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[Back Order] LG NeoChef 23L Smart Inverter Microwave $149 (+$1 Item for $30 Zip Cashback) + Post ($0 C&C/Select Area) @ JB Hi-Fi


Neat deal for a Small Inverter Microwave Oven.

To get this deal down from $149 to $120. You must purchase using ZIP PAY deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647045

Add a $1 item on top of to get to minimum spend requirement as per ZIP PAY terms; $150. I would suggest any one of these $1 items https://www.jbhifi.com.au/search?query=disney%20infinity%203...

Enjoy with free delivery with selected metro areas!

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  • +1

    Good microwave ?

    • +32

      Give it a spin

    • +13

      One of the highest recommended on Choice, but I did read a comment from somewhere here saying the shielding is bad and can affect your Wi-Fi signal while it's running.

      • +13

        I have one of these and you're 100% correct, everytime the microwave runs my internet drops out and slows down to where it's barely usable. Might be my placement configuration but keep that in mind if your kitchen is between your router and device

      • +1

        I had one of these and sold it shortly after I bought it for this reason alone, killed my Wi-Fi every time I used it.

        • +1

          How close was your microwave to your router?

          …and did it affect the receiving device. E.g., couldn’t access internet on phone/tablet when connected to wifi and within x metres of microwave? If so, how far away from the microwave would you have to be to use wifi

          • +3

            @Worf: The router was around 10 Mtrs from the Microwave and in another room (the router in the bedroom, Microwave was in the kitchen).
            Wi-Fi kept dropping signal completely when this Microwave was in use.
            I have another brand of Microwave now and it causes zero issues and I am still using the same router.
            I knew it was the LG microwave as I tested this a lot of times and every single time, without fail, it would cause Wi-Fi drop-outs to all Wi-Fi connected devices.
            None of the Wi-Fi devices (Xbox, PC's, Phones etc) were close to the microwave.
            No big issues, I sold the LG one with only a small loss and bought another one :)

      • +7

        it’s not just this microwave ….ALL microwaves cause some interference on certain bands ….and microwave ovens are built to a standard ……bigger issue when you wifi doesn’t move to another band …..we find this at work where people complain of bad wifi at certain times of the day ….. morning team and lunch time ……moving to 5ghz wifi solves this , only a problem on 2.4hhz ….not limited to just THIS microwave.

        • +3

          Can confirm I haven't had any issue with wifi on 5ghz with this microwave.

        • that's right, it all depends on the frequency

      • NeoChef 42L at merely 2m from router. Never had this issue.

    • +3

      Got this microwave. It's good, the tone it makes at the end is amusing hahaha (can get annoying).

    • I have the larger 42L version of this microwave. It works really well, probably best I’ve used.

      I haven’t experienced any issues with wifi at all… but I have noticed once or twice a bit of Bluetooth interference when using wireless AirPods and walking very close to the microwave while it’s heating something, it makes the sound a bit staticky, and cuts off sound slightly - but i haven’t tried other Bluetooth headphones. I also don’t know if other microwaves do it, might be a normal thing.

      • Miele microwave causes pops n crackles on my Corsair voids when standing near it running. 2.4 is a crowded band. My wifi is dual 2.4/5 anyway so I don’t notice any interference.

    • In terms of practicality the wide door and inside controls are not great to use on a daily basis.

      The pluses are it looks good and instant 30+ sec heat button on outside is great which you can add high heat at 10s and 30s increments.

      • I don't see any controls on the inside on the photo?

        • +1

          Sorry you’re right. My one must be the next model up with a full width door. This one would work better.

    • I have this model it still works 2½ years old (moderate use) small, good power output, easy to clean.

    • is there a white version ?

      • black is professional!

    • +2

      I have this microwave.

      it has the most annoying finish tune you can imagine. it cant be turned off short of disconnecting the speaker, i half pulled apart this oven before giving up due to integrated circuit. The sheilding is non existant, this will kill your wifi and your bluetooth in the entire house. if someone uses the microwave in the kitchen my BT cans are dropping out. finally, it heats food adequately. I purchased this oven for $50 because the previous owner hated it so much.

      • it has the most annoying finish tune you can imagine. it cant be turned off short of disconnecting the speaker

        There's a key combo to turn off all sounds on the larger model. Does that not work on this one?

        • +1

          it works, id been pressing the wrong buttons.

          • @shroomish: What's the combo?

            • @Jonzay: it was to to do with the arrangement/naming of the keys… press and hold cancel + induction cook….

      • +2

        Hi shroomish
        Watch this video and try the key combo (named differently but just press the same buttons in those positions) shown in the video. Hopefully it turns off the sound for you.


        • I have seen that video and realised i was actually pressing the wrong buttons. the solution worked. I had previously emailed LG customer service and was told it could not be turned off.


    • I personally own the exact model, and they are a great microwave.
      nothing to rave about, just simple to use, and looks great.

  • +1

    Great price!

    Also on the Good Guys eBay for $149 (+10 delivery)

    Can get that down $10 with the afterpay code, and maybe good for those who have discounted eBay giftcards.

    • what afterpay code?

      • AFTERPAY10 is coming up on my eBay account

    • $7.45 off on Ebay plus with this deal.

  • It's pretty popular, is 23L small?

    • +1

      I would go 25L at least

      • Small microwaves are dangerous when taking hot stuff out. Not enough room to get the mittens around the bowl for a good grip.

    • It was a little smaller then I expected. Has been fine for me although I only really use it for frozen veggies or oats.

  • +3

    I got this microwave in March for $180 (full price). It was the best rated microwave that suited the size i needed for my apartment (2 people). Has worked flawlessly and the microwave has a little "jingle" when the heating stops rather than a "beep beep beep". Makes listening to it a bit nicer than normal microwaves.

    Sizewise, I'll say if I was heating up "large" family meals than this microwave is a bit too small so not well suited for a family. But for 2 people here its just about right.

  • +1

    There is usually a sequence of buttons you can press to mute the end jingle (I find it quite catchy)
    I've often thought instead of making a sound someone should make a microwave that vibrates like a phone on a table. Enough to get your attention if you're nearby without waking up the entire house. I've mastered the whole stealthy open the door with 1 second to go trick. Naturally my 15yo microwave refuses to kick the bucket. This deal is tempting. The NeoChef I use at work is really good.

    • in the other models yes, my research led me to believe that the jingle cannot be turned off in this particular model. Lord knows ive tried, ive tried.

      • +4

        Hold "Stop/ Cancel" + "Inverter Cook" for three seconds till the screen shows 'OFF'. Repeat for 'ON'.

  • +10

    I didn't mind the jingle until my parrot picked up the tune.

  • I bought this in Dec 2020 for $189 for my grandparents and honestly we don't get WiFi dropout issues at all. 5GHz wifi network if that makes a difference.

    • yes, makes a big difference since it is not on the same frequency

  • The 25l is only marginally bigger in terms of outer dimensions but is a lot more expensive (and JB don't have black or stainless advertised, just white). The Good Guys have the 25l advertised at $199.

    Previous comments have suggested getting the stainless steel version to help with dropouts. I'm generally using 5GHz apart from 'smart' IoT devices so not a big issue if they drop out temporarily.

  • I bought the 25L White version from Myer for $175. Good price, good product and have had no Wi-Fi problems.

  • Can you pay using jb gift cards and still get the afterpay discount?

  • For anyone who has this, do you turn on any settings such as high power when reheating food?

    I have one and I find it takes forever to heat up. Like 3 minutes for a 1 minute job compared to the Sharp that I used to have.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • I bought this to replace my sharp microwave which was 1200w. This is advertised as 1000w so I thought it would be a small difference in heating time.

    After using it, it's over twice as slow to cook. Which when you're doing things like cooking rice takes ages. And warning up my meals which took 1m and was super hot in the sharp now takes 2min and is regular hot.

    It's good for the price but for me, the comparison is really disappointing and I'm on the verge of selling it and getting something else.

    • +1

      Exactly the same experience as me.

      Coming from the sharp 1200w. You would think since it's smaller it would need less w?

      But it takes ridiculously long to reheat food.

      Not sure how it gets it's high rating. It does look modern and very nice on a countertop though.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience, I think I'll wait for a deal on a 1200w model.

  • +1

    Finished tone reminds me of Mario Bros.

  • For anyone experiencing wifi issues with LG microwaves, have you tried changing wifi channels on your router? I've posted this in the past, but on mine at least, choosing the right channel helps with wifi.

  • +2

    We had the 25L version.. worked fine for 15 months (apart from the obnoxiously loud, annoying tune)

    Then, one day I noticed it Arcing (sparking) from inside the wave guide cover on the inside wall.

    I removed the wave guide to discover the copper Magnetron end cap HAD LITERALLY MELTED!?!?!? and there were black char marks all around the Magnetron

    For the copper end cap to melt means that it had reached a temperature of 1,085 celcius! WTF???

    Thank God I was there to turn it off quickly.

    I can't even return it to Good Guys for a refund until Lock Down ends (LG said I could take it to one of their service centers as it's within 2 year warranty….but I already purchased a Samsung to replace it….plus don't have any confidence using this model again…..let alone a repaired one!)

    So I will instead insist Good Guys refund me (citing ACL "Major Fault" within an unacceptable timeframe)

    • Would love to see some pics of the melted magnetron - this sounds horrible.

    • I had the exact same issue with mine. Was yours in an enclosed space or have anything placed on top of the microwave?

      • Nope…..it was on the benchtop with nothing on it.

        Did LG try and tell you it happened because of something you did? That's rich!

        • Very! I've read a handful of reviews online of people having similar experiences to ours. I'm very surprised Choice recommended this model.

          • @Wheat: So what happened with yours? Did you get it refunded/ repaired or replaced?

            I have just submitted my refund request to TGG via the website….and I highly anticipate they will try and shrug me off saying it's outside of the 12 month store warranty, at which point I will start citing "ACL rights…major fault..blah blah" (they state that a brand name microwave should reasonably have an expected service life of approx 7 years)

  • I bought a second hand Samsung 34l and you can't see shit inside when it's cooking, expensive piece of shit. Sold it straight away.

    I just noticed the unpublish button, how long has that been hiding there. About bloody time though.

    • I bought a second hand Samsung 34l and you can't see shit inside when it's cooking

      Is it because dark brown things need a lot more light to be seen easily?

      • That's funny. 😂

  • If this is the same one that I’m thinking, it has a really annoying tune when the program has finished.

  • I got one for my cousin last year for $80, it was a seconds model from Rockdale, it was brand new with a few very faint scratches and come with the full warranty. I found it on facebook marketplace so that might be worth looking at if you don't mind a tiny ding for a huge saving.

  • +1

    I looked at this and thought "That's a good looking microwave"

    And then I realised I couldn't remember what my current one looks like… I know it's mostly silver-ish.

  • Purchased the 42L version in Feb and it died earlier this week which sucks, currently going through returns with TGG.
    Was very good at heating but the Wi-Fi/Wireless headphones would freak out when running.

  • Thanks OP. Pulled a trigger.

  • +3

    Judging by the comments….this is either the best of worst microwave ever…I can't really tell 😬

    • I agree with your comment. I just ignored the contradictory statements and purchased it because it is small and good value. It has 2y warranty. So low risk


    After reading the rave reviews online I got mine 3 years back and advertised to 3 other friends who were looking at the same time.
    90% of the time people use microwaves for heating food. A $30 microwave would heat up food better and with better consistancy. Some parts are stone-cold, others are boiling hot. Invertor defrost is a joke.
    You might have seen movies where people use microwave oven as faraday cage to save nuclear bombs. Good luck sving the world if you have this.. i kept my phone inside and can call on 3g, 4g and 5g networks and 5Ghz wifi. only thing it blocks is 2.4Ghz wifi
    my friend's wifi started dropping whenever they use this. (router is within 10 feet from router) (wired works, its only te wifi)

  • I got one of these and it's horrible. I've got 3 x Unifi APs around my place and it kills it everytime I turn it on. It's not even a decrease in speed…actual killing, murder!

    I've tried two other microwaves with no issues.

    • Did you try changing wifi channels?

      • Yep. Didn't matter what I did. Had to sell and buy a different one.

  • Ordered, thanks OP.

    Our current microwave was given to my wife and I as a gift and is huge, far too big for our limited countertop space. This will be a good trade I think!

  • Mine died after five months, there are other comments at Choice from people who say the same.

    • Died…as in stopped working? Or died as in blew up like mine?

      It's a shame, cos the silver 25L one I had looked good and worked well (whilst it lasted!)

  • $30 back but $6 fee/mth right?

    • just repay the balance by the end of month, then no fee. That is what I do.

  • Just received mine and it won't sit flat - the feet aren't adjustable either.

    Also, it feels so cheap compared to the Panasonic it was replacing.

    Back it goes.

    • +1

      Haha, mine was the same. I had to place a small cutout piece of the original packaging cardboard underneath the Front LHS legs to stabilise it.

      • That’s poor build quality for a new appliance from a relatively decent manufacturer.

        Why the hell didn’t they just put adjustable feet on it?

        • Haha again, there are many ways to fix this problem, and it only cost a few cents extra per unit. The adjustable feets is one method but they chose not to spend the time to implement it.

          I am not that fussy if I can fix it with the free cardboard shim plates. And it is probably of this reason (+++ bad intermittent reviews), this unit is discounted from original RRP release price of $239 to $149. I can't complain there.

  • I haven't received mine and received email that I may receive it by Mid October!
    Anyone else sailing in same boat?

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