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Audio Technica LP-120X-USB Manual Turntable $599 (Save $50) Delivered @ Sounds Easy


This is the non-Bluetooth version (LP-120X-USB).

The Bluetooth version is also on sale for the same price ($599), but only 8 in stock. Usually $749.

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Sounds Easy
Sounds Easy

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  • The non-bluetooth version has been a fair bit lower from Amazon. I got it around the time of this $400 deal in October 2020 and 3camels(au.camelcamelcamel.com) shows that it went as low as $345 in January this year.

    The bluetooth version was also $524 from JB Hi-Fi in February this year.

    I really like the turntable, just something to keep in mind.

    • I had the price alerts on 3Camel for this turntable before I decided not to get it as it would provide no real benefit to me. Shipping charges for the turntable now apply (even with Prime) from Amazon UK negating the awesome price. However, JB HiFi have had this as low as $454 a few weeks ago.

      • Not sure why my links didn't work but the Non-BT $350-400 deal was here and the BT $524 deal was here.

        $454 for Aussie retail is a good price!

        I have Amazon Prime and its saying free international shipping on the table, so maybe that is required for a fair price now (in the event the price drops there again!)

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          Yeah, you're probably right. Darn shame they don't have free shipping apply when it's $300-350! :(

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    Bluetooth turntable smacks head

    How do the kids like to do these days:


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      Agree, odd combination. It's pairing something pretentious but good (vinyl records) with something convenient but kinda shit (bluetooth). I reckon people like the idea and display of vinyls.

  • Can someone chime in here?

    I listen to music on Spotify and I appreciate most types of music, from classical to EDM.

    Would getting a turntable and vinyl be worth it?

    What would be a good list of speakers/equipment to use with this turntable (non-BT)?

    • What do you currently listen to music on? Perhaps try a free trial of tidal hifi and see if you can hear a difference on master tracks, before dumping money into speakers and an amplifier/receiver

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      Only if the social credit is worth it for you. Are you trying to shack up with a 20-something with stick'n'poke tats and a mullet haircut?

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