expired De'Longhi Coffee Machine +BONUS NESPRESSO DISCOVERY BOX Value at $75 + Milk Frother $208.95 Ship


Ok this one is for the coffee lovers out there

Delonghi Essenza Manual Grey
High pressure pump 19 bar. Thermoblock heating element. Functional handle allows for easy coffee preparation. Removable water tank 1 litre capacity.


So far that is the cheapest price i can find on this model, ordered on myself

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    This same deal is advertised as $220 atm at Good Guys, and wouldn't be too hard to get them down to $200 me thinks.

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    About $120 delivered without the frother from Amazon IT. Delivery in 5 or so days and same warranty as local. The Aldi frother is about $20.


      Is the Aldi frother any good? Any links?

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        Yep, Aldi one is good. Link, http://www.expressi.com.au/expressi-machines

        The one from Amazon does come with around 16 pods I think. I bought a couple machines from that deal.


        I have a Nespresso machine for home but have an Aldi machine + Aldi frother at work and agree the Aldi frother is great, especially for $20.


        Aldi frother is currently out of stock until further notice….

        wonder if it's ever going to come back! :-( (checked 3-4 VIC Aldi + ACT City Centre Aldi


          I got mine from the Brunswick Aldi. Put my name on their list, took about a week. I recently (end of Jan) stopped by at an Aldi near Torquay and they had about 10 or 15 on the shelf. Forget about any of the stores around cities, go out into the country/regional areas.


      I assume you are not eligible for the discovery box though?

      The 36 pods are worth around $25 I think?

      The storage box is over-priced, but it is sweet…solid wood with chrome hinges - maybe worth another $20 IMO.

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    Cheap machine, but be aware that the coffee is around $100/kg. (70c per 7g)

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