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Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers $169.99 Delivered @ Edifier Amazon AU


Got these a while ago but the camel camel camel notification remained. Good news is that this is the lowest price of all time. Great speakers. Enjoy.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    How this compare to the R1580db posted last week for $70 dollarydoos.

    • +5

      DAC, Bluetooth, more power, probably better drivers.
      They are more than twice the price, what are you asking exactly?

      • +4

        Yeah basically that. Thanks

      • +2

        I've received the ones from last week they have Bluetooth and can connect two devices at once

    • I can see this one comes with a remote where the other didn't.

    • Insane price. Sorry my notification just from Amazon then I guess.

      • +4

        This was a price error. My bad, so your price is still the lowest

    • +5

      This was a price error from Catch. All orders were cancelled.

      • +2

        Wow. They didn't honour the orders? Baad.

        • Welcome to Catch. Standard practice I'm afraid. Still salty my manual coffee plunger got cancelled

    • +1

      The orders in that one got cancelled :(

  • Is this AC input? Any suggestion for a good stand-alone for outdoor use without a power point.

    • Standalone outdoor use without power? Powered by an amp you mean….or magic?

      • +1

        Batteries maybe…

    • Do you mean wired speakers that are waterproof? Would run cables to an amplifier inside somewhere.

  • +1

    Any recommendations for a good subwoofer to connect to this?

  • Anyone know if these can airplay?

    • They cannot. Bluetooth wirelessly.

      • +4

        I was hoping for wired bluetooth /s

  • +1

    Anyone using these for a home theatre?

    I was initially looking at a 3.1 soundbar but may settle for these if the sound quality is good.

    • +1

      Interested about this too

    • +2

      IMHO a good home theatre set-up needs a sub-woofer.

  • I have an ancient pair of Logitech Z series PC speakers which still sound amazing. Has much changed in the last 10 years to warrant upgrading them?

    • My z560 control pod well and truly died recently, so I got the edifier s350db 2.1 as part of the klarna/Kogan deal for $300 - amazing quality and modern inputs. Really like them and recommend for home PC setup (what I use it for). I also have the edifier r1280db, which are good but the s350db is significantly better.

    • +1

      Me too, a set of Logitech z623. Would love to buy these and use the Logitech sub, but looks like it's not possible. I also have the non-sub version of these Edifiers on another TV and they are awesome, even without a sub.

    • for movies and games, I'm still using my z-5500's and they are still amazing. Have to often time down the subwoofer, cause it's just a beast. (I'm assuming you using it in a smaller space, this is being used in a 3x4m bedroom btw, for a larger loungeroom area, these won't sound as good)
      I don't know what I'll do when they die.

      For listening to music you can do much much better for very little money than what Logitech produces.

  • Is this pricr better than Amazon day? Trying to find the expired node to compare…

  • +1

    How do these compare to the 1280BT?

    • I'm also curious about this.

  • Anyone know the difference between these and the R1700BT?

    • +2

      The R1850DB comes with optical & coax inputs and a subwoofer output, and a little bit more power,
      R1850DB total watts 70W, R1700BT 66W.

    • +1

      1850db has more power and added connection (opt and coax). other than that they looked similar

  • +7

    How do these compare to a pair of shoes?

    • +6

      Wearing them on your feet? Shoes wins everyday.

    • +3

      Best I can get from shoes is a squeaky sound but even that goes away after wearing in.
      On the other hand, I found these speakers start to hurt my feet 5K into a hike.
      So up to you.

  • +2

    Aren’t these the old model?? The R1855DB were $149 delivered last week

    • Yea seems like that was a better deal. thanks @balljuice

    • i got those myself to use as PC speakers. very happy with them.

      so happy in fact I am also expecting delivery of a pair of Edifier P17 Passive speakers for my main amplifier that i've been running in stereo but is capable of 5.1

  • +2

    I have a pair of Edifier R1700BT (Bluetooth 4.0) in my kitchen and a pair of R1700BTs (Bluetooth 5.0) in my lounge.
    The Bluetooth range is massively different, if I accidentally leave the kitchen with my phone it the speakers will start to lose reception
    and drop out, screech etc, but the R1700BTs Bluetooth 5.0 lounge speakers, well I can walk around my house and they won't drop out,
    it's that bigger difference!! I will never buy Bluetooth 4.0 again, unfortunately the Edifier R1850DB are Bluetooth 4.0.
    For Bluetooth 5.0 to work you need a phone/tablet etc with Bluetooth 5.0, most flagship phones from 2018 have Bluetooth 5.0.
    If you have an older Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 or 4.2 phone then the Bluetooth 5.0 speakers will connect to your phone
    with the same older Bluetooth version, as in backward compatible.

  • hmm interesting…. r1855 is like 25 bucks more for more updated internals?

  • I was tossing between this and Bose Companion® 2 Series III.

    Which one is better for a laptop setup?

  • Check out the the r2750

    They're huge lol

  • Will I experience the delay in sound compare to image while watching movie?

    • use Optical Cable connection to reduce sound delay.

    • +1

      maybe if use blueteeth. Should be none if you use regular 3.5mm

  • -1

    Where is discount for 2750db? And why when are not able to get 2850db in au?🤪

  • The upgraded R1855DB's are $149 delivered

    • where?

      • No longer available

  • I still have some Logitech z623’s that are nearing on 8 years old.
    I don’t feel like I need to upgrade my speakers but in true ozbargain fashion this interests me.

    Are the ones here going to be that much of an upgrade for me?

    • They’re too good imo. Mine died and haven’t bothered replacing them until a something comparable. I got my Zs for $99 delivered from Logitech back in the day. It’s just feels weird paying so much for tech that long after.

    • Yep upgraded model at a better price. This is what this deal should be..

    • Coming up as $195

      • yeah, people keep saying 149 for them, but i think its an old deal… think i'll wait rather than buying the old model for more

        • +1

          It was today, just expired not long after posting

          • @vodamerc: I can confirm it was 149 earlier today

  • Yea I bought the 1855DB for $153 on Amazon very recently.
    Pretty much the updated version of this with bluetooth 5.0 and slightly better remote from what i've heard.

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