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TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt 1080p Wi-Fi Camera $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Decent budget indoor 1080p camera for those that want an indoor camera to monitor the pets, as a basic budget indoor security camera or a baby monitor. Been using this budget option to monitor the new puppy and it has worked very well. Only downside is that it mainly relies on SD Card and not cloud support, if you were to use this as a security camera this may pose an issue. App is decent and easy to set up n configure but you will need to sign up and login to control all the features. Overall, it is pretty decent for the price.

Cheapest I have seen this is at Bunnings for $56 via click n collect. The upgraded version is the C210 which is $75 which has improved optics (2K resolution) and supports a higher SD card (256gb C210 vs 128gb C200).

High Definition Video: Capture every detail in crystal-clear 1080p definition.
Advanced Night View: Even at night, the camera can provide a visual distance of up to 30 ft.
Motion Detection and Notifications: Receive a notification if something suspected is detected.
Sound and Light Alarm: Trigger light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors.
Two-Way Audio: Communicate with others with the built-in microphone and speaker.
Safe Storage: Support MicroSD Card (up to 128 GB).
Compatible with voice assistance Amazon Alexa and Google

Update: 2nd September: Back in stock

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    Works well with Google home. Eg view it on a nest hub via voice command. Good night vision. Very clear.

  • Great little camera. I was lucky enough to pick up a twin pack on Kogan for $69 last year. They have worked really well for me. I have sim cards in both to store recordings locally. Works well with the app on iPad and iPhone and also on Google Home. Night vision is excellent.

    • sim cards… didn’t realise these were cellular

  • Good little camera as is the C1X0. All can be used offline once set up if you block UDP/TCP to it (although it kind of screws time for it unless you allow NTP through to it) and it also has an RTSP connection as well which integrates into any security software.

    With the C1X0, you can also disconnect the IR leds if facing it through a window so it doesn't wash out when setting to night mode (although this disconnects the microphone as well).

    • What brand is C1X0?

      • Ah I mean the C100 or C110

  • Great camera.. it can be used as baby monitor as well.

  • Tapo c210 3mp is $50 shipped from Amazon uk (if you have prime) via Amazon Au

    • I have prime but cant find it. Do you have a link please?

      • Here ya go :-)

        TP-Link C210 link, Amazon UK

        Tapo Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera, Indoor CCTV, 360° Rotational Views, Works with Alexa&Google Home, No Hub Required, 3MP(2304 × 1296)High Definition, Night Vision, SD Storage

    • will have a UK plug though..

      • Same voltage etc as here so can use an adaptor easy enough

  • you can get two for around the same price or maybe a bit more when they are on special.

  • We’ve got two of these as baby monitors, work great.

    Only complain is there’s an button on the app which turns on an alarm noise on the camera you can be accidentally pressed when your toddler wants to watch his baby sister on the monitor…that was a fun lesson.

    • Can they alert you if your baby starts to cry or make noise?

      • Not sure sorry, haven’t played with the settings much. There is a setting for motion alerts which we have got on (so I get notifications when I pop into the kids rooms randomly during the day) but that alert doesn’t seem to go off when the kids are down so I’m not sure exactly how it works, like it doesn’t go off while they are asleep when they move or make any noise.

        We just have an old phone or we use the iPad as a monitor screen and have both cameras showing at the same time to keep an eye on our kids but honestly they sleep well at night and the baby makes noise as soon as she wakes up so I hear

  • I have a TP-Link Kasa camera which is great, anyone know what the difference is between the Kasa ones and these Tapo ones?

    • I think the Kasa are TP-Link's more "premium" brand. In terms of cameras I believe there is more focus on Cloud storage in the Kasa. Unfortunately, the Tapo and Kasa apps are both different n I don't think compatible with each other… Which is a big shame. Another app to deal with if U have both products.

      • +1

        This Tapo C200 has a cloud storage option $4.99 p/m or $48.99 p/a. it works really well

  • Appears to be OOS

  • Great Camera's, have a few inside the house/garage

  • +1

    Back in Stock

    • Updated. Thanks Carl

  • I've got one and really like it. Wish they had an outdoor battery powered one so I could use same app to control remotely.
    Is there a way around this?

    • I think they have the Tapo C310 outdoor camera that uses the Tapo app.

      • +1

        Cheers. Will look into.

      • Damn. Only one review on JB HiFi and it's not good at all. While
        it's only one review, it seems very legit and irrefutable.
        Still, one step closer. Always nice to know what you don't wan't!


        • +1

          I would look on more reliable review sites and YouTube to get a better picture of the camera. I don't have one personally.

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