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Transfer $400 ADA, Receive $40 ADA | Transfer $50/$200 USDT or USDC, Receive $10/$50 BTC @ Celsius Network


Some new promo codes have landed for existing users

ADA40: All users, Transfer $400 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $40 in ADA. Hold for 30 days.
ADA500: All users, Transfer $20,000 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $500 in ADA. Hold for 90 days.
STABLE10: All users, Transfer $50 in USDT or USDC and receive $10 BTC reward. Hold for 30 days.
STABLE50: All users,Transfer $200 in USDT or USDC and receive $50 BTC reward.Hold for 30 days.
STABLE600: All users, Transfer $25,000 USDT or USDC and receive $600 BTC reward.Hold for 90 days.

Also other offers available as per: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641087

Celsius is great. I'll be adding $25250 of USDC to trigger the $660 BTC bonus - 10.45% interest rate for 3 months. Add that to the almost 8.88% interest rate on USDC and it's just over 19% on USD for 3 months of HODLING. Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results. Enjoy!

Referral Links

Referral: random (524)

US$50 Worth of BTC for referrer and referee with US$400 Crypto Deposit from referee.

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    • +2

      Used to use FTX Pro for free withdrawals but seems like they don't offer this anymore for ETH, ERC-20 tokens, or small BTC withdrawals without staking FTT. FTX (formally Blockfolio) looks like it offers free withdrawals but haven't tried this yet.

      Managed to transfer USDC from BlockFi for free though (Binance LTC (small fee) > BlockFi > Convert to USDC > Celsius).

      Currently we offer one free crypto withdrawal and one free stablecoin withdrawal per calendar month

      • Thank you!!! I followed your suggestion to minimise fees on-ramping AUD to USDC (Binance LTC [small network fee of 0.001 LTC or 24 cents] > BlockFi > Convert to USDC [free monthly withdraw] > Celsius).

        • Can I just buy USDC in BlockFi and send to Celsius to avoid the fees?

          • +3

            @JHoliday: I don't think you can deposit AUD into BlockFi (I could be wrong but all I can see is a USD wire transfer option or crypto deposit). Binance allows PayID AUD deposit so it's pretty fast to buy LTC with your deposited AUD then transfer out to BlockFi with a small network fee (0.001 LTC/$0.24 AUD).

        • Can I transfer ETH from Binance instead of LTC to Blockfi? As I already have ETH in binance. Or are the fees not as good?

          • +2

            @magwri: If you’ve got crypto in Binance you can send what ever is supported in BlockFi. Not sure of the gas fees though… LTC is my go to coin as the transaction fee is comparatively low and confirmation is quick.

      • Did u try 250 USDC at once to cover both STABLE10 and STABLE50 promo by chance? Wondering if that could work

        • +1

          Hey, sorry for the late reply. I first added the 50 code then the 10 code. I then deposited 250 USDC in one go and both changed from ‘Pending’ to ‘Locked’.

  • Do you have to go through the KYC / Verify account? Thanks

  • Do I have to transfer all in one go? Say I have binance and kucoin and need to transfer from both to meet requirements. Do I need to transfer all to one first and then transfer to Celsius as one transaction?

  • How OZB has changed. The tulip narrative and borderline hostile comments in the past is a sight to behold if anyone can be arsed looking back. Institutional money is pouring in and it's easier to buy/hold than ever before.

    Out of interest, what's everyone excited about? Can't help but dig avalanche and polygon. Herdera Hashgraph is my wildcard longy

  • I know I can't withdraw related coins to active promo codes, but for BTC/BNB that I deposited before where promo codes have been confirmed, I can withdraw now and it wouldn't affect the ADA40 or STABLE10/50 promo codes right?

  • Can we do this multiple times or only once?

    • Once per code per account. You could refer a partner and then do it again.

  • -3

    This was seriously not worth all the messing around.
    Assume you buy $315 AUD of USDT. after buying fees you will be already be down to 218 USDT.
    For those reading the thread confused, you can not get free transfers from FTX to Celcius unless you buy and stake about $1200 of their coins.
    Binance to FTX will cost anout 1 USDT.
    FTX to Celcius could cost varies but showed anywhere from 6 to 14 USDT for me.
    Consider if it is worth it for the risk and instant capital gains on the "free" $, especially for Cardano which has potential to go down significantly. Just my opinion not financial advice.

    • FTX to Celsius shouldn't be 6-14USDT if you use the Tron next work, TRC20, Don't use the Ethereum network, ERC20. Use tron, its way faster and its the same thing.

      It does require some knowledge of crypto, so this is not for newbies I guess.

      • +3

        Celcius only supports recieving USDT via ERC20.
        Unless there is an advanced option in the app which I can not find.

        • Oh, sorry, you are right. I don't transfer USDT to Celsius very often, I do it between exchanges using Tron alot.

          I have staked FTT, that's why I get free ERC20 transfer out.

          Yea, for those who don't have FTT staked, the withdrawal fee will cut into your profit. Even with the fee, its worth it though.

    • Thanks for the transfer cost info from FTX to Celcius.
      If the total cost of transferring USDT to Celcius via FTX costs 7-15 USDT, I'd just transfer direct for 15 USDT :/

  • I am a new user and this is my plan.

    Use referral code then put US$400 of USDC to unlock $50 bonus.

    Then going to use the 4 promo codes below by putting in $800 into USDC (BTC is alrighty near all time high so bit wary putting in there).

    HODL10 (any) US$100 US$10 of BTC 30 days First time transfer
    HODL50 (any) US$400 US$50 of BTC 30 days First time transfer
    STABLE10: All users, Transfer $50 in USDT or USDC and receive $10 BTC reward. Hold for 30 days.
    STABLE50: All users,Transfer $200 in USDT or USDC and receive $50 BTC reward.Hold for 30 days.

    Will the above method allow me to unlock all the bonuses?

    What is the best way to put USDC into Celsius?
    FTX is the $5 withdrawal fee? How much is 25FTT if you decide to stake so you do not pay withdrawal fee?
    Alternatively Kraken is $7.50 fee.
    What about BlockFi?

    What about the best way to transfer ADA into Celsius?
    ADA40: All users, Transfer $400 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $40 in ADA. Hold for 30 days.

    • +1

      I don't think you can use HODL10 and HODL50 after using referral?

      • Correct. You can't

        • So either you need to use the referral or you need to use HODL10 and HODL50? No way to use them both?

  • +1

    If I use both STABLE10 and STABLE50 at the same time, can I just transfer $250 USDC at the same time to save on fees?

    • +1


      • Thanks mate

  • +1

    How does this work for a new user? Use the referral code on sign up, and then deposit US$400 Crypto (not stable or Ada) to both get $50 BTC ( also I note FAQ says $40. )

    Once first $US400 is successfuly transferred through, then find the promo code page and enter promo code, and then transfer Stable coin or Ada?

    • I’d do that. The referral work with any coin supported by Celsius. It’s showing $50 on my app, maybe they haven’t update that link?

      • mines shows $40 locked…

        • recently? I referred 1 yesterday, showing $50 BTC locked on my app

          • @hny3: yea just today

            • @plal: not sure then. the other thread also mentioned that it keeps changing between 40 or 50, hard to tell

              • @hny3: Support said its a 'visual bug' & will be credited $50 when the time comes.

  • +3

    ADA40 and BNB40 come up with errors for me

    • What is the error showing ?

      • +1

        people are getting a "Oops, it looks like something went wrong" error.

        seems to be quite common.

        • Not sure what could be the problem, I was able to enter it successfully. Some are saying it could be case sensitive but I doubt that would cause any issue(could still try) if not, Perhaps try their support email [email protected] and see if they can help.

          • +3

            @anthonej25: I tried ADA40 again and it's working now.

            Looks like they've fixed it.

    • I had the same issue with ADA when I had BNB and the two STABLE codes pending. When BNB turned to Locked, I was able to add ADA.

  • Hey op I just noticed the referral code is there anyway I can add this after I have registered?

  • +1

    Smart contracts are coming. ADA is going places.

    Makes sure you stake it either in Yoroi or Daudelus. I’m getting 5 ADA every epoch (5 days)

    • How much did you stake to get 5 everyday

      • +1

        People need to stake ~9000 ADA to get 5 p/epoch.

  • +1

    BNB40 doesn't work for me

  • $400 USD? so if I transfer $800 AUD worth of ADA it should be enough for bonus ADA in order to get the bonus, right?

    • Certainly. Even $600 AUD is more than enough even with forex fluctuation

      • Thank you, I might take the offer as I had exactly $800 worth of ADA so why not. thanks

  • Has anyone able to transfer ADA from Swyftx to Celsius?

    I am keep getting wallet address invalid in the Swyftx app when I put in the Celsius ADA address?

    And when I trying to transfer to Celsius from Coinspot, the transfer just keep on Pending?


    • I'm getting the same problem transferring ADA from Coinspot to Celsius

      I get "Your payment address is invalid, please check the address and try again. Ensure it is a valid address for your currency." message from Coinspot.

      • I got mine sorted out, it appears you need to click on the confirmation email in your email box first when coinspot send to you, then you are able t o send t o celsius, it should only cost 1 ADA to send by the way. I has just done it and got my bonus locked in

        • Are you sure the bonus ADA is showing up as locked in? I transferred ADA and BNB to avail promotions but its not showing any "locked" bonus amounts. The only locked bonus I can actually see is the $50 worth of BTC from the referral

  • Fees are crazy for buying USDC right now via Celsius. Any way to circumvent this?

    • +1

      Buy via other platforms like Binance or CoinSpot and do a transfer to Celsius.

      • Do you know how much to transfer USDC from CoinSpot?

        • A massive 15 USDC to send from CoinSpot to Celsius. Might still be OK if you’re going to use both stable codes.

        • +1

          Huobi has a fee of just 2 USDC

  • What would be the cheapest way to get usdc in binance if I already have fiat in it?

    • I have 288 USDC in Swyftx and it cost 15 USDC to send to Celsius??? Seriously???

      • +1

        Sounds like an ethereum network cost

      • USDC is expensive to transfer unless the exchange absorbing the cost. I ended up using BlockFi for the promo to minimize the cost

    • Huobi has a fee of just 2 USDC

  • +1

    Hey guys, just wanting to double check my game plan for this.

    New user, will transfer a total of $650 USDT to Celcius and using

    Referral: US$400 worth of USDT for a bonus US$50
    STABLE10: $50 in USDT for $10 BTC reward.
    STABLE50: $200 in USDT for $50 BTC reward.

    That would be around $650 USDT for around $110 before fees, or around $95 with a 15 USDT transfer fee as I don't stake FTX coins. Around 15% return in a month.

    Does this checks out? Is there any way to minimize gas fees? I understand that the gas fees on ERC-20 network is pretty high but curious to see if there's a way around this without having to stake coins on FTX

  • Not sure why but my promo codes are saying “cancelled” when I view them. I also already deposited my USDC and paid the hefty $15 transfer fee. Anyone else getting the same? I used STABLE10 and STABLE50

    • +1

      any recent withdrawals, either before or after you entered the promo code?

      • +1

        My BNB promo code was unlocked so I withdrew those funds out but I still have my initial deposit of the $200 USDC still in the account

        • +1

          I think they cancel promo codes if you have any recent withdrawals. They want people to keep adding money without taking any out.

          • @devilbabies: Thanks for the reply. I’ll message them to see if I can re add my promo codes or something.

            • @Sir Mittens: I had once like that (cancelled because of withdrawal that has nothing to do with the promo on the same month), their standard response was always: they'd investigate but due to many queries, there'll be no ETA. Then they'd never come back :(

  • +2

    For anyone wondering the cheapest way to transfer USDC into Celsius, I have found that Huobi only charges 2 USDC for a withdrawal. I transferred in LTC (cheap transfer fees), converted it to USDT, then instantly to USDC before transferring over to Celsius Network.

    See below for alternative withdrawal rates from some other exchanges:

  • I went the FTX Blockfolio route for BNB and USDT (spreads were less than 1% from what I could see) and withdrawals were free to Celsius.

    • Same but I did it for USDT and doing ADA now. Plan is to send SNX to Binance > convert to ADA > send to Celsius.

    • Could you expand on this please? How did you get free withdrawals into Celsius?

      • +2

        I deposited fiat into FTX Blockfolio via PayID, bought BTC, USDT and BNB there. Then I just withdrew to my Celsius wallet addresses.

        From what I could see no withdrawal fees were applied as the exact amount of crypto I had transferred to Celsius.

        I did end up doing the transfers over multiple days but that was because of delays with my deposits and one code not working in Celsius for a day.

        • Do you have FTT staked? I can't see any other way to get a free withdrawal.

          • +2

            @fLaMePrO: You are thinking of FTX Pro, the free withdrawals are through FTX Blockfolio.

            • +1

              @billybob1978: Man that's confusing. Okay so that's the app, but not the FTX app. Lol. I'll give that a go, cheers.

            • @billybob1978: Any sign up bonus/referral for FTX Blockfolio?

              • @lilkid28: Not much - I get points for referrals and the referee gets a free coin after a $10 trade but they get that on every trade so not entirely sure. Either way I personally love using it and the biggest benefit is you get 8% yield on AUD deposits and as far as I’ve seen huge majority of cryptos.

            • @billybob1978: Can you please clarify this? What's the difference between FTX Pro and FTX Blockfolio?
              Isn't Blockfolio now FTX? I'm currently going through signing up and verifying my identiy with FTX. Am I on the wrong platform? Gosh this is confusing.

              • +1

                @keejoonc: I’m probably not the best person to explain the differences but from my point of view FTX (formerly Blockfolio) as per the name on the App Store is much easier to use and has less functionality but is perfect for newish people to crypto. This is the one that is free to withdraw and you don’t need to have FTT token staked (that’s FTX Pro).

                Yep it is confusing but just think of them as 2 different apps owned by the same company FTX.

                PM me if you want more detailed info and happy to walk you through anything step by step. I’ve signed up to the popular platforms so that I can get more familiar with how it all works and I’m getting there :)

    • +1

      As someone suggested before, I ended up buying LTC on Binance and transfer it to BlockFi. Losing around $2-$3 USD converting it into USDC in BlockFi for $260-ish USD, but the withdrawal to Celsius is free (they have 1 free withdrawal per month). Can confirm both STABLE10 and STABLE50 code are "locked" now in Celsius (entered both codes, transfer once).

  • When I send ADA from Binance to Celsius Network do I choose BEP2 or BEP20 (BSC)?

    It doesn’t say on Celsius Network which one to choose.

    • Definitely not BEP-2. Not sure if you can use BEP20 or not for ADA. Celsius says to use the native network for each crypto. I sent ADA via Coinspot and paid the 1 ADA fee.


      • Oh damn thanks for that. That’s like a $3.80 fee no matter how much you send. I like to send a small transaction first to test but not when it’s that high.

  • +1

    Congrats to anyone that have a bag of ADA.

    ADA is now $3 and can reach $10 by 2022.

    • Possibly hundreds too :D

  • Anybody know how to send USDC with zero fees using FTX without staking $FTT?

    • +1

      I don’t think you can. I used FTX Blockfolio and bought USDT the transferred to Celsius for free.

      • What's the lowest fee way to withdraw it all after you get the BTC credited to your account?

        • I haven’t done it yet but I’ve read a lot of comments saying it’s free to withdraw from Celsius.

          I’m actually going to keep it in Celsius to earn weekly yield and I also make sure I have 25% (platinum level) of my portfolio in CEL so I get a 25% bonus every week. You can check what level you are by going to My Cel on the app.

  • Can anybody confirm if promocode bonuses (other than the signup/referral promo) has been activated/ locked for any coin deposits that met the promo criteriain the past two days? My bonuses have not been activated despite meeting the criteria

    • +3

      Mine isn't locked for Ada transfer. I sent them and email and got below reply.

      Hello pyramid,

      Thank you for contacting Celsius.

      As we can see in our system you successfully applied the promo code ADA40 to your account and transferred more than a sufficient amount of funds for the promo code to be locked.

      We are aware of the issue that is related to the ADA40 promo code, be noted that our relevant team is working on this as we speak, and the issue should be resolved in a timely fashion.

      As soon as we receive any new information regarding your case, we will make sure to inform you.

      Should you require any additional assistance, please contact us back.

      Thank you for being a part of our community, we wish you a pleasant day.

      • You did well to get a reply. I'm waiting 4 days so far to hear back on the same issue with BNB40 stuck on pending instead of going to locked reward. Want to get it sorted before applying the STABLE promos.

        • +1

          I sent them follow-up email this morning to see how far they have progressed to fix this….will post reply here once I hear back.

          • +1

            @pyramid: Anyone who is still following this…I received response detailing why ada40 code is not locked….few days back I entered stable10, stable50, stable600 promo codes to my account and after that I added ada40. Now Celcius promo code works in FIFO. So first stable10 , then stable 50 and stable l600 deposit needs to be fulfilled before ada40 is activated.

            So don't add all promo code together. Enter promo codes fulfil deposit and then move to next promo code. Hope this helps.

  • +2

    So currently the best two options for stablecoin are:

    Bank -> Binance -> bought LTC, Binance LTC -> BlockFi, swap LTC to USDC, BlockFI USDC -> Celsius


    Bank -> FTX -> buy USDT -> Celcius

    USDT option is free whereas USDC has a small fee with the above method?
    Worth jumping through the extra hoops to get USDC instead of USDT?

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