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EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 Ultra LHR GPU $1414.11 Delivered @ PB Tech


First timer here.

Not a bad price for this model of a card. I see these go for more on fb markets/gumtree.

Bought one idk how much stock left.

Edit: shipping is also free.

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    Please post the price and shop name in the title.

  • price and store in title please

  • $ sign please

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    I like how PB Tech tags the GPU as 'Essential'

    • Anything that can generate income is labelled essential as per NSW Government.

      • Like selling illicit drugs?

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          If you have prescription, then hell yeah

          • @simonjo: What? You can buy illicit drugs with a prescription?

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    PBC? BPC? PCG? PSG? Barcelona?

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      Sorry was trying to post as quick as i can. I mentioned this was first time posting.

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      RMA? Real Madrid.

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    Might as well get this one for $70 more and get a 5600X as well included.

    • This should be a deal on its own tbh. Great find!

    • what a champ

  • Sold??

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    Hold. Don't pay these prices.

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      I'm with you Comrad.

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        HOLD the line don't give up. We can do it, lol.

    • Aren't pricing going up again anyways as reported by the tech lads Linus and Others due to the cost of fabrication going up?

      Predicted ~$50-$100 US who knows for us ;/

      • It's going to be a long war.

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          Hopefully you get a GPU in the next 2 years.

          • @pharcyde: My 1080ti strix should be good for another year. When star field comes out I'll upgrade.

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              @mckayver: That's great for you. Hard to hold when some are stuck with a GTX 960 or less.

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                @pharcyde: I guess if you can't hold with your current GPU then you have no choice but to pay the getting-raped-in-your-backside prices.

                • @edfoo: Yep, and if you want one within the next 2 years, you'll have to do the same.

  • this card is massive

  • This is how I read this post: EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 "Ultra LHR" GPU

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    Hardly bargain. Even with todays prices.

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    they go for more on gumtree/fb because they're non-LHR, this is LHR

  • ultra LHR? or ultra 3070

  • For a LHR, standard price.

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    LHR and FTW should not be in the same name

    • +4

      Unless you don't give a f**k about crypto mining

      • Which means the price should be closer to $1000 or under…

        • Does it matter between LHR and non LHR?

      • I don't mine but having the resale of a non LHR would be nice

        • But it is offset by higher initial purchase price of a non-LHR card.

          • @edfoo: Possibly, it does increase your selling base though

  • Only 8gb RAM is a shame for such an expensive card

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    Wouldn’t a lower end 3070ti still beat this card?

    • If you can find a 3070ti card at a cheaper price than this card, then many will be happier.

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          Or preorder the 3070Ti FTW at PLE for $1379

          • @m3ndL3: And then Xmas comes before the card does

            • @Lolitsjoel: Even better, gives you some time to wait and see the price trend and cancel your preorder if it's favourable. That won't be a problem for most people except those who need it for work or desperate people who absolutely MUST play their silly video games RIGHT NOW

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    Blahaha not even a 3070 Ti
    My 3080 was $1260
    Going into a massive HODLing mode for my 2nd Rig.

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      Did you just wake up in 2021?

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    Are you kidding?
    There have been decent 3070 Ti's selling between 1200 to 1300.
    N it's all supply v demand based -
    So if more people hold from pulling the trigger at these exuberant prices - the prices will be forced downward.
    Looking forward to see if Intel can shake the market next year. If their GPU production lines roll out like there CPUs then their ain't gonna be mass shortages in supply and should help lower prices even further.

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      I bought my ftw3 3070ti for $1300

  • Should be around 1100-1250 , i bought the asus tuff which is on par with this one wanted this but am very happy with the tuff. Stays cool very fast and with metal and not plastic i think it looks better. Wait for prices to drop or a better deal unless you want to pay covid tax

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