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Apple AirPods Pro $279 Delivered @ MyDeal


Copy paste from website. Not sure whether this can be used to get 5% price beat at office works

High fidelity audio with Adaptive EQ
Active noise cancellation
Automatically connects to your Apple device when removed from case
Transparency mode lets outside sound in without taking your AirPods out, adjusting the volume or turning off your music
Built-in microphones
Quick charging, high capacity Qi-compatible wireless charging case with LED indicator
Sleek, minimalist design
Powered by Apple's new H1 headphone chip
Built-in accelereometers detect motion & speech
Sweat & water resistant (IPX4)
Comes with 3 sizes of silicon tips

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  • These or $110 extra for the Sony WF-1000XM4

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      As someone who has tested both side-by-side for the last 2wks the APP’s got my money but earbuds are a very personal preference thing.

      The XM4’s were extremely uncomfortable for me, they were very bass heavy and the mic for calls wasn’t great. The ANC is top notch though and the speak-to-chat feature is fantastic and is the adaptive sound control.

      The APP’s were much more comfortable and a sleek appearance with aftermarket memory foam tips really improving the fit. The biggest thing I missed was the lack of bass but I improved that after adjusting the EQ settings in Spotify.

      • Hopefully, the comfort issue can be sorted with aftermarket tips - is that where the discomfort is?

        Surely they can iron out the heavy bass during called with software updates?

        The Airpod Pros are looking increasingly attractive though.

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          The memory foam was great for creating a great seal in the ear but I felt like I had to really twist and jam the earbud in my canal to get them to feel secure. The pain was a combination of having them pushed in plus the top of the bud pushing on my concha.

          The Sony app is great for adjusting EQ settings and customising the touch controls on the buds so you have heaps of stuff to play around with to suit your needs, much more than Apple offer.

          I just didn’t see the value for $100+ over the APP’s.

  • Does the presence of the stems in these makes it easier to drop off comparing with other earphones which doesn’t have the stems?

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      I don't have an issue with the AirPods 2 falling off when I'm running which aren't in-ears so I don't see why this would.

  • Can you still get Apple Care if you buy them through there?

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      I’m going to be not very helpful with regards to your particular question, but… when I bought from office works I was able to get. Maybe try officeworks with the price beat. Failing that have a quick chat to apple support to see what they say?

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    If you let the page load and wait ~30 seconds a popup will appear "GET $10 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER $100 MIN SPEND" to save $10

  • Has anyone bought from these guys before?

  • Also $10 off mydeal by littlebirdie website (login and check coupons)

  • I got them price beaten via Officeworks. Being in Victoria, couldn't visit the store so called them and got it done over the phone.

    • I tried to do the same in QLD but they advised they don't do price beat over phone. However, their website states below :(

      1. Record the price
        This can be a catalogue clipping, screenshot on your phone, webpage or similar.

      2. Let us know
        "Give us a call" or drop in to your nearest Officeworks store with your record of the cheaper price.

      3. Match and Save
        Once approved, we’ll give you 5% off the matched price and you’ll head home happy.

      • The store won't do it over the phone.. can only walk in.. instead, call their 1300 number and then go ahead. I had to enter my card number using their IVR, not share it with their exec, so the process seemed to be safe.

        • I did their price beat this afternoon ($265.05), just had to go in store and order it, arrives in a couple of days, as they had no local stock.

          • @philldo: Based in VIC, so can't go to store. But yes, they don't have stock and are taking back orders with 3-5 days for delivery.

  • I got it price beat over the phone in Sydney. Thanks OP!

  • You can also get a further $10 off through their app on this deal with "SHOPAPP" coupon.

  • I recently noticed that these are not usable in windy weather.

    On multiple occassions, I had different people complaining about not being able to understand what I'm saying because of noise. Quick switch to the corded EarPods and everything was fine, even tough the wind was still blowing. Switching modes transparency <> NC wouldn't help.

    I heard from friends with non-pro AirPods that it's a standard problem, but I'll take my Pros back to the store.

  • Why are the air pods pro with noise cancelling $319 on the same site?

  • +1

    Not to discourage anyone, but I tried price matching at Officeworks and JB Hifi over the phone and was knocked back both times since MyDeal does not include a model number. I guess this is their way of not matching grey imports.

  • Was able to get via officeworks price match. I was on hold for a while and was in a meeting when they finally answered. Luckily I could mute the meeting but she could hear I was in a meeting and probably could relate…

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