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[Back Order] Western Digital 1TB WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD $163.84 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


In stock on September 14, 2021.

Good gen3 m.2 nvme, cheaper than any AU stock, with good reviews online.

TLC (not QLC) and has DRAM.

5 year warranty. Write endurance is 600TBW.

Purchased the Kingston NV1 for $121 on the shopping express sale two days ago but that only has an endurance of 250TBW and 3 year warranty so this looks like a more reliable NVME for $40 more.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Just upgrading my PC and I have gone with a 980 pro 500GB in the main slot of an MSI B550 tomahawk (which I think is PCI 4.0). I have an existing Samsung EVO 840 SSD which I use for storage (including the documents folder). Would I see a significant bump going to this over the existing SSD? (I think the second slot on the motherboard is PCI 3.0 only anyway)

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      No not at all. You only get real noticeable benefits out of NVMe drives if you were doing something like 4K rendering.

      • Even with rendering video you’re most likely to bottleneck with CPU (or even GPU if it’s GPU accelerated rendering), the only real real world scenario where you will really see a difference is if you copy / move large amount of files constantly like 4k and 8k videos

        • It’s entirely possible we will see gaming improvements moving forward with the new consoles utilising nvme too.

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      Generally usage - not really. If you do a lot of 4K, 6K or 8K video work, then yes (only watching 4K video files doesn't count).

      If you want an excuse to buy this, with 2 NVMe SSDs, copying large files between them will be fast. Benchmark on sequential read/write will also make you happy.

      Best way to demonstrate why it won't make a big different. Try copying hundreds (or thousands) of 5MB files or smaller files to your 980 Pro, you will not get the advertised 3GB/s sequential speed. In general usage, you are often dealing with smaller files.

    • i'd be double checking your PCIE lanes on your mobo that you have enough spare.

  • Crap I just paid $15 more last night.

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    FYI if you want to upgrade you PS5 storage get the SN850 not the 750.

    • That's why these are being discounted.

    • What's wrong with the 750?

      • Nothing wrong with SN750. It was released when PCIe gen 3 x4 was the fastest consumer grade NVMe SSD interface. Sony PS5, based on beta firmware test result, checks the m.2 SSD and if it is not PCIe gen 4 x4, it won't accept it. However, it is unclear what other requirements Sony will put on (as it appears to allow PCIe gen 4 x4 SSDs which are below 5500 MB/s read - with a speed warning in the beta firmware) in the final official, public firmware release with m.2 SSD support.

        Mark Cerny's tweet that he personally got an SN850 for his PS5 obviously helps SN850. The architect who designed PS5 picks SN850 for his own PS5's m.2 NVMe SSD.

      • there is a minimum requirement for the PS5 and it has to be a gen 4 drive, that can do 5500mbps read and write. I believe Sony blocks any other type of drive because its below the performance of the internal ssd.

        • Only PCIe gen4 with more than 5500MB/s read is recommended. >=5500MB/s sequential write is asking for too much (even WD Black SN850 cannot do that).
          Linus tested a PCIe gen4 SSD that's underspec (in the 3GB range for sequential read), the beta firmware still permits it.

  • It's unfortunate the 2042 promotion doesn't seem to be run in Australia on the 1tb drive…



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      This is for SN750 SE anyway. The linked product is SN750.

  • Sorry for the silly question, but does it work on a laptop?

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      It does, but if memory serves it may not be the most power efficient…something like a Kingston A2000 would be best bang for buck, or if you want the fastest and most power efficient SSD for laptops, it's the SK Hynix P31 but it'll cost you a half a kidney.

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        Great thanks for the hint… I prefer to hold my kidneys, I'll probably go with the Kingston that you've suggested!

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          • @bazingaa: Today on Amazon, the A2000 ($158) is only $5 cheaper than this SN750. SN750 also has faster sequential speed though not many people will notice the difference.

            • @edfoo: just checked, Price: $147.80
              make sure to select Amazon UK not Amazon AU or any other as the seller

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      Yes, if your laptop meets ALL of the following conditions:
      1) Your laptop has an M.2 slot
      2) The M.2 slot supports NVMe
      3) Supports an 80mm long drive (2280 slot).

  • Does it work on ps5 ?

    • No, only certain gen4 do.

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    Cheers OP, picked this up for my new budget build

  • I purchased this last year from Amazon US via AU. Had a lot of problems with Black Ops Cold War (the only thing installed on the drive) and for 6 months kept thinking it the game was just a pos. Anyway turned out it had bad sectors and finally RMA'd it a few months ago. Had to post it to Malaysia for warranty ($33.90 postage) and they sent me a replacement. Replacement is working great.

    • What was the warranty process like? Did you have to deal with WD directly?

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        Yes directly with WD. Fill in an online RMA form and they give you instructions on how to package it up and you pay for the postage yourself at auspost. I had a screenshot of the bad sector scan, but I don't think they even asked for it.

        I don't know if it is the same with Amazon UK though.

        My case is hopefully an outlier. It's the first drive I've had to claim warranty for (within warranty period) for decades and I've had a fair few SSDs and HDDs, though this is only my second NVMe drive.

  • Good price. If I am building a new PC now I would probably choose this at this price.

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    Ps5 compatible?

    • No, not Gen4
      Need SN850

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        Honestly sounds like every OzB owns a PS5

  • Thanks returned the inferior Crucial P2 for this.

  • I'm currently running an sn850 on gen 3.. will adding this to my setup affect anything?

  • Thanks OP- ordered a 1tb one. My board is only gen3 so this is perfect.
    Surprised the price is so low even compared to sata drives.

  • Meant to be in stock 14 Sep but mine got shipped already.. noice