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AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU $799 Delivered @ Amazon AU

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X,12-Core/24 Threads, Max Freq 4.8GHz,70MB Cache Socket Am4 105W, without cooler
  • Package Dimensions: 8.0 inches L X 6.0 inches H X 6.0 inches W
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Package Weight: 10.0 pounds

Been watch this. Missed those Ebay plus deals sadly for under $750 which hurts. Ships from and sold by Amazon AU so very easy returns.

# Pre-order for $799 Delivered Amazon AU* available for "In stock on September 16, 2021." now. *assumption it still Amazon AU. Price increased to $809

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  • +3

    not much of a deal here
    pccg have it at $809
    available on ebay for low $800's for plus members

    wait for a better deal

    • +27

      $809+$15 delivery = $824. Avoid PCCG like the plague since they moved and are shipping only now, take forever to dispatch anything and their returns and service are hopeless.

      • +38

        Avoid PCCG because of this

        • +9

          Wow rip pccg for me. That's not good. Thanks for posting.

          • +3

            @Silkysoft: Besides that, PCCG have had terrible customer support for some time now. Such a shame, because they used to be a great retailer.

            I recently returned a headset under warranty, took ages for it to get approved. When they finally recieved my broken headset, they refused to replace it with the same headset which was available and in stock, because it had gone up in price $50.

            They asked me to pay the $50 dollar difference if I wanted an identical replacement… In the end, I even had to argue with them to get a cash refund of the original amount, instead of store credit.

        • Damn that's (profanity) up.

        • +3

          Security cameras are so cheap now and worth the money.

        • Wow that's disgusting.

        • +2

          I was thinking how f'd up it is then I read this in the update

          "but if you have already lodged a charge back with your credit card company then the funds will be reimbursed to you and there will not be any loss for you to recover which would make it difficult to bring action against us."

          Not sure what the OP wanted done, since they were getting refunded through that mechanism already.

          • +1

            @AEKaBeer: Read second page. He did not get his money back through charge back.

          • +1

            @AEKaBeer: He didn't initiate a charge back. He paid with Klarna, PCCG just preemptively mentioned charge back.

        • I had a good customer support experience from pccg. I bought a set of audio engine A5+ a few years ago from them. For some reason the left speaker had a constant static noise.

          They paid for the return shipping and sent me a free replacement even though I was living in Perth at the time.
          I don't know if things changed the past few years and maybe things have changed but I had a good experience

          • +1

            @rian354252: New owners since then & from what I am reading online, their service has turned to crap. Can't believe people Hardware Unboxed accept sponsorship from PCCG.

      • +1

        PCCG is OK, until something goes wrong. Then they sit on the return for months, just hoping you'll go away, I guess.

        I'll never deal with them again.

    • +11

      I'm not a mathemetician but correct me if i'm wrong time but $799 is less than $809 and you haven't even factored shipping into the cost and not to mention half the country is in lockdown which makes pickup even more difficult.

      • Did you miss the eBay mention?

      • numerous sellers (well futu/SE and shallothead, same anyways) on ebay $806.55 delivered for plus

        just saying not much of a deal

        and if its $809 (not identified as on sale) on pccg then expect others to beat it

  • +6

    Same price at Umart if you'd rather pick up / not support Amazon https://www.umart.com.au/AMD-Ryzen-9-5900X-12-Core-AM4-4-8GH...

    • I would. Have but 20km out from me and in a LGA of concern.

    • -1

      And Amazon has free shipping for the same price.

      • +3

        I know… hence “if you’d rather pick up”.

  • +1

    Waiting for the $500 price mark

    • +6

      So in 2025? The 3900x isn't even at that price yet.

    • Waiting for 6900x

      • Nice

      • +1

        I'm personally waiting for the 6969xxx.

  • +7

    Well, amazon has the best warrenty and refund policy, it's a good deal.

  • why does it weigh 5 kegs?

    • +1

      probably drugs

      Edit: "herbal remedies"

  • is this really worth the extra money vs the 5600?

    • +5

      For gaming only? No.

      For where you need the extra cores? Yes.

      • thanks, excuse the noob q but the extra cores is that mainly workstations for developing, animation, rendering, all those heavy duty tasks that the average consumer / gamer would never need?

        I am the latter profile, about to do my first build in many years and thinking the 5600x is sufficient for my needs, and now looking at mobo for e.g. the b550, do I need the x570 etc.

        do you know much about builds? what would you suggest as the perfect gamer / office work build

        :) thanks!

        • +2

          The short answer is yes.

          As to whether or not it's worth it that will be down to each individual person. An example benchmark I found was for a Handbrake conversion from 1080p to 720p H264, the 5900X was running it at 200fps and the 5600X was 169fps. So a 10min clip would take about 72 seconds for the 5900X and 85 seconds for the 5600X. You still get the the same end product but you need to wait an extra few seconds, now if you are doing this everyday then paying extra for the 5900X might be worth it to you.

          The tasks that benefit more cores would be running lots of VM's, video rendering and 3D work. So depends if you these things often and/or whether or not you mind things taking a bit longer to compute. Also if you are an aspiring Twitch streamer the extra cores will help as AMD does not have hardware encoders on their non G CPU's although if you get an Nvidia graphics card then you can use NVENC.

          Normal office suite apps would run fine on any recent PC and you would not notice any difference. As for gaming performance is comparable, some games the 5600X takes the lead as fewer cores means they can clock it higher without throttling and in other the 5900X comes out ahead but the difference is very minor (100fps vs 96fps). Your graphics card will play a much bigger role for gaming performance.

          Honestly the 5600X would be more than sufficient for most people especially since it beats most of Intels 10-series chips.

          As for the rest of the kit:
          Motherboard: B550 works great, even B450 is compatible with up to date BIOS's. If you have money to blow then the maybe get the X570 but seeing as the Zen 4 CPU's coming out next year will use a entirely new socket I don't see the point spending so much on a fancy motherboard with limited upgrade potential. If you want WiFi just buy a PCI card for $50.

          RAM: Zen 3 tends to be fussy with memory. 16GB or 32GB would be enough for most people, 3600mhz is the preferred speed for most and the CAS Latency get the lowest in your budget CL16 or CL18 is great. One note for RAM is once you choose your motherboard go to the manufacturers website and under the supporting info make sure the memory you want to get is listed as having passed their testing to ensure it is compatible.

          • @serideth: thanks mate that is great info, what about the intel 11 series?

            I am currently running a 9700k, z390 mobo so its only a few years old but its an nzxt h510 case and I want to go small form factor looking at itx builds, got me thinking if im going to change half the components why not just build a new top-spec pc. The ram I am using is the trident neo but its 4 x 8gb which means il need 2 x 16gb in the itx mobo, my current is cl 18 3600.

            Budget wise I am thinking to get the best for my needs, so whilst i could go all out 5900, x570 etc I just don't think I need it, I mainly do typical office app work so all in chrome or office suite plus gaming. I have a 3080 too so needs to accommodate that.

            I saw the info on the zen 4 which also made me think if its even worth it, might just wait and upgrade then I guess, decisions decisions.

            appreciate the help btw after loads of research still good to get a second opinion.

            • @Benni85: 11 series closes the gap somewhat but Zen 3 still edges out ahead.

              That is similar to my situation, currently on a 6700k with a full size ATX case and looking to upgrade to something smaller. I just got the 5900X a few weeks ago as my work involves media production, also got the MSI B450m Mortar Max motherboard. I looked into ITX but the cost gets steep and you need to start breaking out the rulers to make sure things will fit whereas with Micro ATX you can get a smaller footprint desktop without sacrificing 4 RAM slots, needing to buy a new PSU and potentially not having your GPU fit.

              The NR400 case is small enough for my purposes and has very good thermals. If you go mATX you can bring across the RAM if it is tested as compatible and your current ATX PSU, the NR400 would fit your 3080 and with the money saved you could stretch the budget to the 5900X or a new monitor or save it.

              You could wait for Zen 4, but then Zen 5 is another year away after that :) and there's always some minor issues with new architectures and motherboards generally take a few firmware updates to iron out all the glitches. Not to mention the Zen 5 socket motherboards would be pretty pricey and you may need to wait even longer for a mATX or Mini ITX board to release.

              • @serideth: I am currently using an i5 6500 that was built 5.5 years ago…am contemplating to go 5600X or 5600G…mainly uses the PC for office productivity, some visual studio, a bit of CAD works and a bit of VM, but mostly for mucking around home assistant, web browsing. Would 5900X with more cores be better or go with 5600?

                • +1

                  @jeeg: If you don't have a GPU then you'll need the G to get the motherboard video outputs to work.

                  As for would the 5900X be better? Well kinda, it has more cores and a higher TDP. The question is would the additional performance be worth the extra money.

                  Office apps are a given and wouldn't phase any processor, same with VS Code or any IDE the caveat is that if you are doing huge compilations of large projects then you would see a speed benefit. As for CAD, it depends on what software you use and how critical that extra speed is for you. If the software runs on your current machine it would run even better on a 5600X/G and even better still on the 5900X.

                  And for VM's if you are just running a linux box for fun or home assistant you'd be fine with any CPU, you could dedicate 2 physical cores to the VM and still have a faster experience with your normal desktops apps than you can with your 6500 currently.

          • @serideth: Solid advice my friend.

  • -3

    I heard a new CPU is coming out in the future. It will make this one look slow and power hungry because the current architecture is already 4 years old. Is it true?

    • +2

      lol wut… I legitimately can't tell whether you are joking… this is based on Zen 3, which is not 4 years old. also, "a new CPU" will always come out "in the future" which could make this look bad.

      • So it's not true. Could have been a dodgy article.

        • I mean it's technically "true", I guess? Ryzen and the idea of Zen is 4 years old, but Zen 3 was only released last year. A future CPU will for sure be better and make this one look bad. That's the reality of technology.

          Despite these half truths, it's entirely misleading, as this is a great CPU right now. I encourage you to read or some reviews of this chip, it outperforms much if not all of Intel's lineup in many ways, including speed, and power consumption.

          • @dezli: The next generation is apparently moving to a new socket, and will have DDR5 support. Maybe that's what he read about.

            You are right about performance, probably it'll just be another incremental improvement. However, being on the new socket may be worth waiting for, if you are concerned about future upgradability.

            • @nigel deborah: What you say is true, however the new socket with the new DDR5 memory will be expensive, mainly because of the RAM.
              Also the RAM speeds that will be offered will be mediocre in comparison to the DDR5 that will be available at the time you will want to upgrade your CPU, "forcing" you to also upgrade your RAM.
              Factor also the other new goodies that will be around by then in the MB space, and you will have to upgrade everything.
              When the first Ryzen came around, DDR4 was already mature and you could find good deals for RAM then that would be OK even now.
              You see where I am going with this…
              Usually being an early adopter of technology has it's drawbacks.

              By the way, I think that the rumored upcoming ZEN3 refresh (6000 series presumably) with the 3D stacked cache, will also be on AM4 socket and DDR4 RAM. I could be wrong though, take this with a grain of salt…

              • @Kafrilas: Good points. In the gaming space CPU upgrades are relatively uncommon, anyway. Never much reason to upgrade within a few generations.

                So as long as there isn't some uncommonly large increase in performance from the new socket and DDR5 (unlikely), then no reason to wait :)

                • @nigel deborah: Indeed! :)

                  Either now, or when the 3d stacked Ryzen chips come out, with 16 to 32GB 3600 C16 RAM and you will be OK for the next 5 years.
                  This is what I am planing to do as well.

                  • @Kafrilas: Also same intention. 3x00xt performance was a mild improvement vs 3x00x but its release did drive down prices.

                    <pinches salt…>

                    Rumours I read are the 5x00xt (if they call it that) may be announced next month for release around Christmas. 3D cache may bring a big boost, or maybe average.

                    Either way an announcement should drive down prices for some great stock run outs at Black Friday or price drops for Boxing Day sales. Here's hoping

    • +3

      Enhanced versions of the 5900X and 5950X are expected to be released with extra stacked L3 cache that will bring substantial speed improvements. Production starts late this year so availability will most likely be early next year.


      They will very likely add to the TDP threshold of the chips too so be aware of that if you're trying to future plan.

    • I heard a new CPU is coming out in the future. It will make this one look slow and power hungry because the current architecture is already 4 years old. Is it true?

      You might be thinking about 14nm CPUs, which are very power hungry, and are actually 7 years old now for desktops.

  • -1

    will this run Solitaire at max settings?

    • +1

      486 DX2 spec will be enough….some have tried on 386 spec cpus as well and the frame rate is decent.

    • +1

      Does it run overused jokes at max settings?

      • +1

        Not sure, only seen some previews mention that it may be able to activate neckbeards

      • Yes, it turns into some epic lame joke.

    • Horrible. I get 1 FPS all the time.

      • More than enough

  • Wonder if the 1900x threadrippers worth investing in.

    "Someone once told me, it's best to use the tools needed for the task, not the task needed for the tools otherwise your ships sinking, and you learnt nothing other but the best course of action is no action, but you'll have sinked by then."

  • -1

    ddr5 or bust, 12600mhz inc

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