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Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 Liquid CPU Cooler $69 + Shipping ($0 with $200 Spend) @ Scorptec


Saw this deal at Scorptec normally it costs $99 now it's $69. Thought it's a good deal cheers!!

Free delivery with $200 spend ends tomorrow Aug 31st.

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    Good price, but just be aware the fans on the radiator can get very loud under load - I had to do a lot of fiddling with mine in terms of software to get the fans to a place that we good for both normal work desktop use and gaming - if the fans are too slow, they start making 'breathing' noises, and if not set properly, sound like banshees when gaming.

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      Same experience, noisy as hell. Got mine at 50%

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      same boat. I end up with 2 other brand pwm fans replaced to sound normal.

  • A couple of P12s for $15 at Amazon UK and it'd run really well.

    • I was going to ask if they would help? I bought 6 and occurs to me don't necessarily need them so maybe swapping a couple on here would be an improvement?

      • I'd think so, but by how much I'm not sure.

  • I got one of these of Amazon a few months ago for $85 for a 10700KF. No complaints. I don't really notice the noise, I use a headset and my PC area isn't very quiet. I don't use the RGB, it's not my thing.

  • Don't mean to be that guy, but people should read through the 1 star reviews complaining about leaking before purchasing.
    It might not happen to you, but it might? Is it worth the risk?

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      You've linked a different product. This was released in 2020.

      • my bad. thank you for that

  • I've got one of these on my 10700K, and I can't tell if it's simply because it's beefier than my prior PC, but the avg temp will spike to 70+ degrees when under load while the 9600F never peaked above 60. The HWMonitor readings are a lot more 'erratic' and will jump to 85deg on a single core.

    Don't have enough experience with i7's to say if this is normal behaviour (not overclocked either)

    • Try look at it with HWinfo64, its provides more info than HWmonitor

    • That’s pretty normal, your last CPU didn’t boost anywhere near as aggressively.

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    Do the LEDs help cool it?

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      Yes, turn it blue, you'll get an additional 2-3c drop in temp.

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      Mate, the PC Gaming culture is more vein that the (profanity) Kardashians, when it comes to style and gaudiness. Nobody will ever admit it though. MoAr RgBB

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      Haha, hilarious

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    Got it on amazon last time it was $69, the pump stopped working after about 6 months, and got a full refund. Looked nice but can't beat the reliability of fan+heatsink

  • How on earth do so many things keep listing for $69? Is it a running joke or something????

  • This or a H100i for $100 that is a couple months old ? (Mates rates)

    Don't care about RGB or Icue

    • $69 and 2 years warranty I know what I’d choose. Just installed a 120mm version for the neighbours kids machine, surprisingly quiet compared to the previous asetek aio. Mid 30’s at idle and low 70’s full load with OCCT.

  • rerebished one is $99 (more expensiver)

  • Not bad.
    It was going to cost me $85 (69 + 16 for basic Sydney Metro delivery)
    Didn't have anything else to buy to reach $200 for free delivery.
    Found the same item on eBay via Harris Technology.
    $82.90 with Free eBay Plus delivery minus $10 off with an AFTERPAY10 code.
    So not bad for $72.90
    I only hope this will exceed my 6 year old Cooler Master Nepton 240mm AIO.

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