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[QLD] Whittaker's Jelly Tip Chocolate Block 250g $1 @ Coles (Sunnybank Hills)


Whittaker's Jelly Tip Chocolate Block 250g $1 at Coles Sunnybank Hills

Shows $6 but scans at $1

Update: still showing up as $1 on the Coles App with Sunnybank Hills listed as the store, hope some of you guys can go take advantage

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    Nice price……But you paid full price for the sakatas and smiths crisps??

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      My partner did the shopping

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        I hope you praised her for finding the $1 Jelly Tip and then immediately questioned her as to why she didn't go back and get a couple more

        • If you didnt come home with atleast 10 you are doing something wrong.

        • Her?

      • Apologies about the upcoming separation but at least you got some cheap chocolate.

      • Mrs only allowed to shop at aldi, hard to fk up there

    • +1

      $1.75 woolies atm for the Smiths.

      • Just let a man shop, fcking hell

        • Can you find me some Toobs please.

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    the jelly tips are my least favourite, but for $1 I will eat them

  • How many were left ?

    • Quite a few left

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    You only bought one? Well done sir or madam on sharing the love.

  • With these posts that have the location in the title, is it ever possible to obtain the deal at any other locations within the state? Or is it usually specific to that location because of a price error etc?

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      I think specific to the store because of price error. The price only shows up as $1 on the Coles app when set to Sunnybank Hills but all other locations show as $6.

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    May or may not but this, but I just wanted to say it’s cool to see a poster from my local store 😊

  • Would this be the same Sunnybank depicted in Housos?

    • I thought it was Sunnybank QLD, the source of all the great post from the Humans of Sunnybank facebook page.

      • It…is?

      • Haven’t seen their posts for awhile now, miss that page

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    Whittaker's are the best

  • $501 for Chocolate bar is not a good deal

    $1 for chocolate bar, $500 excess on car insurance for parking at Sunnybank/Sunnybank Hills.

    Comment retracted if you took a bus, walked or rode a bike.

  • These are delicious!

  • Is this in the shopping centre or at Pinelands?

    • Coles at Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown/ Centre

  • is Mr Bap any good?

  • +2

    Nice find. Worth stocking up from your local imo.

    I found a similar pricing {error?} at my local big supermarket chain for a bag of 16 X individually wrapped chocolates for $1.20 per bag, I bought 3 bags and went back a few days later and it had been rectified to $5.40 per bag.

    My advice is if it's still available, take advantage!

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    • 1 for malaney milk. Also excellent chocky find.