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Nong Shim Shin Ramyun 5 Pack $4.50 @ Woolworths


50c expensive than what they are usually discounted to, still a good price.

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    Wait for Chinese moon cake festival. I believe they will drop a bit more.

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      Probably will, but its a bit weird lol. Dont ever remember instant noodles being a part of mid autumn festival 🤣

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      Dont be racist lol Chinese moon cake festival has nothing to do with Korean instant noodles.

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        I know. But supermarket like that. All the Asian snacks together on sale.

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      People hold out for bargains on instant noodles? Jesus christ they're already cheap enough as it is!!

      • Not at the supermarket, better off going to most Asian stores

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    RSmith=Ramen Smith?

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    O my goodness these noodles are spicy!

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      add less powder, cheese, egg, and some veggies to help!

      • Use milk instead of water :)
        I was incredulous at the beginning, but that's the only way I have it now… Boil milk with the powder, and add noodles at the end

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          Are you serious?

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            @nasaman: I can attest to this!

            Seriously. Cook with milk instead of water. It really is a game changer and works really well for this style of noodle. Just be careful just before it boils the milk will foam and overflow if you don't turn down the heat in time.

            • @bargainhunter2000: i just find milk weird as a noodle broth

              same thing how koreans add moz cheese to corn
              (i think that put me off cheese for a while after trying)

              • @capslock janitor: it's like the equivalent to coconut milk in curries. you should try it, at the end of the day you've spent less than $2 to change your life

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          Yuk lol
          Are you guys cats

          • @G-rig: You feed your cat noodles with milk?

            That's one spoiled cat.

            • @TEER3X: Don't have a cat or milk. Just sounds disgusting lol

        • Milk is sometimes used in miso ramen, so why not here too. Plus nongshim noodles have pretty lackluster flavors besides the spicy, the milk definitely helps with that.

          • @josesl16: Oh right depends how much you were putting in I guess.

            Few dumplings go good in it too

            • @G-rig: Yea, entire cup is too much. Just 100-150ml is mostly enough. Eggs & dumplings deffo fit in many noods

              • @josesl16: There's enough dairy in everything else, no need to add to soup. Doesn't even suit the flavours of shin Ramen.. miso and most Asian dishes don't contain or need it

    • Perfect spice level for us, lips just starting to numb

  • wasnt long ago these used to be $3 on sale

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    these are usually $3, sometimes $2.50 at the local Asian grocer…

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    quite often 2 for $5.99 at Hanero Mart (although last time 2 for $8)

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    Add couple of eggs and and some spam…. 🤤 yum

    • Do you put boiled egg ? Or do we cook it with noodles?

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        just crack it in there, not that i eat those anymore.
        Other veg that go well are mushrooms, zucchinis, shallots..
        man those noodles are pretty addictive once you're used to having them

      • u can boil first or be lazy and crack it in while the bnoodles are cooking
        just dont move it too much at teh start

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        crack one egg while the water boil and mix up the york to make soup, the other one after dont break it, and leave it like pouch egg… if have add cherry tomatoes

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        I soft-boil an egg so the yolk isn't completely cooked but the white is hard enough to hold shape separately.

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    You can thank me later. Loved the milk idea for a gourmet experience while helping with the after-burn.


    • Wouldn't milk go bad ?

      • Only if you’re lactose intolerant.

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    Head to your local Asian grocer and get it for $4 all year round.

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    The manufacture of Shin noodle in Korea increased the price for 7.6% last month.
    It will also hit the overseas price soon so better stack up this now.

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    This was a big news in Europe last week, so read this before you buy any food from this Korean brand Nong Shim


    Hope they are not trying to get rid of those EU rejected stocks in Australia….

    • Check the production date.
      "Seafood Ramyun packages other than the ones produced on Jan. 27 and March 3 are being sold in Europe,” an official from Nongshim said. “Ethylene oxide was only found in the instant noodles produced on those two dates. The noodle products for export are produced in Busan while those sold locally are produced in Anseong, Anyang, and Gumi."

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      However, it was found that Nongshim's Seafood Ramyun that are exported to the said region have the cancer-causing agent, carcinogen ethylene oxide.

      • yup, storm in a teacup. Do the Aussie importer even stock the Seafood Ramyun?

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      not good for you anyway but that's a bit of a worry.
      Luckily these are gourmet spicy (mushroom) not seafood.
      One should avoid Red and processed meat too

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    Thanks…bought some yesterday for $6.95….lol
    Here's a tip,don't use the enclosed sachets.Instead use a teaspoon of Nutra Organics Immune Gut Wellbeing…either Vegetable Broth with Red Miso,Beef Bone Broth (or "New Ramen Broth")
    Then add your chopped vegetables (e.g.Carrot,Spring Onion,Broccoli,Zucchini)and if you want more flavour,some Maggi Seasoning when it's cooked.

    • Agree, I don't always use the seasoning although it's kind of why I get them, pretty hot. certainly don't need all of it (or drink all the liquid- a heap of sodium and msg).
      Tbsp of Miso paste is good for stock, and some gochujang and whatever else you can think of.

    • +6

      wait so what's the point of buying it, if you're not going to use any of the sachets?

      • guess they are decent sized noodles and better than maggi and other cheap crap ones, but fair point. Depends how often having them but easy to make it into a healthier feed if one so desires. Can get generic packets I guess.

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    A bowl of this with a couple of eggs and a chopped-up sausage is the best hangover cure

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    Personally I buy some chuck steak and sliced mushrooms, grill the steak and slice it, then fry up the mushrooms and add it to the noodles with the broth.

    I use about 50g of steak and 15g of mushrooms per serve. Adds an absolute tonne of umami, really feels like a lot heartier dish.

    I also add frozen veg to the bowl and pour the boiling hot soup over it just before serving so that it both cooks it and cools the soup down so you can eat it sooner.

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    Add broccoli, cellary, mushroom, preboiled/leftover shredder chicken + flavouring, boil for few minutes (let the flavouring absorbe into them) add noodles and cook for a few more…amazing

  • Chicken and beef don't even suit, not every single meal needs meat, and even if you did it would be pork for these flavours. But seriously, mushroom, shallots, miso and wakame is good as an alternative

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    this helps with constipation..

    • doesnt help with hernia / hemorrhoid i spose?

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    so i missed the bright red packaging and the fact it says GOURMET SPICY on it. This stuff is [email protected]$%[email protected]@# spicy.

    • lips just starting to numb - just how we like it!