This was posted 3 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Lotus Biscoff Classic Biscuits 300 Pack $25 ($22.50 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest price I've seen so far.

I thought this was significant enough price reduction (all time low on Camelx3) that it's not a duplicate of:

Update: Now on back order. 'Subscribe & Save' price no longer offered

My expiry date on the box was 29/11/21

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Diabetes here I come

  • Thanks, ordered one.

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    Keep the kiddies happy and hyper

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    PSA: Even taking into account subscribe and save, the price per kg is cheaper at Coles who have a 124gm 8-pack for $1.45.

    This is only a good deal if you want the slightly smaller Biscoff that are individually wrapped.

    • I didn't notice they were on sale again. I missed out last time because they usually only have one box in coles and it's all gone by the time I get there.

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        But yeah as also discussed in the last deal (and discovered by ValueInvesting), even at full price the Coles/Woolworths 2 packs are much better value. Too bad that I already bought a box of these from Amazon after seeing this deal and not giving a thought to compare the two myself.

    • Looks like only 60c cheaper for 300 if using S&S.

      • Woolies had these small packs for $1.40 before too. Biscuits in pairs makes more sense than individually wrapped…

        • $1.45 at Coles now.

          • @Yola: I know, but just saying that there were much better deals even when these 300 biscoff deals were posted in the past with many upvotes.

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    Good god that's a lot of plastic and diabeetus

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    All listings on Amazon that have a subscribe and save option will display the "one time purchase" price. All that means is that price is for a standard (non sub & save) purchase.

    • thanks, edited.

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    73% carbs
    19 % fat
    8% other…

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      But what about the biscuits?

    • Read the back of a loaf of bread lately?

      • -1

        I don't eat most bread.

        • Why not?

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            • @jv: You never struck me as an Aldi shopper, jv. I’ve eaten that bread before, it’s quite nice.

              • +2


                it’s quite nice.

                and only about 2g carbs per slice…

                • @jv: Are you watching your figure?

                  • @jackary: Only when I look in the mirror..

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    Wife bought the Biscoff spread the other week. Sweeet baby jesus. Don't buy it.. Insta diabetes and delicious! Whack a spoonful of it in your gob whilst having a coffee and let it melt… Bliss!

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      It is criminally delicious

    • +1

      Was going to mention this - sooo good!

    • not sure where the diabetes meme comes from in regards to the spread ….it should be obesity based on the fat content …..all the broken biscuits from the production line mixes with palm a oil ….. is it an emulsion ?

  • is it just me or Sub & Save not available?

    • Gone because out of stock

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    Individually wrapped, not buying!

    • +1

      Same, so much waste.

      Why couldn't these be a box with packs of 250g in them?

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    There's a similar biscuit at Aldi that is currently on sale. I find I like it better than Lotus as it feels less sweet There's also the almond version.

    • I have had all 3. Similar but not the same, like Lotus best.

    • That's Speculaas… They're from Holland (isn't dat weird?). Dutch people might say they are the original and better version of Lotus which is from Belgium.

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    Great if you want individual wrapping but soooo much rubbish.

  • is 29/11/21 considered short dated? No way I'm going to be able to get through 300 by that time

    • Comes in 6 sealed packs of 50 biscuits. I split it 3 ways (covid-care packages) with family.

      I agree that it does seem a tad short dated though.

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        I just got onto Amazon chat about it just to suggest in future they need to have some sort of message or warning if a product is short dated as I wouldn't have purchased otherwise. They gave me $10 credit lol

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