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MYER: 10% Cashback on Entertainment & General Merchandise Inc Toys, 15% on Everything Else (5-9pm AEST, Uncapped) @ Cashrewards


Runs for 4 hours only from 5pm AEST. Don't pay with gift cards or other codes/credits as terms state cashback is ineligible.

All electronics & electrical appliances on Myer's Home & Entertainment pages will be awarded cashback under the 'Entertainment' category on the cashback table of rates.

  • Fashion & Accessories 15%
  • Lingerie, Sleepwear & Active 15%
  • Beauty (excludes CHANEL & Dior) 15%
  • Kidswear & Babywear 15%
  • Home (excludes electrical & electronics) 15%
  • Entertainment (includes electrical & electronics) 10%
  • General Merchandise (including toys) 10%
  • CHANEL and Dior 0%

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • +5

    A day to late. Would have used this over shopback if it was announced earlier.

    • +1

      Safer than both of these places and higher bonus considering GST using Myers 10% bonus on giftcards running for the last few days for 10% items .

  • +1

    Can you be able to ceck the item that you'd like to buy is eligible or not? Kitchenaid stand mixer for example

    • +1

      You'll get 15% cashback on Home->Appliances->Kitchen Appliances…

      • All electronics & electrical appliances on Myer's Home & Entertainment pages will be awarded cashback under the 'Entertainment' category on the cashback table of rates

        • Home (excludes electrical & electronics) 15%

          OP updated and added an exclusion 32 minutes after I wrote my comment.

  • +1

    Awesome, have to buy a mattress today and Myer was on the list. Thanks OP.

  • Does this stack with current Myer lego promotion?

    • +2

      Yes if they don’t cancel your order like they did with mine

      • Happened to me too. Haha.

  • +2

    Don't think I will buy anything this time but from experience, do not combine different items into one single order. Unless their stock tracking system has improved significantly lately (I doubt), there is a (big?) chance that one or several of them will come back as out of stock and your entire order will be rejected for the cash back claim. Imagine you are stuck with a $2000 item but are advised that a $20 item is out of stock. Hope this reminder helps.

    • Good advice. Finally got through the Cashrewards site to place order. Now today get an email that the entire order has been cancelled. No reason given.
      Didn't go overboard with the order, just a couple of the cheaper kids Lego packs etc. Not sure if they cancelled all orders or just the ones that came through via Cashrewards.

      • My order is still "preparing" (ordered one item - not Lego though), so will see whether it goes through.

  • Is there a cap on the Cashback?

    • Check the title again

  • Has anyone got cashback from using giftcards?

    • +1

      Don't pay with gift cards or other codes/credits as terms state cashback is ineligible.

      Pays to read the OP. And the terms and conditions on Cashrewards

  • Entertainment and electrical says 4% ??

  • Myer still have electrical? 🤣

  • +2

    Is CashRewards timing out for anyone else? I can click on the merchant, but after that 'We’re sorry, we can’t find the page you are looking for.'

    • Yes, same.

    • Yes, I'm getting the same, and a similar response using the Notification add-on via Chrome.

    • Ditto

    • same me….

    • ssamee

  • +1

    Page not loading

  • +6

    Tech is onto it guys. Will update here as soon as it’s sorted. Thank you.

    • Thanks TA! Also supercheap auto and ebay (modem router) qualifies in this promo? thx

    • Thanks for checking that.

      Btw, can we use Myer One Rewards and get cashback. I have 2 * $10 rewards.

      Or does that count as GCs and will invalidate the cashback?

    • can we expect this to start working before the cashback upsize expires? :)

      • Seems like deployment is going on. The site has a maintenance notice

        • oh hopefully doesnt take too long was hoping to do a spree from myer >.<

          • @Hiimhp123: Please try via the CR App. That’s just started working again and desktop will be back shortly.

            • @tightarse: Thanks. Please let us know re:desktop thx

              • +1

                @limucat: Desktop should now be a go too. So sorry for the inconvenience but shit like this sometimes happens. Stay safe :)

    • Will you be extending the offer a couple of hours?

      • +1

        As much as we’d love to, we simply can’t as the rates are locked in by the store for the times specified. We will however endeavour to have it repeated very soon. You still have 90 minutes to make the most of this one :)

        • I missed this one but looking forward to next one.Hope it's before father's Day 🙂.

  • We are just doing some pioneering upgrades.??

    • Yes, it seems the Cash Reward website is down: "Apologies. We are just doing some pioneering upgrades."

    • Back up

  • Hi TA I successfully made a purchase via cashrewards app on myer website. Will it be eligible for tracking and cashback?

    • +1

      Of course. Please see here.

  • Wow! now is "403 error"!

  • I just got "This site can’t provide a secure connection. www.cashrewards.com.au sent an invalid response" when trying to click through on desktop, then came here and saw TA's messages, so hopefully this will be up and running soon

    • +1

      All good now. You caught that message right as the site was coming up again. Happy shopping :)

      • Thanks TA. Can get through to the Myer site now, but when browsing, I was getting no results for a brand which they sell and had 22 items listed against it - clicking on "go back and start again" comes up with "Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information)." so no idea what's going on there! Will go through and clear cache and try again.

        • +1

          Hi SimbaGirl. Would love to be able to help with that, but sounds like a Myer issue rather than a CR one. Sorry!

          • @tightarse: No worries TA :). Cleared history, went back in and used some different search criteria to find the product I was after, order placed and cashback tracked almost instantly, so all good now!

  • All worked well. Had item in Myer cart all ready to go.

    CR worked OK, clicked through, bought item, all good. Cashback email arrived within 5 min. $50 saved!

    Got a mattress, 50% off - ie appropriate retail price :) Then 15% CR made it very worthwhile.


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