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Fat Flats for 10 for $20 (VIP Membership Required, Normally $7 for 1) + $12.99 Delivery @ Spotlight


Spotlight have 10 Fat Flat for $20 making them $2 normally $70 massive saving don’t miss out !

Free VIP Membership required

$12.99 Delivery, $0 VIC & WA C&C with $30 Order.

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  • Anyone have experience with these? I assume these are mostly used to make sofa cushions?

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      Yeah I bought some on clearance, made wheat bags, they were pretty good.

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    Happy to sell my body fat for $2 as well lol

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    Clicked on this to find out what a Fat Flat was. Enlighted…..not buying, but enlightened….

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    These are often 10 for $10 with the in store only vouchers you get if you get the Spotlight catalogue in the mail. Not sure if it's something that everyone gets, or if you have to spend a certain $ amount as I only recently started getting them after I bought my overlocker.

    For anyone that isn't sure what they are - a fat quarter is a quarter cut of one yard of fabric (hence the weird size, I guess it makes sense the US), but instead of being a 1\4 of a yard from the bolt and being long and narrow, it's a quarter cut like you cut a piece of piece of toast in squares. Generally used for quilting, but I also have made cushions, face masks and scrunchies with them!

  • Showing as 5 for $15 for me. I think they are for making quilts.