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[PC, Epic] Free - Saints Row: The Third Remastered @ Epic Games


Not sure why but Epic have just made this game free to keep. Was expecting it to be free at 11am but it’s available now.

Experience The Full Package, Remastered. Steelport, the original city of sin, has never looked so good as it drowns in sex, drugs and guns. The Third Street Saints are at the height of power and yours to control. This is your city. These are your rules.

Next week's free game - Automachef

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  • +13

    They just announced a new reboot for Saints Row, so I'd say that's why.

    • +10

      Getting them all lined up in a row. They must be saints to give this away for free.

      • +7

        @jv this your brother?

  • +4

    Lockdown saviour. Dealbot.

    • What are your top 5 free games from Epic?

  • +6

    Saints row 1 and 2 were great GTA type games. As with Saints Row: IV, The Third went in a completely different direction, navigate the seedy underworld of pimps, wrestlers, aliens and clones. In a much more mature way. Setting it apart from just being a GTA clone.

    • +6

      I quite enjoyed Saints Row 2. It was hilarious and not over the top like 3 or 4.

      • +3

        2 was absolutely incredible. Still my favourite in the series to this day. Only downside were the graphics - they were rough even for the day.

        • 2 was so awesome, i love the amount of customization that you could do to your character and vehicles, good times.

  • Thanks Dealbot!

  • You are joking lol. Just replayed the ps5 version for $20 something. Oh well.

  • -1

    Looks like they realised, it's listed as Unavailable now.

    • It's still there listed next to their weekly free games.

      • Yeah, but if you click through it's been made unavailable. I suspect that in about 3 hours, at 11AM when it was supposed to go live, it'll be available again.

        • +5

          I was able to add it to my library without a problem just then.

        • Just got it now.

    • +1

      Worked for me, just now

      • Me too

    • +3

      Edit: Sighs. It's now working for me. It definitely said unavailable when I checked, multiple times, a half-hour ago.

    • worked for me just now

  • Worked just now.

    Didnt realise there was a new Saints Row game. Wasn't sure it was even the same type of game looking at the screen shots.

    • +3

      From the trailer the new Saints Row game looks more like the original Saints Row 1 & 2. Without the shenanigans and over the top direction they went with the Third and IV game. Saints Row will also be a timed Epic Games Store exclusive for PC when it launches February 25, 2022.

      • +1

        For a bit there (despite no actual game play footage) I was thinking this is going to be yet another online only multiplayer game.

        • +1

          Saints Row: Battle Royale.

      • Just………….. Wow, that trailer looked bad.

        A 3min long cringe unfunny trailer, where every main character is revealed to be a meme level half-bald empowered brave SJW of your choice. All the bad guys are white. Not a single hint even of any actual gameplay footage.

        Who flushed the franchise ?

  • Thanks OP. I have never tried any series of the game. Here's hoping 🤞

    • +1

      Prepare to enjoy, it's pretty crazy

  • Thanks just got it!

  • Still only 2 player?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, never played any Saints Row game before, but now its time to finally try it!!!

  • +2

    Ah yes, the game series where you can choose/adjust your genital size.

  • +2

    Amazing game!
    The trailer with Power by Kanye West still gives me tingles

    • +1

      Best video game trailer ever in my opinion.

  • Ayy nice actually, SR3 was my favorite from the series, good reason to replay it

  • Nice! I played the original on PC but gave up due to the poorly implemented PC controls - did they fix that trash in the remaster?

  • Got it thanks

  • I think i have more epic games than steam games now haha.
    all free too :O

  • I <3 Epic.

  • We played a lot of coop on steam with this game back in the day. My friend insisted we use the old Steam voice chat, so horrid.

  • This remaster absolutely sucked for me. Bought it when it just came out on Steam, constant crashing, quick refund.

  • anyone having issues with joining co-op campaign with EPIC?

    • +1

      Yeah looks like it's a known bug possibly dating back a year or more

    • +1

      If you both get Hamachi it will work, but I've run into numerous bugs while playing so I'm not sure I will continue playing.

  • nope doesnt work, it says in my library already so when I search it up I cant find it in my library so I cant claim it because it says I have it already? nice.

    • I can see it in my library, are you using app or web?

      • I'm using the app launcher on my PC :O if that matters. It says I have it in my library already though so I can't claim it.

        Edit: Okay when I go through the website link in OPs post it works but through the launcher it says in library. Weird.

        THanks guys!

      • No oddly enough I don't see it here which means I haven't actually claimed it yet even though it says its in my library.

  • great, 555th voted, looks like a very good game, is this the highest voted epic game deal? Yes, thanks dealbot!

  • +1

    Not sure why but Epic have just made this game free to keep. Was expecting it to be free at 11am but it’s available now.
    Epic games made it free and available earlier because they know dealbot will post it :)

  • There' s a section of this game where it glitches out for me in the The Belgian Problem.

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