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AMEX Card (3760***) Holders: Send Money Overseas and Earn 10,000 Bonus Points


Received in email. I have not used this service but have needs for it, so I am going to take the offer.
I am a gold card holder so there is flat rate of $10. But we all know 10000 points worth much more than that.
If you are a CENTURION MEMBER or PLATINUM CHARGE CARD MEMBER then it is totally free.

as someone mentioned: American Express cards issued by a third party financial institution are not eligible.
so only cards start with 3760….

anyone familiar with their rates?

When you send money overseas with FX International Payments from American Express, there's always a little something in it for you back at home. Sign up online, make your first foreign currency transfer of $100 or more by March 31 2012* and you'll earn 10,000 Membership Rewards Bonus Points. And that's not the only way you'll be rewarded.

Whether you're sending a one-off cash gift or making regular payments on an overseas investment, you can always look forward to a long list of benefits.

With over 150 years' experience in foreign exchange, when you transfer money with American Express it's not just a rewarding experience, it's a quick and reliable one too.

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  • It's worth it for the 10,000 points but cheaper options with more competitive rates there after.

  • Its only for American Express cards that start with 3760. My card starts with different number as I got it through NAB.
    This is strange. MAybe should mention that in title

  • ohhhhhhhhhh

  • Awesome, going overseas soon. Thanks mate.

  • Thats a real FORIGN concept.

  • Hmm, actually sign up isn't through the AMEX website. Can anyone confirm that this isn't dodgy?

  • Thanks - signed up.

  • Yep it's legit, signed up and got my points months ago except I had to chase them up for the points. Their rates are slightly above what XE says but couldn't beat OzForex.

    • Did you include "Points" in 'How did you hear about AMEX FX International Payments"?

    • Where are you seeing their rates? Their website quoting $A - $US 1.04 and XE is $1.07.

  • I'm assuming that since I claimed a previous 10,000 points for Amex FX transfer a few months ago that I can't do this again. Anyone else who claimed last year able to claim again on this offer?

  • time to reward the poor cousins!

  • Time to send money overseas to some Nigerian prince to help him out!

  • Send Money Overseas

    to Nigerians ???

  • answer my own Q:pop up with a form.
    do you just do a online transfer from your account?

    • FAQ on the website

      Q: How do I pay for my transfer?
      A: On application you select how you would like to settle your account. You can choose to pay by Direct Debit (American Express will debit your nominated bank account), Direct Credit (you transfer the money to the American Express bank account) or BPAY® (you initiate a BPAY payment to American Express’ nominated BPAY biller code).

  • Excludes AUD transfers

    *Membership Rewards Bonus Points offer is valid for eligible new personal customers on their first complete foreign currency international payment of $100 or more (excludes AUD transactions) made using the American Express system by 31 March 2012.

  • Pretty good deal (for the points), but for the life of me, can't think of anything I could use a foreign transfer for. Always using credit card/pay pal to buy things.

    Any suggestions of things can buy etc using this?

  • For my Amex/Qantas card I calculated about 0.74% of a discout that I get with points. Therefore 10,000 points would be worth about $74. Minus $10 (for Telegraphic Transfer) and minus $5 (difference in Amex exchange rate and IB FX brokers for USD 100) = about $59 a one can get for the hassles.

    • Not sure about Qantas, but I find converting AMEX points to Cathay (rather than shopping certificates) makes them much more valuable for upgrades/redemption flights.

  • Similarly need some ideas how to actually use this.

  • be careful most overseas banks do charge a inward tt fee. last year there was no min $100 so i called to find out who amex third party bank was there and just sent myself a few bucks to my uk bank and didn't get charged an inward fee.

    • I guess I'll see if any of my family have overseas bank accounts.

      Is the inward fee charged to the account holder or deducted from the transferred amount?

  • Is there anyway I make use of this promotion if I am travelling to singapore and need spending money? I don't have an international bank accounts…

  • Wow this is great esp if you have an ATM of the overseas account so you can withdraw the money back.

    For transferring $100:
    fx fee would be around $10
    atm withdrawal fee would be around $5
    exchange rate variable $5
    so it would be around $20 all in all.

    so for $100, you will get back roughly $80 plus 10,000 points

    13,500 points will give you $100 BP Fuel Card.