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GOOLOO 2amp Smart 12V Battery Charger $35.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Amazon AU


Deal price:$47.99 after code only:$35.99 (Was $59.99) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08NDDPG2C


COMPATIBILITY- Suitable for 12V lead-acid batteries (up to 40Ah), such as Wet Cell, Gel Cell, Enhanced Flooded, Maintenance-Free and Calcium batteries. GOOLOO battery maintainer charger is a great choice for cars, motorbike, lawn mowers, tricycles, electric vehicles, agricultural vehicles, off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, boats, yachts, motorboat.
CHARGE THE VEHICLE BATTERY: This 2A automotive battery charger has 4 charging modes: standby, 12V mode, 12V repair mode and low voltage repair mode. Using low-voltage pulse repair technology, when the 12V battery voltage is lower than 8V, you can switch the mode to charge the battery.
SMART BATTERY MAINTENANCE - Maintain various types of 12V lead-acid batteries. Intelligent control system, strong pulse repair technology, remove vulcanization, repair slightly damaged batteries, reduce water loss, can extend the battery life. Make your battery more powerful.
INTELLIGENT DETECTION - When low-voltage, vulcanized or capacity loss is detected, battery maintainer charger directly prompt user to repair and charge or the battery has lost its value.
MULTIPLE SAFETY PROTECTION FUNCTIONS C Made of fire retardant materials. Multiple security protections , such as over current protection, over charge protection, over heat protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, full charged stop protection, etc.Kind Reminder: Our battery charger is not the jump starter and it cannot be charged for lithium battery.

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  • Thanks OP. Is this one good enough for Toyota Camry or I need something like S6 6amp?

  • Been looking for one go charge my secondary battery got cameras every week or so. Don't think this has connectors for a battery box.

  • What a the differences between this cheapie and a reputable one people recommend here like a CTEK charger?

    • Quality of circuit board and lead wire diameters plus longer warranty.
      This unit rated to 40 Ah battery, many cars are over 60.

      • Quality of circuit board

        Agreed, I imagine a Ctek would have a more resilient circuit design. That said, they do cost a few times more.

        and lead wire diameters

        This is a 2A charger, the wire gauge isn't a big deal. A USB cable can do 2A no problem. :)

        This unit rated to 40 Ah battery, many cars are over 60.

        It can charge higher-capacity batteries, it'll just take longer. Small chargers like these are often used for maintenance (keeping a battery topped up when the car is idle) where high currents are not needed.

        • There are strip down videos of Cteks on youtube. One guy rates them as "not too good". So what are the cheap ones like?

  • It works but takes at 18 hours to charge my car battery full.

    • I imagine this is meant to be used more as a maintenance charger, e.g. to keep an infrequently-driven car topped up, rather than a charger to recharge a flat battery which it looks like it can do, albeit slowly.

      • This one is 1.2amp, but much cheaper with ebay plus and claiming up to 80ah

  • Hopefully GooLoo will be opening their variety stores back up again once they make enough money from car battery accessories

  • Any recommendations for one with a hard wired kit?

    • I bought one of the Ctek value packs a while ago from Repco. These are $115 atm.
      It has the permanent connections with eyelets for the battery clamps as well as the standard type alligator clamps in the pack.
      The included powerbank - meh.
      The permanent cable has traffic light indicators of battery condition and you can snick the cable under the battery cover edge (if you have one) to just have indicator LEDS showing. Perfect for my garage queen and it's a tidy installation.
      I use the clamp connectors for other cars that need a tickle up.

      But there are cheaper options on Ebay that can have eyelet connectors - the Ctek seems to be the "go to" for car forums.

  • I missed this deal. Is there any other good deal available?

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