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AEVO Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper Waterproof Hair Trimmer $15.47 (Reg. $51.56) & Free Delivery @ ESR Gear


This hair clipper is powerful enough to give you a professional-level cut at home. It's cordless with a 5-hour run-time per charge, an LED screen that shows you your current speed level and when the battery is low.

For a limited time until 8/31, it’s on sale for $51.56 - $36.09 with coupon code ESRAEVO8 = $15.47 with free shipping.

Package Contents:

  • AEVO Cordless Hair Clipper
  • 6 x Guard combs
  • Comb
  • Blade oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB cable (adapter not included)

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Credit Card users: Please check your credit card statements or transaction history for any charges that you don't recognise and contact your bank immediately

Update: 07-Sep-2021

General announcement from ESR Gear store representative as follows

Dear OzBargainers,

Recently some OzBargainers who purchased the AEVO Hair Clipper reported stolen credit card information. Upon hearing this, our security team was assigned investigate the incident.

On August 28th, we posted a deal on OzBargain for the hair clippers and found that some users in the comments reported that Kaspersky had detected malware on our site. We isolated the infection and the malware was fully removed first thing in the morning of August 29th.

Our website and servers do not collect, transmit, or process cardholder data of any kind. All payments to are processed using a payment processing service on their own servers. We have reported the issue to Stripe, our payment processing service, and they are assisting in the investigation. At the same time, we have hired an incident response team to conduct a thorough investigation of our network and security practices. We are still unsure of how the malware was able to get between this data and the payment processing platform Stripe, but through our ongoing investigation we will find out.

If you are concerned about the potential leak of your payment information, we recommend contacting your bank and reviewing your recent transactions.

We are very sorry for this incident and highly appreciate the user feedback, which led to the quick detection and removal of the security threat. We will continue to improve our website security and will report further findings of our investigation as soon as they become available.

The ESR Team

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        • Not waterproof is a deal breaker for some

          • @dxlr8: Neither are waterproof from what I can tell and I haven't dunked mine in water to test either. Plenty of splashes though, cutting wet hair, cleaning of blades under running water followed by oiling and no issues this far.

            • +2

              @spy: The photo shows water around it, implying waterproof.

              Also title

              AEVO Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper Waterproof Hair Trimmer

              • @cute as ducks: Missed that. Water has not been issue for mine. It probably is waterproof but just not claimed. Regardless 22 pieces are a winner for me. Peace of mind. Proven quality.

            • +1

              @spy: Says it's waterproof in the title and has water around it in the imagery, super dodgy if it's not waterproof imo

        • Ah. I read someone else saying it had 3 years in past deals. Maybe it's changed?

    • 10% more battery capacity with this deal

  • Vote for OP. Ordered one. Cheers!

  • Ordered, thanks!

  • Thanks op, i ordered 1

  • Thanks got one

  • it comes with usb cable…so you can play game and do your hairs at the same time :)

  • thanks op, worth a crack at this price.


    Cordless operation with USB charging
    Adjustable blade length
    3-4 hours operation time
    Includes 22 piece full barber kit with storage bag and cape
    High quality blades provide the ultimate professional results and cut through the thickest hair with ease
    Stainless steel blades
    Rechargeable 2000mAh lithium battery
    Premium matte black finish
    Includes: 1 x cordless hair trimmer, cutting guide, 8 x combs (3, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25mm), right ear guide comb, left ear guide comb, blade guard, styling comb, scissors, hair clips, cleaning brush, neck brush, oil, storage bag, barber’s cape, power adaptor and mirror

    • +2

      Not waterproof like this deal

      AEVO Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper Waterproof Hair Trimmer

      • +1

        I think @cute as ducks meant the Aldi one wasn't waterproof

    • yeah but wasn't it on special buy on 25th August?

      • Still in stock at my local this am

        • sold out in my area too..

      • yep all sold out around me, i guess i didn't notice it that much on the special buys however popular item considering its all sold out around me

    • Thank you, spy.

      Totally agree with you. ALDI one is the better deal here.
      I hope my local store still has some stock left.

  • Thanks. Purchased.

  • +1

    The price of this pays for itself after just one haircut.

  • thanks boss!

  • Thanks. Worth a shot. And definitely useful during lockdown here in Vic.

    • +4

      I'm pretty sure the Vic lockdown will last longer than this trimmer ;)

      • +3

        Harsh. But I bought one anyway.

      • I should have brought 4 then lol

  • +3

    This hair clipper is powerful enough to give you a professional-level cut at home.

    I don't think the power of the clippers changes how professional the finished cut is

  • Bought One! Thanks OP

  • Bought! Thanks.
    Hope it’s good!
    Coming all the way from Hk or China tho!

  • Thanks!

  • +3

    I am feeling skeptical that there still seems to be stock. Something tells me these may never arrive

    • I was a bit sceptical about how it wouldn’t accept PayPal no matter how many web browsers I tried. We’ll wait and see now.

      • I paid by PayPal and Firefox Web browser on a Windows 10 laptop. No issues whatsoever.

      • Yea dodgy website. I managed to make paypal work by first manually entering name/address.

    • I was thinking the same. I think there will be enough stock, but they will be a $2 shop jobbie.

  • +1

    Already had two and not long ago and bought one, but couldn’t resist the price and convinced myself as to have a backup of a backup.

  • +1

    Purchased. Title says waterproof but where does it say it on the product info page couldn’t find it?

    • +1

      where does it say it on the product info page

      It doesn't… although the first image indicates that it's waterproof.

  • Would this be able to cut through thick hair without pulling or nicks?

  • +6

    So many votes butt not one person on here has actually used this model. Could be total rubbish.

  • Is this bears or head or both?

  • thanks Op got one - never hurts to have a spare shaver

    • *trimmer

  • +1

    I just donated $15.47 for a chance of legitimate clippers.

  • +1

    It’s cutting tool is a plastic base comb. Good luck with its sharpness after few cycles. Will definitely pull hair.
    This one from Kmart is a far better option, steel blades and base comb as well, cordless with good reviews. Steel comb base and cutting blade ‘self sharpen’.

    • Looks so like Remington. Great price. Great reviews.

      • Price definitely is great.
        Reviews are easy to purchase, just google it, plenty of companies work in this field to provide reviews, likes, subscribers, views etc at ‘cost per item’.

    • Description states "This professional cordless hair clipper set’s rust-resistant titanium and ceramic blades stay sharp to cut through even the thickest hair."

      Is it the white blades in this image that you reckon are plastic? I think that might be the ceramic part.

      • Yes that is plastic.
        The product is on Amazon at
        Many have commented on plastic blades.
        Eg: One review from Giovanni T. has posted close up image and says(in italian) = The cutting blade is made of plastic but being very hard it can also cut the beard well.

        But company seems to have hit break even already, seems like 300+ purchases from ozb itself. At $6-$7 approximately profit on each item, thats $2100 in profit in a single day.

        • Yeah I saw those Amazon reviews already. There's a couple of people on page 1 of this deal who believe it's plastic though, so not sure who to believe haha. Seems it'd be false advertising if it really is plastic.

          Also, the total purchases could well be in the thousands by now - it's currently at almost 10k click-throughs lol.

          • +1

            @MiscOzB: They are ceramic

        • +1

          If you google ceramic clipper blades, they look like that

    • +1

      The ALDI one is the better deal with lithium ion battery, and stainless steel blades.
      The Kmart one looks like cheap plastic.

  • Kaspersky prompting me this at checkout.

    Detected at: 8/28/2021 7:46:08 PM

    Web address:
    Reason: object is infected HEUR:Trojan-PSW.Script.Generic

    • did you buy it anyway?

      • Nah, didn't bother.

        • i guess alot of people here including me will be affected by the trojan … eeep

  • Just managed to add 998 to my cart - no issues. Hmmm

  • Thanks Op. Ordered.

  • Why is everyone buying this no name brand?

    • Because it's $15

    • What's not to like for $15? It will pay itself off after one haircut with this

  • Would this be OK for our poodle? Summer is coming.

  • I ended up paid few bucks more (under $20) and bought Xiaomi Enchen Boost instead from ebay, at least it is a well known brand and can find lots of good reviews on youtube. Too risky with a dodgy website having my CC details … plus bonus with trojan too!

  • website wont accept 4 digit CVC - using paypal allows access to personal info? any clues as to how how to pay with amex?

  • Can you get replacement blades for it?
    Or is it disposable?

  • Unfortunately I bit the bullet too quickly and didn't realise there was a trojan on the website…..anyone know what I can do to protect myself? I gave the website my credit card details and I already ran a scan of my computer and AVG detected nothing….bit scared

    • Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. We use Stripe, one of the biggest credit card processing companies, to collect credit card payments. We will never collect customers’s card information.

    • +2

      It seems too much of a coincidence, this morning I receive 4 scam emails from:
      Dyson Vacuum <[email protected]>
      B|CO|NEra <[email protected]>
      Savage__Grow__Plus <[email protected]>

  • +2

    Just had a quick check of that seller's domain:

    Chinese web site. Dodgy Registrant information! I'm glad I've paid for it with PayPal and not CC.

    • -1

      Hi, we use Stripe, one of the biggest credit card processing company, to collect credit card payments. We will never collect customers’s card information.

      • +3

        You haven't addressed the concern about dodgy contact details in your DNS record. Why hide your identity?

        • +2

          haha and realised they just copying 'we use Stripe, one of the biggest credit card processing company, to collect credit card payments. We will never collect customers’s card information.' by answering everyone's concern.

      • Are you a pre-programmed robot?

        I'm glad I've paid for it with PayPal and not CC.

        They clearly stated they have used PayPal.

  • Just in time for my sons Birthday. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 as I have pretty thick arse hair. Cheers

  • +1
  • Hi Rep, How long is the warranty period for this hair trimmer? And can you use the clipper without the comb for a very close cut?

  • I ordered 2 without even checking the specs.

    I need something to trim my goatee.

    I hope this would do the job

  • No I miseed out!! No more stock. Any chance we can get more stock?

  • out of stock, i should have bought earlier.

    • +1

      Same, was thinking it is from China warehouse, so I thought they have enough stock to last till 31/8/21, a lot of stock but the power of ozbargain proved to be too great.

  • email received that item sent already….

  • Received email yesterday with tracking number. However, when entering my tracking number into AustPost tracking system, the tracking number is not recognised. Due to COVID, guess it will take a little longer to process so many orders.

    • +1

      Auspost tracking isn't going to work for China post. Use
      Mine tracks

      • Thank you gimme.

        • Actually I was wrong - It's also appearing on Auspost site now. Took a few days. Although Aftership will show you the details of the first part until it leaves China

  • Got an email:

    "Thank you for your purchase.

    I sincerely apologize for any disappointment caused. Due to an unforeseen large influx of orders, the AEVO Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper you ordered has sold out. I have canceled your order and issued you a full refund. Please note, it will take 3-5 business days for the refund to be prossesed and reach your account."

    • Hi dinob7,

      I’m really sorry for your experience.
      Due to the sudden spike in demand, our system was failed to update the accurate stock. We accidentally oversold about 70 units.
      On a first-come, first-served basis, we are deeply sorry to cancel your order. Hope you understand.

  • I received similar email today, cancelling the order. I don't really know this seller prior to this but certainly if they have no intention of honouring the deal, what confident do we have to other transaction in future. The did offer a 30% on other product but I am not entirely sure…

    I guess if they made it conditional, like first 100 units only, blah blah blah……'s just a waste of time with this one anyway.

    • Hi ss1801,

      I’m really sorry for your experience.
      Due to the sudden spike in demand, our system was failed to update the accurate stock. We accidentally oversold about 70 units.
      On a first-come, first-served basis, we are deeply sorry to cancel your order. Hope you understand.

  • I got a "item on its way" email on the day saying tracking information will be sent shortly but havent seen anything as yet. Could you check rep? Order 324571

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