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Transfer $400 ADA, Receive $40 ADA | Transfer $50/$200 USDT or USDC, Receive $10/$50 BTC @ Celsius Network


Some new promo codes have landed for existing users

ADA40: All users, Transfer $400 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $40 in ADA. Hold for 30 days.
ADA500: All users, Transfer $20,000 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $500 in ADA. Hold for 90 days.
STABLE10: All users, Transfer $50 in USDT or USDC and receive $10 BTC reward. Hold for 30 days.
STABLE50: All users,Transfer $200 in USDT or USDC and receive $50 BTC reward.Hold for 30 days.
STABLE600: All users, Transfer $25,000 USDT or USDC and receive $600 BTC reward.Hold for 90 days.

Also other offers available as per: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641087

Celsius is great. I'll be adding $25250 of USDC to trigger the $660 BTC bonus - 10.45% interest rate for 3 months. Add that to the almost 8.88% interest rate on USDC and it's just over 19% on USD for 3 months of HODLING. Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results. Enjoy!

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Referral: random (545)

US$50 Worth of BTC for referrer and referee with US$400 Crypto Deposit from referee.

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  • Has anyone transferred $400usd ADA (or BNB) and had both the ADA promo and referral promo activated at the same time?

    • I transfered over 400 USD worth of ADA but since then the price has dropped, if it goes below 400 USD after I've transferred does that void the reward? I've no idea whether either promo or referral has been achieved.

      • It can go under $400 before the 30 day mark but I’m not sure if the amount needs to be above $400 at the 30 day mark.

        • It does not matter. As long as it’s above $400 when you deposit you will get the bonus.

          Ps what’s the cheapest and safest of course way to transfer ADA to Celsius? I saw a comment from hornbill saying they did it for under $1 but they never replied to my question unfortunately (must have unsubscribed).

          • +1

            @billybob1978: I didn’t look around. I just paid the fee on binance I think it was around $5.

            • @Applause: I did it last night from Binance to Celcius using Cardano blockchain. Fee was 1 ADA, took about 40 mins.

  • Binance USDC transfer is $30 now wow

    • It was $15 the other day

    • Try the alternative methods like usdc to usdt, send to ftx, usdt to usdc, sent to Celsius. That ended up being around $7 but earlier in the year people did that for free or nearly free. I don’t know if I did the right method.

    • I would.use Huobi, their fee is minimal

  • Independent Reserve says $10 withdrawals, but does anyone know if its ERC-20?

    • yes, IR is ERC-20

  • Does this mean if you transfer $100K you get $19K after 3 months?

    • +1

      No. That 19% interest calculation is kinda misleading.

      For depositing $25250 USDC you recieve $660 in BTC (if you had coupons activated properly)
      This is about 2.61% interest paid in BTC after the 3 months (equivalent to 10.45% p.a.)
      You also will receive 8.88% p.a. for the USDC deposits paid weekly (which is equivalent to a bit more than 2.22% over the 3 months.)
      (that's assuming the rate doesn't change, which is not guaranteed)

      So for this very specific deposit amount you will receive the equivalent of 4.83% interest (paid mostly in BTC after 3 months, but some in USDC or CEL)
      …which is roughly equivalent to 19% p.a. for that first 3 months only.

      Any greater deposits will receive the 8.88% p.a, but not additional bonuses.

      Still, much better than any bank is offering.

      • Ok, thanks for the clarification.

      • +2

        Worth noting you also get more than 8.88% if you hold CEL.

        I'm holding around 10% so I get 9.8% on stablecoins. Can go up to around 11% if you hold 25% in CEL. Not bad!

  • For those that used FTX - just confirming there is no way to send funds from your bank account using the App? You need to do it via web browser?

    Also how long did it take for the AUD funds to hit your FTX account when using PayID? Are you supposed to get any email confirmations etc as I haven't got anything yet and made a transfer a couple of minutes ago?

    • Funds came through overnight even though PayID was used which I thought would be fairly instant.

      The second transaction was credited a lot faster (minutes instead of hours).

      Anyone using Celsius to stake in CEL? Or shall I just stake in USDT?

      • I stake 25% of my portfolio in CEL which gets you platinum level and I get a 25% loyalty bonus.

  • For those who purchased LTC via Binance to transfer to BlockFi (to convert to USDC), how did you purchase the LTC? I don’t see a LTC/AUD option? TIA

    • You would first have to sell/convert your AUD for USDT (or any other supported trading pair for LTC).

      • Thanks for the reply. I ended up live chatting to a rep and they gave me this link to buy any crypto with AUD at the market rate (no fee using osko deposit):
        I didn’t realise before, thought I could only trade.

        • +1

          Yep, that's why I did, bought directly. Probably some spread applies, but still one of the cheapest options.
          Note: you only get 1 free withdrawal on BlockFi per month, so make sure you hit all the deposit limits in one go.

  • Also can someone confirm if you can transfer ADA from FTX Pro to Celsius and what the fee is?

  • Noob question - transferring $400 USDC using referral will trigger the bonus? So USDC is classified as Crypto?

    Not sure if it will stack if I use referral and ADA40. I might just use the referral instead for a higher yield and not exposed to ADA price volatility. I am in it for the bonus and not for holding.

    Afterwards, I can also use STABLE50 and STABLE10, transfer $250 USDC.

    After harvesting, I can convert all bonus to USDC, transfer back to Kraken and back to my bank account. Sounds right?


  • For the peeps who’ve transferred to Celcius, does your promo code status change from pending to anything else? Cheers

    • +1

      Changes to ‘locked’

    • +1

      It should go to locked

    • How long did it take for you guys? It’s been almost a week for me and it hasn’t changed. Is there anything else I need to do? Balance is eligible for the promo

      • +2

        Oh then you mustn’t have met the minimum requirements. As soon as the coins hit my Celsius account it was updated to Locked. Check with support and find out what happened?

        • I can only see a chatbot for their support service. Do you know how I can reach a person? Cheers

          Edit: Found an email address. Will send them an email

      • Yeh immediately. Do you have other promo or referral promo that is in front of the promo you are waiting to be activated? As someone mentioned above, Celsius promo is activated by FIFO (first in first out).

        • I only have the stable coins promos pending in my promo code tab. I don't think I use a referral code but in the case that I do, does it show up in the promo code section? Because I'm pretty confident I don't use referral but I can't 100% remember

          • @Kremleen: Which codes did you use ? They were having issues with the promo code system, mine took awhile to lock as well.

    • Which code did you enter first?

      • I entered stable10 then stable50 and transferred $250 usdt in one go

        • Didn't use any other promo codes? Referrals?

          • @lilkid28: I don't think so. How can I check if I've used a referral?

            • @Kremleen: On the main screen when you log in to Celsius app on your mobile, do you have a tile for Bitcoin? And if you click on it should say something about $50 BTC pending/locked, etc and the date.

              • @JHoliday: Can you use STABLE50 and STABLE10 first before using the referral? I can't transfer $650USD (400USD+250USD) in one go, so I'm thinking to activating the STABLE offer first which that might be for a limited time.


                • @sertse: I wouldn’t think so. Referral would likely need to be done first

                • @sertse: You need to transfer twice because referral and promo codes can't be activated together and referral will be triggered first.

              • @JHoliday: Turned out I used a referral code so unfortunately I have to transfer a few more times to trigger the promo codes. Don't know if it's worth it anymore but this one's on me

                • @Kremleen: Past transfers in already 'sunk cost'.. so you'll have to weight it in.

  • Does anyone know if transferring from one celsius account to another (partners account) will still activate promos for the receiving account?

  • Given the high gas prices, how much should we be expected to pay to transfer USDC/USDT to Celsius? Would it potentially eat up the bonus you'd get?

    • +2

      You get one free transfer a month if you use BlockFi. See previous comments for ideas.

    • Use BlockFi or FTX. FTX is usually $5 per transaction and BlockFi is one free per month. Although BlockFi's ID verification is hopeless. Worst case $55 profit still ain't bad.

  • did anyone else just get the ADA500 code cancelled? I'm waiting for a response from support but no idea why, I met the criteria the asked for?

    • Yeah my ADA40 code was cancelled too. It was on pending up until this point. Only have my refferal bonus for now. Support is pretty crappy atm!

  • Got all my codes unlocked today. Thanks for the free BTC.

  • Ada40 still pending. No response via email for few days now from support. Frustrating that onle email is the way to communicate but no response. They should offer chat support if they can't provide phone support.
    I deposited over 400 usd of ada.

    • What does it say in your transaction history (via account balance)? Did you use a referral? If you did then it may have activated referral first.

      • I use referral.

        I deposited 250 usd for the stable10 and stable50 which are all locked in.

        I deposited over $400 usd of ada for the ada40.

        My referral is also locked in but my ada40 promo is still pending.

        • Probably because the $400 USD of ADA locked the referral requirement. I think if you transfer another $400 ADA it should lock ADA40

        • Agree with the above, that transfer locked the referral. You need to transfer another $400 Ada to lock the Ada promo. This is from my own experience as well.

          • @magwri: I bought ada in swytfx again but cannot transfer. I get error saying maintenance and the address to withdraw was greyed out. Swytfx says there is a maintenance going on for carsana wallet and they do not know when it will be back in service. It has been like 4 days now. My code is about to expire and celsius is not responding either why it is still pending.

            • @atlinus: Even if support doesn’t respond, it’s pretty clear as several of us have mentioned it’s because your previous transfer locked in the referral promo only. So you will need to transfer another $400usd Ada to lock in the Ada400 promo.
              I used Binance, they have osko for Aud deposit so it’s pretty quick.

  • +1

    Transferred 265USDC and ADA worth more than USD400, got all the following confirmed - STABLE10, STABLE50 and ADA40. Thanks OP

    • you're welcome. Celsius is great. Should be some new promo codes coming out around Christmas.

    • Did the sane. My ada40 still pending

      • Celsius support never replied why my ada40 is still pending. So frustrating dealing with support.

        They keep replying will reply in w4hrs, and when I follow up on same ticket, they send again the auto response 24hrs wait time.. never ending 24hrs…

        I transferred over 800 usd already of 250+usdt, 400+ ada and 150+ cel.

        • You probably used a referral or something and got the order wrong?

  • Has anyone managed to get support to remove the cancelled codes or get them to honour them?

    Their documentation regarding FIFO and terms and conditions are on two different web pages.

    I enquired about a month ago as they were pending and never heard from support. If I did I would have fixed the issue myself.

    Now all the coupons are cancelled.

    Seems that support will not anything even though technically went through all the hoops regarding T&Cs

    Just basically state what should I have done

    Twitter is also a great place to speed up your support tickets as well.

    • Tag @celsiusnetwork and @mashinsky on Twitter.

      • Thanks but giving up

        The most important thing you should be acquainted with regarding our promo codes is that they are fully automated.

        So with that being said, unfortunately, since the system is automated we do not have the option to cancel or reactivate promo codes for our users.

        If there is anything else that we can assist you with, don't hesitate to let us know

        I'll Just create a new account

    • you can try r/celsiusnetwork on reddit, they are very helpful there

  • This promo codes are still ongoing?

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