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[QLD] Unleaded U98 Fuel $1.459/L @ 7-Eleven, Kingston


325 - 333 Kingston Road &, Wanda St, Woodridge QLD 4114

Cheap U98 petrol.

Credit to ProjectZeroThree as always.

Credit to Krukked for coordinates: -27.644752212150117, 153.11809454717874

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    • The answer to your Q is yes. The 7-11 app will do a scan of your area within a certain distance and lock in the best price for that area. It will show a use by date, usually 7 days? If traveling anywhere and you see a good price you can run the app and lock it in and use it at home.
      Helicopter service is good too ;-)

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    Hmm is it suspicious if I had this price locked in Melbourne?

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      Staff could not care less and are still making a profit, people have been locking in country wide for years no issue

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        Yeah the most I ever got was a "wow good price" comment from the person at the register. But it's never gone beyond that. They haven't seemed to care.

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          one dude told me i "should've gotten more"

      • Yes, they still making money. Wholesaler price is around $1.35-1.36 /L at the moment.

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          Also the dude behind the counter has less than zero interest in whether the owner of the servo is making coin.

          • @merriweather: What about 7 Eleven management? They could block your account when they know your state's border is closed.

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              @alphaoasis: They haven't throughout this entire pandemic. And even if they did, you just create another account easily with fake details.

    • I actually asked a staff at the station. They earn by volume, so they don't really care.

  • The deal I have been waiting for. been sitting on near empty for over a week and trying not to use my car. Now I can do some more exploring of the LGA :)

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    locked and loaded.

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    If anybody needs a lock, you can PM me.

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      You are looking at unleaded 91 not unleaded 98.

      This deal is for unleaded 98

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        Fair comment and that does make a big difference.

        • No worries. If your car takes U91, then there is no need for U98. That U91 is a good price if you are in that area.

          However with 7-Eleven you could benefit from locking the price from anywhere in Australia and use it in your state with a little bit of know-how. Refer to comments above.

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    I wonder if it's worth linking to the 7-Eleven "GET TO THE CHOPPA" megathread whenever someone posts a fuel lock to save the inane question that come up every time about how to redeem it…

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      Can you post the link of that thread? Just created an account on 7eleven, have no clue how to redeem it.

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    Locked, cheers!

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    Just plugging refinery.fyi, which also updates the prices, and auto-copies the co-ordinates if you click the tile with the fuel type you want when you're looking to set chopper destination.

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      I use the elevenme app which i find pretty handy to get notified of price changes as well

  • Hello. Anyone knows how I can mock location on ipad? Seen lots of comment on android but not ipad

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    Choppered in and back. Got a hell barrel of fuel. Thx OP!

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    Thanks OP. Locked in

  • I got a diesel fuel lock if anyone needs it. PM me 136

  • Being stuck in lockdown meant we have hardly used our cars and not sure if it is worth going for a drive to a nearby 7/11 just to put $10 worth of fuel..

    • Do you have a Jerry can?

      • No, how long does it last in a jerry can?

        • I've kept petrol up to 6 months in a Jerry can, but ideally maybe up to 3 months. Just keep it in a cool place

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    Wow a lots of helicopters around this fuel station tonight.
    I hope they don't put 2 and 2 together as the WA boarders are closed..

  • For anyone in the Lake Macquarie / Newcastle area this one has random hot deals that do not show up on any fuel pricing app or site.