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[QLD] Unleaded U98 Fuel $1.459/L @ 7-Eleven, Kingston


325 - 333 Kingston Road &, Wanda St, Woodridge QLD 4114

Cheap U98 petrol.

Credit to ProjectZeroThree as always.

Credit to Krukked for coordinates: -27.644752212150117, 153.11809454717874

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    Great! Locked.

    Thanks :)

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    One day I'll fly away
    Leave fuel prices to yesterday
    What more can U98 do for me?
    When will premium be through with me?

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    Absolute ledge. Was about to forlornly lock in a mediocre U95 price!

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    Locked in! Cheers :)

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    Still can't get over how expensive petrol is considering hardly anyone is needing it right now.

  • Can we lock the price in app if not close to that location?

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      If you have a chopper

    • Yes, just hop in your chopper.

      • Thank you.

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          On Android you just turn on Mock locations in Dev settings and download a location spoofer, no?
          Or are they too smart for this unrooted?

          • @MahyarJ: apparently that's not working at the moment.

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            @MahyarJ: Hasn’t worked for a couple years now, they cracked down on it. Only available if you root or if you have an iPhone. There’s a full thread on it all in discussion section.

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              @kennyasian: How interesting that iPhone could do something that Android could not, especially in the 'hacking' sort of sense. One would think that it is the other way around as iPhone has always been portraited to be more restrictive.

              • @wildstone: Perhaps precisely because they're more restrictive, they don't allow 7-Eleven app to snoop around and determine if location is legit or simulated?

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                @wildstone: <How interesting that iPhone could do something that Android could not, especially in the 'hacking' sort of sense. One would think that it is the other way around as iPhone has always been portraited to be more restrictive.

                Android has something called SafetyNet test which detects whether a phone has been rooted, and also there is code for 7/11 to check for whether the app signature has changed (which is hard to spoof).

                The only way to change location for android is to mask the root and present the mock location as native location.

                In the past, Freighter and Master131 managed to mod the 7/11 apks to switch all the Mock Location Detection values from TRUE to FALSE.

                In a way, you can call the iPhone 7/11 app less secure than the Android counterpart in this sense.

                Good point, so 7-11 devs beaten FakeLocation devs?

                No, the technique used to change the location for the purpose of 7/11 are different for iPhone and Android

                A prepared, rooted android does not require a computer to assist at all, though with a python script by Freighter, you could do this too, which is what I've deployed on my remote chopper machines

                iFakeLocation/3utools requires an iPhone attached to a computer.

                • @cwongtech: Does freighter's python script still work? I thought it was no longer maintained.

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                    Does freighter's python script still work? I thought it was no longer maintained.

                    Freighter had a private python script (using the Frida module) that sent the location through to your rooted android phone (potentially bypassing the need for Smali patcher), so you still need a computer to assist a rooted phone.
                    At that point you might as well just manually set the GPS location on your android phone.

                    The only purpose I can find a use for it is when you want to set a computer button (as per my kiosk) to set the coordinates manually.

                    The public python script that set up a web interface is not the same python script I refer to

                    • @cwongtech: Why is it so complicated? I rooted my phone, installed smali patcher, safetynet fix then i can lock anytime i want on the phone. Never use a computer

            • @kennyasian: How to do it on iphone?

          • @MahyarJ: Un rooted does not work

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      Refer to this ozb page for guidance : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/288802

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    -27.644752212150117, 153.11809454717874

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      Wow lots of after decimal numbers.

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      Thanks, I have added and credited you.

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    My Chopper is at your service friends…PM me for a lock

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      We have to stop meeting like this.

    • Thanks!

    • Absolute legend

    • Thanks

    • Nice flight, thanks. :-)

    • Legend, cheers!

  • What if I'm not on ios?

    • Need rooted android device

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    Does ifake work on latest ios update?

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      • Just tried it on iOS 14.7.1
        Locked and loaded!

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    How can I do it for Android?

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      Same question. Does it work on Android?
      Last i locked through modded 7-11 app probably a year ago. Haven't locked prices post the app was upgraded.

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        you would need a rooted phone.

        but most payment apps nowadays will refuse to work on rooted phones, so that's a huge inconvenience. i keep around a very old spare rooted phone for this.

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          But not every old spare phone as it has to run android 9 or have a rom available like lineageos etc.

          Old nexus or pixel phones are great as they all have lineageos for them.

          • @azukay: My current fleet of choppers:
            Xperia Z5 (Sumire)
            Xperia Z5C (Suzuran)
            Pixel 2 (Walleye)
            Samsung A20 (A205YN, VAP & XSA)
            Nexus 6P (angler)

            Other phones I've carried out the process succesfully:
            Moto G8 (rav)

        • Lol! That what I call a pyrrhic victory. The tool to enable saving is expensive than the saving itself. If you sell off the old phone you will probably have couple of years saving at once:)

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            @deepakkumar1983: lol mate have you tried selling >3 years old 2nd hand android phones? you'd pull your hair out.

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          ughh when you root your phone, you get Magisk Hide, just turn that on and hide the app?

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      Buy a super cheap iPhone instead. Much easier and does not require jailbreaking/ rooting.

      • Does it need to be on latest ios?

        • Nope. I'm using an iPhone 6s just for locking in and I haven't updated the OS for a while now.

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    Legend, thanks. hopped on the chopper.

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    Why is petrol so expensive when everyone is in lockdown??

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      I think you just answered your own question.

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      no demand and petrol stations need to make a profit

    • +1

      All those UberEats, DoorDash drivers and don't forget Amazon still need to deliver everything people have been ordering online

    • +12

      A) US & Europe are moving around.
      B) Price of oil has increased 50% in 12mths
      C) $AU dropped 10% against $US
      D) All Of The Above

      • +1

        Current destabilisation in the middle east is not helping that oil price

    • The oil producers are screwing every country to the hilt. We are better off than most..

    • +2

      Probably because there is more to the world than Sydney.

    • +1

      everyone is in lockdown

      Guess sydney is everyone now.

  • What app are people using and do the coordinates help? Don't we just put in the suburb?

  • App not compatible with your device.

    Well sorry for not having a phone newer than 2 years.

    Sideloading works; but the playstore is a douche.

  • Can someone help me to lock it? I am using Adriod? Thank you

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      DM me your login, I can lock it for ya

      • Mate would you be able to help me as well please. TIA.

        • +1

          PM me. I will lock yours.

          • @Sky Master: hi mate - I am new here (in the sense I only created my oz account today) so can't really message you - could you PM me instead? thanks for the help

            I would love to lock the price but no way to reach out to you

        • sure, send it over

      • @Indomie5: Could you please PM me as well? I am also new here, so can't PM you.

        • pm'ed you

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    During the early 2020 lockdowns fuel (e10 etc) got under a $1/L. Why is it staying up this time?

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      Petrol station owners want to eat as well as their families.

    • +1

      USA not locked this time round

    • +3

      was a lot to do with world prices, over supply/fall in demand and lack of storage

    • see above… D)

  • I think oz works on cycle price system where petrol stations inflate prices and drop them back down in a cycle. Minimally linked to the actual price of oil?

    I may be wrong though…

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    Thanks op

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    oil prices shouldnt be this high in Australia.

    • +1

      We are better off than most… look at NZ, UK, France, Netherlands and get back to me… :-)

      • dont compare only plain prices in USD conversion.
        also factor in the salaries, power of purchase, taxes, oil production capacity. now you get back to me.

        • You can change the currency to show $AU up the top. Price is price…

          • -1

            @Cheeper: Lol. You know nothing.

            • @baldur: Educate me, explain how this is not more expensive in AU.
              From the price link above 23/8 prices. 95 Octane.
              Australia $1.52 (Australian Dollars)
              New Zealand $2.32 (Australian Dollars)

              Calculate that out so it is the same or cheaper than here.

              • @Cheeper: Bcoz in NZ roughly $1/l goes to road tax (rego) , it's a user pay as you go system. Kiwis pays less rego in return.

                Smart and fair system.

  • What would EV owners think of these posts 🙄

    • +1

      i doubt they would really care…

    • +1

      Probably laugh at the crazy running cost of an ICE vehicle?

  • Zooom-Zooom

  • My fuel tank has been empty for the entire lockdown lol, just locked in will fill up because I need to get myself a pink slip and a service soon.

  • What's the deal here? You can lock-in a petrol price for a while if you drive past somewhere but want to fill up somewhere else?

    • Kinda but we usually drive past in our Helicopter. It’s a bit faster