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40% off Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer $99 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


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  • +74

    I should of read the manual, as the first time I used it, it was quite uncomfortable.

    • +34

      Wrong hole?

      • +28

        Makes this bit more exciting:

        Light vibration tells you when the reading is complete.

      • +1

        Subtlety is not your strong suit is it

    • +7

      Comments like these, make Ozbargain the No. 1 site in Oz!

    • +1

      You made me have a chuckle on a distinctly average day

    • +4

      How was it the second time?

    • should have read*

  • +1


  • +9

    Where does this go?

    • +4

      On your forehead

      • +2

        The good old "head-banger".

  • +4

    Was about to buy it off TGG Commercial for $129, then saw this. Thanks!

  • +1

    Bought at last time special. Compare it with infra red one. This one always has 0.1-0.5degree lower temperature.

    end up not using this.

    • What do you use instead? Any recommendations?

    • +19

      How do you know which one is wrong?

    • +2

      Compare it with Braun thermoscan 7 irt 6520

  • +7

    Look, I’m a unicorn.

  • +1

    Anyone knows does it requires apps all the time or it can be used without any apps and phone connection?

    • +4

      I got one last time it was on sale at JB and don't need app to use. Might need phone/app to get it initially setup if you like to use some of the extra features but it terms of just getting temperature its pretty easy - just push button on and swipe across forehead and gives you a reading.

      • Thanks. I am thinking whether I need to buy one to replace Braun Thermoscan which when you taken out of a draw, always read " LO " for the first 10 mins before starts reading more sensible temp.

    • +1

      It can be used without the app and phone. It displays the temperature on the unit and you can still assign it to a user, so it can update to the app/phone later.

    • Can use without app (HealthMate) but a marvelous value proposition if used with HealthMate.

  • +3

    pretty good review on this little device


  • +2

    This Wi-Fi connected temporal artery thermometer features a revolutionary 16-sensor array that requires no contact,

    An exceedingly simple scan across the forehead requires no contact with the skin.
    Thermo avoids any contact with saliva, earwax or other body fluids — making it the most sanitary way to take anyone’s temperature

    Why is she holding it so that it is touching her head in the photo?

    • I was about to ask the same question.

    • +2

      I have this thermometer.

      On the green tip, there is a cover. You open this cover to reveal another hole / gap. A bit like telescope.

      The sensor is within that hole. That is why they say the SENSOR requires no contact. You are free to not letting the greentip touch forehead or let it float while scanning. It doesn't make any difference.

      And on subject of accuracy, my braun ear thermometer has more fluctuation than this one and it has served me well. There are degree of variability between this one vs my ear braun but this one is more consistent (less fluctuation).

      However, please note the following:
      1. This device is meant to be used in conjunction with HealthMate Apps. By doing this, you have a record in your apps. Good for reference.
      2. This device considers up to 37.9 degree as normal. For some people, this is a light fever. 38 degree is considered light fever in HealthMate.
      3. This device can be used for multiple users. An advantage against Fitbit where one app for one person. So once you've taken a reading, you can nominate the person (like child 1, child 2) and it will assign the reading to that person in HealthMate.

      Highly recommend and at $99, it's very cheap for app enabled device.

  • Yeah right, wifi connected thermometer. if you think i'm going to share my body temperature with some chinese company who will onsell that data to advertisers and see targeted ads on facebook about reducing my body temp you have another thing coming.

    • +2

      Yeah, F the CCP

    • +4

      I think you'll find Withings are a French company and quite well respected.

    • +3

      Huh? Withings is French. Previously known as Nokia Health.

      • +2

        Previously known as Withings (they bought it back)

    • +1

      Sorry - i thought my post was sarcastic enough. I thought the bit about reducing my body temp would be enough of a hint.

    • +2

      Apparently not.

  • +3

    This thermometer is awesome, we’ve gone through a dozen others, by far the leader. Don’t listen to .1 difference comments, thats riduculous, there is no way to tell why and if a thermometer is off by 0.1 degrees

  • Great discount. Bought one, Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Its temporal, so you stick it on your head and you go back in time right?

  • Wow, the design makes it look like you need a bottle of lube…

  • Don't see the point of spending that much on a thermometer. There is no need for super high accuracy.

    • +1

      It's not just the accuracy that makes this good. It's the multiple users you can track in the app as well as the ability to take the temperature of your sick kid while they're sleeping without waking them to shove a thermometer in their mouth or under their armpit. That's worth the price alone.

      • Who needs an app to track their temperature when sick? :D

        There are $30-$50 non contact forehead thermometers that do the same.

        But each to their own.

        • Well..

          Withings has some of the best trackers for:
          - Blood pressure, AI stethoscope (BP Monitor)
          - Weight + body composition (Scale)
          - Excersize, Heart, Blood Oxygen, Respiratory Monitoring, ECG (Scanwatch)
          - Sleep (Withings Sleep)

          And it all feeds into the same app, which also feeds into Apple Health, Strava, Fitbit, etc.

          Adding temperature to that same tool can be a useful diagnostic for people who are in the Withings ecosystem and tracking their health carefully, especially if you're managing immune responses or other issues that elevate heart rate, temperature, and other things.

          Some people have chronic immune issues to manage and these tools are really critical for those people.

          You can basically buy all of this stuff for less than one trip to a hospital, so it really depends on your definition of "need"..

  • I have gone through few different ones normal, ear and infra red ,last time i missed the deal , this time i bought one

  • +1

    With a baby on the way, I was looking for a touchless thermometer. I saw this at it's full price or thereabouts recently… and held-off buying.

    Not anymore.

    Thanks for the heads-up OP.

    • +6

      I love the journey you took us on.

      Congrats on the sex! I mean baby!

  • +4

    Bought this before for our newborn and toddler and find that a $10 digital thermometer (underarm use) is far more accurate and not as hard to use. Also, it's size is quite intimidating and honestly scares the hell out my 3 year old when i tried to use it before. It's now collecting dust and really was not a good purchase that still haunts me up to this day. LOL

    • That's along what I was thinking/wondering when I saw the price…"for a thermometer WTF!!"

    • Agree there is also a Vicks one for $18 as well, does the job well. I would avoid brands like wellcare and any other funny names lol.

  • Not getting any email after signing up :(

    • Use the code above - it's generic

  • +2

    To this day I have not found a single thermometer that is well reviewed. Even at this price point there seems to be many unhappy with it's performance.

  • I have bought this product for $93 on Amazon Prime Day Sale. It is very easy to use, and it has an app to track the history of multiple people's temperatures.

    I like this product more than other infrared thermometers. Other products only perform single spot scanning. This Withings Thermo product swipe across the forehead and detect the highest / average temperature.

    For $99, I guess it is a good buy.

  • +2

    why do people need to track their temperatures every day?

    you can just use your hand and save yourselves 100 bucks?

    • One reason would be to calculate the ovulation period to optimise the chance of getting pregnant.

    • +1

      See the comment from @MaxiPower I'm positive they'd tell you to not use your hand.

  • Frequently bought together:

    IGGY & THE STOOGES-Raw Power (Reissue)

    That's some interesting cross selling JB

  • I bought this on sale last year. It gets the job done but it’s not very consistent. I can take 3 measurements and get 3 different readings, sometimes up to 0.5 degrees.

  • Thanks. Got one.

  • +1

    For this money would rather buy from Braun.

    But for something that gets used few times a year, a $30 thermometer works just as well.

    • +1

      Absolutely agree. Braun Thermoscan is what you find in nearly every hospital and doctor's office. And they sell for about ~$100.
      I don't see the reason to start testing different brands like this one (which may or may not be as reliable) or the need to connect apps to measure your temperature

  • +6

    Highly recommend this one for those of us with Babies & Toddlers.
    It's fantastic to use with the app, which records temperatures against the time/date which is very good for tracking a fever.

    You take the measurement, swipe to the right person's name then press the button to save/record to the "Thermo" app.

    A good tip is to use it with your toddler (measuring them, measuring mum/dad/etc.) sometimes when they aren't sick.
    This helps get them used to it, so they are a little less likely to get agitated by it when they aren't feeling well.

  • What's the main advantage of this $99 thermometer vs the $10 under the arm thermometer.

    I bought a contactless thermometer in eBay and it give me random readings :(

    • The primary thing going for it is app connectivity. For some reason people feel the need to monitor their body temperature 247, and requires fancy graphs to tell them if they are sick.

      It's a 5 year old product with questionable accuracy, but temporal thermometers are less accurate than under arm thermometers in general, not a specific flaw of this product.

      This guy spent 2 years testing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ltsFgWnWGU

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