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Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler $104.49, NH-D15S Chromax Black CPU Cooler $135.30 + Delivery @ Noctua Cooling Solutions via Newegg


Newegg deals for Noctua's NH-D15Ss. Cheapest I've seen them and it's still not posted here. Thought it might help someone. 5-17 days approx. delivery but some people here got orders from Newegg within a few days.

Original colour: $104.49 + Delivery

Chromax: $135.30 + delivery

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    Great cooler and great price.

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    they're always at this price at newegg

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    Absolutely insane cooler. Brilliant design and performance, and never get one. Unless you absolutely need this amount of cooling, don't get it. It can stress the mobo if you move your computer, but mostly it makes accessing the other parts nearly impossible.

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      It's the s model so ram clearance should be good. But I agree with you it's huge….

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      I've had mine for yonks now… never had any of the issues mentioned. Sure, replacing RAM is a bit harder but how often do you even do that? And yes, it cools a LOT!

    • Moving as in slightly on the table or like between rooms?

      • Haha like in a car, or other fairly sudden shock type moves. If you just pick it up gently, and put it down somewhere else is always going to fine. I may have slightly over emphasised the risk. Motherboards are durable!

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    As someone who has had this (non-S model) cooler for like 8 years, it's such a beast, but don't get it as others have mentioned. IT's so fking big, sharp and I keep having to remove it to change parts and plug in shit into the mobo around the northbridge

    • Yep I have cut myself on mine when trying to unscrew things.

    • What would you recommend instead?

      • ANy other NOctua one is fine.

        I also use COolermaster and get good results even if I overclock.

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    NOCTUA NH-D15S - $90/kg (104/1.15, this)
    be quiet! Pure Rock 2 Black, BK007 - $120/kg (70/0.58)
    Deepcool GAMMAXX 400 V2 - $50/kg (30/0.6)

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      lol, i'll keep cost per kg in mind next time i'm choosing a CPU cooler.

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      $ per kg? what is this? watermelons??

    • Lol.. I got it.. you are thinking of putting it to metal scrap when it dies isn't it. :D

    • Just get pure copper then, amazing thermal conductor and only around $13/kg, excluding the price of the fans

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    I also like to point out this is usually around the standard price at newegg, and for the love of the pc gods, measure your case and ensure you have clearance to fit this as this is HUGE.

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    I have the D15. My previous build used the stock cooler and case fans in a cheaper case. I couldn't stand the sound of the fans so I ended up buying this as I don't need to move my PC and I can't be bothered dealing with water cooling.

    It's definitely over kill, but my system is quiet. I've upgraded video card and replaced a failed NVME and it's been a bit fiddly reaching around the cooler. I figure that this won't be a regular occurrence, so i'm not too bothered with that aspect.

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      What NVMe SSD brand and model was it?

      • 970 Evo plus.

        • Damn that sucks, considering how Samsung is supposed to be a solid brand for SSDs. They were recently caught doing dodgy stuff too https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/08/samsung-seemingly-ca...

          • @nollsies: Just bad luck. Honestly though, it wasn't so bad. I took the opportunity to go to buy a bigger drive - an Adata SX8200 Pro 2TB. Adata is another brand that's done dodgy stuff. Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm with WD also getting caught recently.

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    Make sure you have proper ram clearance. D15S has better clearance than D15. But it can still be an issue. Great price by the way.

  • would swap out my aio for this if I could still somehow cool my ram which you cant do. rip

  • I feel like the fan is mounted too low in the picture, the bottom of the fan is blowing out over the heatpipes which wouldn't do much whilst the alot of surface area of the fins at the top are getting no airflow at all. My 2 cents.

    • Airflow is fine with just one fan, and it hangs low giving airflow to help cool the RAM.

      • Yeah, if your buying this bag lad you probably have enough fans creating airflow into the cooler.

  • How does this compare to deepcool assassin iii?

  • Fantastic cooler, I never go past Noctua honestly.

    Cant say I am a fan of Newegg at the moment but still a good deal.

  • Tossing up between the Noctua NH-D15S and the Kraken x63 to cool my new 3600x build. Havent thought of a case yet - any one had to choose between them?

    • That kraken seems to be much costlier, no? Noctua seems to be a no brainier

      I am also looking for a CPU cooler with a $100 budget and so far leaning towards noctua.

      What did you go with in the end?

  • What's the 12cm version of this?

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    Mine arrived in 2 business days when I ordered a couple months ago. Heavy overclock on a 10700k running great. I used watercooling AIOs for years but had a couple pumps fail and overall they were a pain in the ass. I just want milk that tastes like real milk.