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    Just watched it.

    The TV series is better, IMO.

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      Definitely the original TV series is untouchable because it's raw and in-depth and not afraid of taking its liberties.

      But after seeing the final rebuild movie (without spoiling anything) I'm glad for the journey it has come. Lots of fan service.

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        Got the DVD set somewhere collecting dust. Although quality wise new remastered are better

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          Hold onto them. Original voice cast and ending themes. They changed these for Netflix release.

          • @Shenannigoat: Still have a premium box set in the cupboard…..

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              @Forfiet: I had the original 8-DVD set and then collected the Platinum versions as they came out. All moved on now.

          • @Shenannigoat: Fly me to the moon is gone on netflix?

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            @Shenannigoat: All the weebs going apeshit as soon as they hear the opening theme.

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              @Munki: I watched my DVDs of it on my CRT earlier this year, I'm good :)

            • @Munki: Gotta admit it’s a pretty awesome theme, even if you’re not a fan.

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        I think the final rebuild movie ending is the perfect summary to a series that has skirted with a Shinji that is always afraid of opening up

      • Lots of fan-service

        That was actually my fear (haven't seen it yet). That was my problem with 2.0. There was a running gag in the TV series wherein the next-episode previews would always end with Misato saying "and as always, more fanservice!" even as the narrative became increasingly anguished and bleak. Unfortunately with 2.0, it was like that ironic gag became real.

        • There's some really noticeable fanservice in the 3.0+1.0 film which I found a bit jarring.

      • "lots of fan service" I heard that in Misato's voice hehe

    • The early 2000s art is better been there done that many times.

      Misty Asuka and Eva got me through some tough times.

      Nurse Joy also but I'm not taking Brock's girl.

      • Officer Jenny is hotter. She's also got cuffs.

        • Oh yes I agree I forgot what the officers name was when trying to think back.

          Oh yes officer Jenny she can pat me down any day.

    • I watched it years ago. Thinking about re-watching. Should I start with tv or movie?

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        Definitely TV.

    • These films are complimentary to the TV series, and I liked how it was wrapped up.

    • Out of it all I value the TV series the most but I don't really think it makes sense to just say 'the TV series is better'. The whole thing is a coherent (wait…) journey and the movies aren't just a remake.

      In any case I loved the films and would definitely recommend them, after watching the TV series and EoE.

  • USA region only? Prime au plus VPN or not?

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      Prime AU

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      It’s on the Australian Prime Video

    • Updated to Prime Video Australia

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    Anta Baka?!

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      Its "anata baka"

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        Anta baka?! Not sure if you're trolling but I know it means "anata baka", but I'm 100% sure Asuka pronounces is as "anta baka"

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        Turns out you are both right. Anta is just more casual/rough

      • -2


    • Tsundere

    • What are you, a jive-ass turkey?!

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    Mari Makinami Illustrious

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      LOL.. Who downvoted you? To be fair, she's "Big breasted beauty" (those who've watched the last movie will understand this) and she's un-aged since she's drowning in LCL all the time. Have an upvote.

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    Get in the damn robot, Shinji

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      He's still sooking for 1 hour out of 2.5 in last movie. Lol.

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    There's also a 2-part documentary of Hideaki Anno (director) focused on the making of the final 3.0+1.0, great watch.

    • does it explain the ending in anyway?

      I watched it (not on my prime account) and thinking about getting Prime just to watch the docu, since the ending was so confusing.

        • so its a super long wait version of the Russian Doll

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        Check out the Wiki at Evageeks for a lot of explanation on the lore. I'm not sure that IGN article that great at it. Eva's lore has always been confusing - nobody really fully understood the plot of the original TV series + movies until they later released more explicit explanations in a PS2/PSP game of all things.

        That said, the latter two Rebuild films are made even more confusing by the 14 year time skip. I would recommend reading about the events of that time skip after you've seen 3.0 to put things into perspective.

        Story aside, Eva's real point has always been delving into the psyche, metaphorically or otherwise, and I think the Rebuild fillms, particularly 3.0+1.0 did that well without needing the viewer to read anything.

    • Added to description.

    • Knowing Anno San actually appreciates the movie and the multiple endings a bit more..

  • In before this is not a deal comments

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      Nobody complains about Evangelion

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      On the contrary, this is a big deal.

    • It is a deal because prime is much more than the tv shows and movies so it really is a bonus to prime subscribers unlike the gamepass stuff which is what youre paying for anyway.

  • The last movie really over explains the ending.

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    IMHO I like EOE better. Good movie tho, was watching th original TV when I was a kid, cannot believe it has been 25+ years since it was first released.

    • -3

      This whole remake series is just rubbish. EoE is the canonical ending, end of story.

      • +2

        Curious… why would you say EoE is canon when ep26 is technically the real canon? But to each his own.

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          Congratulations!?! :P Those instrumentality eps can take place during the EOE and still end on the beach…. Unless we all went to School life(a.k.a Shinji raising project :P )

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            @Forfiet: Ayanami Raising Project was better!

            • @Ragnarok1983: Lol that game…. I suppose the mahjong game was to your liking also :P

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                @Forfiet: Dont forget if you raise Rei badly, she can turn out to be a Dominatrix..

                • @Ragnarok1983: ….lol was that the pc or DS version….. I never properly played them. :)

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        Nah. Anno has stated this is the true ending multiple times in interviews and print. He was never happy with EoE and hence why he opted to redo the entire thing again.

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    Never really understood the story……………….

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      Make two of us

    • Which part was confusing for you?

      • Underage Asuka probably.

        • fairly standard for the japanese..

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    People actually need to watch the whole thing in order.

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      I think figuring out the order is what's most difficult for some people lol

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        Keeping it just to the TV series and films, I think a pretty uncontroversial and easy answer is - TV series, EoE, Rebuild.

        You could chuck Death and Rebirth in before EoE if you are feeling saucy.

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      Yeah what's the order?

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        Movies and TV series are separate, can watch either/or in it's entirety.

        TV series is just watch the full series, then watch End of Evangelion (EoE), the EoE movie just retcons the last episode of the TV series. There is additional content, which you don't need to watch honestly (Death and Rebirth) as well as a bunch of random manga slice-of-life spinoffs which are not good.

        Movies are just straight forward 1-4, as linked in the original post.

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        Series. Death and rebirth (optional) End of Evangelion. Then 1-3 +1. Hard to say without spoilers but the order is a clue to what is going on.

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      Agreed, personally I think you'll be in for a bad time if you watch Rebuild without knowing enough background from the TV series. All the subtle details and easter eggs in the Rebuild series will go over your head and even contribute to viewer confusion because of how quickly everything progresses.

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    Watched the TV series when they were on SBS more than 20 years ago. I wish they bring back the TV series

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      All 26 episodes and End of Evangelion are on Netflix.

      With the former, it has different English voice actors, some soundtrack changes and weird dialogue alterations.

      While it's not exactly the same, it beats paying $$$ for a copy on other media.

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    Did anyone else also feel very lost with 3.33?

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      Its a universal feeling throughout the whole evangelion franchise, don't worry too much about it. I'd say that the feeling you're experiencing is actually part of the intended experience.

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        I disagree. While the TV series was buried in a lot of unclear lore and whatnot, 3.33 felt really bizarre and illogical in how characters behaved compared to expectations from previous understanding of their personalities and motivations. This doesn't really apply to the show. The original series also gets a pass as it drops you straight into it a new world and you have to accept it the way that it is. You have no prior knowledge of the universe going in. 3.33 is a follow-up to 2.22 though, so as a viewer who is following the narrative, you are left with a massive narrative gap between the two that is never explained (at least not in 3).

        A similar narrative jump can be seen in the Star Wars series with the change in universe from VI to VII that is never really explained. You can follow the narrative through IV-VI and see how the universe changes throughout. However, as VII begins, the universe is much different from the end of VI without explanation (and it never really gets one). In contrast IV (originally just the start of the franchise) puts the viewer in fresh, without any prior knowledge of the universe. They are simply placed into it as a narrative begins.

        • +2

          You're correct, but in the case of Evangelion, the gap is completely intentional. The audience's perspective is through Shinji, so we experience the world of Evangelion through his eyes. When that jump from 2.22 to 3.33 occurs, he's thrust into a world he doesn't understand, with previously sympathetic characters behaving hostile to him, and all important information withheld from him as he's hated and feared. By proxy, we're just as lost, confused and upset as Shinji is, because just as things were starting to make sense and maybe even work out in 2.22, we're basically thrust into the worst possible situation and denied much in the way of explanation.

          The specifics of the situation and the lore don't matter as much as Shinji's emotional state, which as Eva fans will know usually results in some poor choices and bad times for everyone. You can say it was poorly handled, and plenty of people don't like 3.33. I think it's improved by 3.0+1.0, and the arc Shinji takes from the depths of 3.33 to where he ends up, as well as the resolution to many of the other characters.

          • @mofster: Yeah my point is that I think it was terribly handled. Maybe they explain it in 3.0+1.0 (idk), but from the perspective of someone who watched 3 upon release, they'd had have to have waited almost a decade for things to even make sense. While I can forgive obscurity in the world and character motivations in that regard, I will say the behaviour of some characters is very illogical, particularly toward the start when everyone is intentionally dismissive and cold towards Shinji when they expect him to comply with their instructions. Even if they developed some reason to dislike him within the time-skip, we're never given one in the film itself, and this attitude is very counter-intuitive to getting what they want (in this case, they expect compliance from him without telling him anything and treating him like garbage). In spite of this, they end up disclosing revelatory information to him at the end, though it's not clear why they didn't just tell him at the start, even though doing so would probably have prevented him from disobeying them to begin with.

    • +1


      3.33 is more of a tech showcase/ prologue with 3.0+1.0 rounding off the series neatly. It's worth a watch.

    • Some of the info on these pages should help clear things up.


      The director said his intention with 3.0 was for the audience to feel as disoriented as Shinji in the new world 14 years later. I don't think that works well as a standalone film, but that disorientation complements nicely with 3.0+1.0, where Shinji (and the audience) learns from the other characters what's been up all this time.

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    I mustn’t run away.

  • +7

    Great series! I’m drinking orange juice now.

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      Do you also feel like getting a pet penguin?

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        Only if he drinks beer and lives in my fridge….

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    just watched it, 1-3 is like….okay.
    4 was a really wtf….then more wtf

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    Back in end of 90s there were forums after forums about all these different meanings on each episode and how people interpret the settings and endings

    • +1

      Usenet had a few

      Talking about Evangelion.
      FAQ: http://www.evafaq.com
      active English ng

      Topics on Asuka.
      medium English ng

      Talking about Rei-Ayanami.
      medium English ng

      Topics on Nerv and it's staff.
      medium English ng

      • I think people read too much into it. And because eva was everyone's first anime with that kind of theme and genre hence gained lots of interests

        • Yeah there's always been issues with Evangelion.

          I've never considered it a great series thematically.

          It rips bits from the book of genesis left and right, but it is intended for entertainment at the end of the day. They had to fit a crazy religious text that has been rewritten dozens of times in with giant robots and explosions, though it was cool seeing a "as described" presentation of angels.

          But as far as sound and graphics it was unparalleled for a long-time - truly miles ahead of the pack along with Ghost in the Shell and Akira for hand-drawn frames and neo-tokyo vibes.

          Thematically I felt RahXephon and RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio was the best of the bizarre mecha-action/drama crossovers.

          • +1

            @Telios: Yes rahxephon and eureka 7 were my favourites.

            • @neonlight: Its pronounced NEW-klee-er….whoops…I mean….. you-reck-ahh…. :P

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    Fantastic bargain! So glad Amazon kept it out of Madman's hands so I didn't have to spend $20 and risk covid to see the final instalment.

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    Watch Val if yah want something decent on Prime .

    • Why should we watch Val?

      • The best part is where Val refuses to play the 2nd Batman role because of lack of acting in it .
        The end he is losing his New Mexico Ranch and is like a sideshow freak .

  • +2

    Reminds me someone owns a Asuka themed Japan import car somewhere