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[Refurbished, FIRST] DJI Refurbished Sale: OM4 $129, Mobile 3 Combo $99, Mini 2 Flymore Combo $739 & More Delivered @ Kogan


Few DJI Refurbished products on sale at Kogan. Excellent price for these products, refurbed by DJI, not sure if it will have packaging but comes with warranty from DJI.

Presale for dispatch from the 20th September.

OM4 $129
Osmo Mobile 3 Combo $99
Mini 2 Flymore $739
DJI Osmo Pocket 2 Gimbal Camera - Creators Combo $589
Mavic Air 2 Flymore Combo $1,489

Full list of products on sale

This product has gone through an official DJI refurbishment process – performance is guaranteed!

Includes a normal DJI warranty
Refurbished to provide the same high-performance as a brand new DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Camera Gimbal
Tested by DJI under strict factory conditions

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  • How useful are these for flagship phones?

    • +3

      Gimbals are great for any phones or cameras if you are looking to shoot videos.

      More advanced phones and cameras have electronic image stabilization but they can't match the mechanical stabilization provided by a gimbal. In most cases, both forms of stabilization will work together to give you the most stabilized video possible.

      • Ok cool. Only issue is that I'm waiting for my Z Fold 3 and doubt it would fit. Probably fine for my S21 Ultra though

    • +1

      OIS and EIS still has that choppy effect and gimbal's smoothen that…

    • Had to film a virtual tour of my workplace last week and used the V2 Osmo mobile. Made it so much more professional. Had never used one before, easy to learn the basics.

  • Ordered the Osmo Mobile 3 Combo through Klarna and they will waive off the final instalment (~$25). Also got 5000 Flybuys for making my first purchase ($25). Not a bad deal for $50.

    • Is there a Klarna/Kogan deal on at the moment?

  • I'm thinking of getting the OM3. How is it compared to OM4?

    • om4 has a clicky magnet thingamagiggy

    • I think if you don't have any then get the 4. Has an improved motor, dynamic zoom and the magnet clip for easy setup.

  • Has anyone bought a refurb drone from DJI? Is there much difference compared with a brand new one?

  • Can anyone comment on the functionality of the mobile app on an Android device?

    Asking as this review does not paint a pretty picture: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/dji-om-4-s...

    • +2

      I haven't had any issues with my 2XL or on the iPhone xs max. Haven't tried any other phones though. Check the comparability chart for your phone. That will show you which functions would work.

      Note that the Galaxy Note 20 isn't on the list that which is probably why the person had issues.

      • iphone,
        Huawei, Honor..

        simple for google, samsung, xiaomi, oppo androids?! haha..

  • AmEx Statement Credit: Spend $100, Get $20 at Kogan

    Another option from Amex, if you have it. Not as good as the Klarna option but better than nothing.

  • Great price on the Mini 2 flymore. Especially as it includes regular warranty from DJI.

  • They still haven't shipped mine out yet. Ordered 10 days ago. A joke.

    • +1

      These were a presale, although some are now appearing in stock.

      • Ah, rightoh, assumed they were all in stock, missed the little notification on the listing.
        I will still cancel my trial soon as I'm up the 14 day limit.

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