This was posted 4 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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18TB Western Digital Elements USB 3.0 Hard Disk $617.42 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Not the cheapest ever, but the best price I can find at the moment.

Ships from Amazon UK - may or may not come with an Australian power adaptor.
if it doesn't, create a WD account and raise a support request - they generally provide you with an Australian adaptor free….

Works out to about $34.31 per TB. You are paying a price premium per TB over the 12TB and 14TB drives for the extra size.

Can be shucked but this will most likely void your warranty.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Wow prices certainly have gone up since last year, paid I think for a 8TB $199 and 14TB $299 for WD Elements October last year during Amazon's Prime day I'm sure it was 👍🤣 I need a great deal for a 4TB of 5TB hard drive when when when?

    • $299 for 14TB !


      Wish I had seen that deal.

      I think Chia mining has increased global HDD prices, as well as COVID.

      Eventually they'll come down again, but when I am not sure….

      The 12TB and 14TB drives are better value per TB (a bit over $30 per TB) but I really just wanted 1 BIG drive.

      Local sellers are asking upwards of $800 for this drive.

      It's replacing 2 x 3tb and 2 x 4tb drives which I'll sell on FB Marketplace - used drives are fetching upwards of $20 per TB….

      • Good price would be around $23-$25 per TB

      • Umm I'm after 4TB or 5TB drives 👍😁 Melbourne lock down though 🤣 just curious what model 4TB you have?

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        Love the idea of 18TB consumer HD's……but all those eggs you're putting into the one basket, specially when you're selling all the smaller drives.

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          Surely OP is buying a second as back up

      • I don't buy the Chia excuse now as supplies should have had time to catch up. Earlier in the year, Netspace was going crazy like the Delta in Sydney is right now, but recently (last 2.5 months) it has stabilised. More like a profit motive kicking in. See Netspace chart here:

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    If you look at the Amazon listing, this is the normal price for this drive. So there is no discount at all. I'd wait until Amazon puts it on one of its deal days.

    This was $434.35 back in April 2021, not too long ago and certainly after COVID tax hit us.

  • We need to remember that $A is heading south at the moment down about 10% against $US since its peak earlier in the year.

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      From last 3,4 days, Aud is getting better against USD.

  • Is it better to use something like this or setup a NAS ?

    • You need this to setup a NAS?

    • Can you share some more info about what you want to do with it? Depending on your answer, a NAS may make more sense, or it may not. It will also cost you a load of money to get a NAS anyway.

      • I am looking for a replacement of dropbox, a personal cloud storage which I can access from anywhere.

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          This is just a HDD in an enclosure and a USB plug. You would need a server or separate device with something like Nextcloud installed on it.
          If you are a little tech savvy and want something that "just works", take a look at NAS devices like Synology. You will still need HDDs, and people often 'shuck' these elements drives to remove them and insert into their NAS.
          A recent thread about NAS'

          Ensure you have backups.

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          I agree with everything @Failbike said. Another thing to consider is that if you open up your personal cloud storage to be "accessed anywhere" you open the door pretty wide to being hacked. My FiL opened his QNAP NAS to be reachable over the internet using their software, and got all of his data encrypted in a ransomware attack in March. I was able to recover most of his data from some other backups and tools I had, but trust me, this is not a scenario you want to face.

          IMHO the best option for you would be to continue to use Dropbox or a similar service, and just pay a few bucks per month for more storage if that's what you need. Lowest effort and lowest risk for you!

  • Hopefully they are like the Seagate Expansion series and come with multiple power plug types on a clip on interface. Can anyone confirm if this is so?

    • They do not.
      But see other posts - WD will supply you an AU power supply for free if you ask them nicely.

  • Price has now gone up to $690

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