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Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse $129 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I love the wired version of the DeathAdder and the price for this wireless version is pretty good according to camecamelcamel

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Finally got the deal.

  • Mouse day

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    Need more than 1 hand !

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    This is one of very few mice that are:

    • Wireless
    • Large (So many tiny mice that require insane claw grips)
    • Ergo shaped (Not ambi)
    • Somewhat light (88g)
    • Not full of holes

    It also doesn't SCREAM gamer, which is kinda nice.

    That said, I've heard plenty of QC issues around the switches in these, many many people sending them back. I know a hardware revision of them exists, but frankly I'm still scared. I've had (and heard) PLENTY of Razer nightmares in past.

    The Coolermaster MM731 is looking very attractive to me.

    • It also doesn't SCREAM gamer, which is kinda nice.

      I'm sorry what? This is the most iconic gaming mouse of all time!

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        I mean, the all black unibody design is pretty reserved, and the logo is invisible when disabled.

        Much of the competition has very defined strips of RGB on both sides, intensely perforated, brightly coloured, clear branding, etc.

        I'm with ya - Razer is a pretty gamer-y brand overall, but this has gotta be one of their most understated designs, which I like.

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    I bought a new Razer Deathadder V2 Pro off facebook marketplace for $120 posted. Thought I got a great deal. Then the guy sends me a wired version accidentally instead of the wireless version and is now not responding to messages. Cruel world. Just bought this lol

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  • Is this mouse better than the Viper Ultimate?

    • If you prefer palm grip then buy this instead of viper ultimate

  • G703 Logitech or this?

    • I have a G703. About a year in it started double clicking, but then it stopped after a month. Now it DCs at random when connected with the cable. Would recommend the Razer or something else.

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        I have a G703. About a year in it started double clicking

        Isn't this the story about EVERY logitech mouse? I've got a G604, started double clicking a few months ago. I'm waiting until I get close to the end of the 2 year warranty to make a claim.

        • anecdotes like these don't mean much, unless you have proper statistics/failure rate one person's experience is useless (i can easily tell mine and say my razer deathadder had doubleclick issues so i bought a logitech and haven't had any, so we're back to square one)

          • @s1Lence: I think it's fairly well observed phenomenon. At least to a point where someone will write an article saying it's an "infamous" problem. https://www.overclockers.com/how-to-fix-infamous-logitech-do...

            I don't think any mouse with mechanical switches would be free from double clicking issues. That said, Logitech and their usage of Omron China switches have been often pointed as the culprit for why people seem to report double clicking issues more on the Logitech mouses.

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  • Perfect device to take advantage of this new vuln

    • That's actually hilarous

  • this looks remarkably similar to the Razer Mamba?

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    Is this $69 better than the Razer Basilisk here (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643917)

  • I remember my old Deathadder's warranty sticker fell off after 3 days. Developed a dead mouse wheel within 3 months. RMA rejected due to their sucky sticker glue :(

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      Warranty void if removed stickers are not enforceable in the slightest in Australia.

  • Thanks OP, bought, I am currently using the wired version, though for this price I couldn't pass up