstra, Voda, optus
    Click = (top right hand side)
    Go to filter
    Click network
    Choose ur network

    If u try to minimize the map
    You will see the tower locations
    Unsure what the numbers - 2 or 3 mean..?

  • Hmmmmm

    Boost with 130gig of data for $150, or this?

    • Probably Boost, unless you really need the extra data.
      Boost has Telstra network and unlimited international calls, also works with RCS on android.

    • Can you share where you can get Boost 365day for $150. thanks

      • Sorry for the late reply.

        It's a targeted offer for current Boost users on the old, (now defunct), $150 deal.

  • Saw a banner for 20% off on Groupon with code SAVE20 - I think it's targeted. Managed to get this for $124. Thanks OP!

    • I got the same in email but when putting in, it says “can’t apply”. Weird.