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Crucial P2 2TB 3D NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD $289.76 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Saw this while looking for a cheap enclosure on amazon. Seems like a pretty good price!

Important Note: New revisions of the Crucial P2 drives are now manufactured using QLC Flash memory (previously: TLC). It is recommended that you re-read current reviews of the product published on August 2021 before buying.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    They stealth changed from TLC to QLC.

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      More cells per dollar!

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      For those wondering what they are talking about

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        That's dodgy as. It's now worse than the P1 which was also QLC but at least had a small dram cache

      • Soo shady

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      Who hasn't now?

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      My recent P2 I got from the 15% off eBay sale earlier this month gave me a QLC drive :/

      That was the sale where the P1 (QLC) was selling for $6.80 less and had a DRAM cache.

      P2 QLC is not very quick for an nvme SSD. Kinda disappointed. Should have gotten the P1 instead and it probably would have been faster to boot…

  • Free delievery

  • meh no deal

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    Suitable for MBA M1 ?

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      M1 Memory can't be changed across the board. Soldered in.

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        Ah the joys of closed ecosystems.

  • Was just about to jump on this until I saw the cheeky revision. Looking at alternatives, I see Kingston NV1 for a comparable price. Would that be a better buy? I'm not after anything blistering fast.

    • link to the nv1 for comparison?

  • I think I'll pass