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Logitech Harmony One $95 - Harmony 650 $38 - Harmony 700 $49 All Free Postage from Logitechshop


Logitech Harmony Sale On Now
Logitech Harmony One $95 (Free Postage)
Logitech Harmony 650 $38 (Free Postage)
Logitech Harmony 700 $49 (Free Postage)
And more with Ps3 Adaptor's
If you already have a harmony and just want the Ps3 adaptor $39 Delivered

Other items Still from previous bargains
Logitech G27 wheel $245 Delivered

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  • +1

    Harmony One is tha shiznit.

    Now BC, Can you do the Xbox Gaming Headsets cheap? I mean really cheap! Like lets beat that 510 vote DSE batteries deal cheap

    • +2

      got to figure out which logitech headset for xbox first :)

    • I support this request

  • +1

    I got one of the One's a few months back,and the PS3 bluetooth module. awesome, whish I did it sooner.
    I do need to get an IR extender/repeater and can see why some people go for the RF version. Just a matter of training to get full WAF :)

  • My Harmony 650's buttons started to peel off the black rubberized coating after a few months of normal usage. So I advise anyone intending to get it to think twice. :)

    • I had a similar experience with a 650 (after ~ 8 months) so I upgraded to a Harmony One. If your budget won't stretch to a Harmony One, I would strongly suggest spending the extra $11 on the Harmony 700.

    • +1

      Call our Support Team on 1800 025 544 and they will sort you out.

      • Thanks heaps for this. I contacted the number and was told that I could get it replaced but needed to contacted Fluidtek directly. Now I'm awaiting their response. If it turned out to be true then I'd be extremely impressed!

        • Yep you take the Case ID that the team gave you & you'll get looked after.

        • Make sure you contact [email protected] with case id. and they will run you through the process of replacement.

  • OP when will there be sales for M950 mouse again? We have been waiting for ages!

  • +1

    I've had a Harmony One for about a year now, it a dream.

    Any more news on Harmony Link coming to Australia?

    • It should be shortly.

    • Unfortunately no confirmation at this stage of Harmony Link arriving in Australia.

  • I second siuol's comment, I want another deal on Mouses!

  • Bargaincrypt are you guys going to be getting any more Z5500 or Z906's in soon?

    • +1

      Z5500 all gone, as for Z906 there is a little shortage at the moment

  • did u guys have any more of the Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel?

    • All gone

      • will u be getting any more stock?

  • +1

    Would love a deal on the Logitech K400

    • We are working on that one as soon as we receive stock. At the moment its very limited stock

  • Awww tempted on the Harmony One. My Harmony 785's clicky buttons are starting to fail. Had it for 3, maybe 4 years. Was looking at the One on logitechshop's site last week. It was $120 or $125 from memory..

  • Does the line "And more with Ps3 Adaptor's" suggest these ones include a ps3 adaptor?
    Or do I need to search for some with them included? :D

    • Other combo's have Ps3 adaptors . these ones are without

  • Price matched the Harmony One at OW, got it for $90.25. Great deal from LTS nonetheless.

  • .

  • had to + this deal. I paid $199 for a harmony one 15 months ago, the going rate was $240

  • Bought! Just got Harmony one + ps3 adapter $130! Thanks LTS/Bargaincrypt!

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