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iPhone 12 64GB $979, 128GB $1,059 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


For those who missed out on Telstra Day deal, this is MUCH BETTER DEAL as you can combine with discounted gift card(s) for further discount.

Note: This is NOT mini

Was popular even slightly more expensive not long ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648153 and DOES NOT REQUIRE hideous Telstra ID/Account

Free delivery is not available to all areas.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +2

    Wow RRP $1349 and $1429 from Apple

    • if you have those recent Apple gift cards from Woolies/BigW (equivalent to 15% discount), worth a try with Apple price matching, I doubt they will though

      • Why wouldn't apple. They do have price matching policy don't they?

        • +1

          Last time I tried to pricematch AirPods Pro, Apple would only discount 10% max
          I ended up buying them at JB instead.

        • +1

          They do, but not a public one you could insist upon.

        • +4

          No, they don't. They only lower the price to match their typical student discount of 7-10%.

          Apple will never price match a competitor if the discounted price is significantly lower than RRP, so like >10%.

    • new iphone 13 almost in stores

  • +4

    Great price over telstra iphone 12 deal.

    • +1

      definitely :), plus further discount from gift cards + points from credit cards to pay for those gift cards, much much better LOL

  • Those who ordered and have not received from Telstra yet (outright), best to cancel/return then buy from JB with discounted gift cards https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648153?page=1#comment-1099...

    • I thought I had read on the terms it was no.refunds? It deterred me from buying but was also too late yesterday to grab a deal

    • If they have dispatched don't think you can do anything. My mine already on board to deliver TODAY

      • Yep mine s21 I bought on Thursday morning already delivered lol Telstra trying to break dispatch time records

  • Great Price, waiting for 12 pro max

  • Is the next iphone model coming out this year?

    • +2


    • +4

      Yes, this month, actually.

    • +1

      yes, but due to shortage of parts and TSMC's recent 20% increase of wavers => Apple will not cope the loss BUT will pass on to consumers, combine with (IF) special material and/or sateline SOS function etc, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SPEND LESS THAN 1K for BASE Model for sure :)

      • +1

        Doesn't matter, no matter what specs or price the 13 have, the 12 will have a price reduction then.

        • depends on the upgrade though, iPhone 13 pretty much uses 5nm+, big change(s) more likely from iPhone 14

        • +2

          Assuming the 12 doesn't get discontinued altogether, I'd be surprised if it gets much cheaper than this for a bit.

          A 128GB iPhone 12 is a great phone that will continue to be excellent for many years.

      • only 3% for APPLE as a VVVIP buyer.

      • Apple doesn’t pay sticker price for fab time, and they definitely would have negotiated it well in advance.

      • The global chip shortage is affected all suppliers except Apple.

    • +2

      I don't keep tabs on Apple or use their products personally but was in the store getting a watch for my daughter yesterday and the guy there literally said "If you were buying a phone, I'd tell you to come back in a couple of weeks…I can't say anything but you wouldn't want to buy now unless you really had to"
      So I assume the next model is due any time soon

      • +13

        That's nice of him.

        But the whole world pretty much know September 13ths is the new iPhone announce date

      • Yeah the iPhone 13 is rumoured to be coming in about 2 weeks, at a traditional mid-September Apple event. It's possible they'll raise prices for the new models though, due to the chip shortage.

    • this month… ;)

  • +13

    Why is this description so aggressive

    • People keep asking the same questions.

    • +2

      excited 😆

    • +1

      Sold it like a rivals!!

      • LOL, am I doing well with that 😂 #HateTelstraID LOL

    • Because it’s is NOT mini…

    • Didn't you see the Ops user name?

      • +3

        Ah, but is it web therapist or web the rapist?

  • +9

    price beat @ OW = $930/$1006 before they update their price

    • price beat only gives you 5%, it is better if you can combine point earning credit cards to purchase easily 5% discounted gift card(s) for JB

      • +3

        id be using a credit card to buy high end items not a gift card, certain cards give you screen protection, extended warranty, accidental damage, price protection etc.. may save a little more by using gift cards but miss all the credit card benefits

      • where to get the 5% JB discount cards?
        I tried Australian Unity (6%) but they only have $100.
        Will I be able to use 11 x 100 discount cards to buy the phone?

        • I get discounts through work and it says for JB gift cards: “You can use up to 5 Instant eGift Cards per transactions online”

          • @slee123: Thanks mate. I used only 1 as JB HIFI call support said they'll accept only one.
            I should have tried using 2 to save an additional 25.

    • +5

      Officeworks has already matched the price.

    • +1

      Thanks for the reminder RW. I spent 20 minutes on hold this morning during which time OW price matched so I missed out. For anyone interested in the green 128GB, it is still showing as $1259 for me so this could probably still be price matched although like everything on Ozbargain, YMMV.

  • +5

    Amazing price.
    Don’t forget to price beat at OfficeWorks or use ShopBack for 3% gift cards.

    If you have SunCorp, you can get 5% off JB HI-FI gift cards through their rewards app.

    • Do Officeworks price match over the phone? How does it work?

      • +4

        Yeah they do but good luck, I tried for an entire day to get through to their phone lines as their stores are closed in Sydney.

        I think the number is 1300 office.

        • The store will not price match in NSW as they are not open except for click and collect. Phone as said above,, no reply after waiting for 20-30 minutes. they do not reply for the online form. Got reply on twitter after 4 days. so good luck

          In the meantime, while I was checking for officeworks price, they had already matched it.

          JB-HIFI Australian Unity offering 6% discount on gift card atm.

      • +3

        They have already matched the price on their website.

  • +2

    NOT MINI hahahaha…

    • +1

      LOL, not all love mini due to the terrible battery, I got one and had to quickly sell it 😂

      • +1

        Mine is going back to Telstra today.

      • +4

        Really that bad? I've got a mini and find it perfectly fine! Probably helps that I've kept 5G turned off.

  • Is this a good upgrade from XR ?

    • +1

      definitely, 5G for a start :), and the iPhone 4 sentimental look and feel but bigger size LOL

    • +7

      Hi, I upgraded from the Xr (I have a 12 since launch 256gb).
      Tbh besides the screen quality and slightly smaller factor I cannot notice much difference. Battery is similar, performance is similar. My husband did get my Xr so my upgrade meant he would get an upgrade too. Having owned both, I would say not worth it.

      • Better I keep XR. Thank you for the replies

      • Exactly, I'd keep XR for a while, still battery health is at 90% ;)

        • +2

          Yep, after 3 years husbands Xr sits at 87, while my 8 months iPhone 12 only has 91!!!!
          I was using the fast brick for a few weeks and battery on the 12 deteriorated rapidly. Needless to say I’m back to standard charging now

    • Yes,

      Better screen (OLED vs LCD)
      Much faster processor (A14 vs A12)
      New design (flat vs curved side)
      Better camera (3 vs 2, see wiki for more detail)

      It's going to be a big upgrade

      • +5

        Honestly to an average person they would barely notice a difference.
        You open safari? Pretty much exact same thing.
        You make a call? Pretty much exact same thing.
        You look at your mail? Pretty much exact same thing.
        Maybe for a gamer getting more FPS or something but honestly in the real world the ones have only gotten very incrementally better since the iPhone X.. I expect the 13 will be the same. Maybe nicer materials lures you in but you can’t tell me the iPhone X wasn’t sexy.
        Not hating I just did the woolworths deal and have my credit ready to go for an iPhone 13 but the thing I want is hopefully awesome cameras. Again a normal person between a 11/12/13 wouldn’t see much change but since I’m upgrading might as well get new and shiny.

        • +2

          Busman247 I agree with your comment. I moved from my Xr to iPhone 12 in December. I don’t regret doing it but I honestly don’t notice a huge difference. I mostly use it for work, mails, emails. Not gaming at all. The camera on the 12 is better, but the Xr also takes decent shots.

        • If you have XR, please hold on. If you're considering buying new one, ip12 is definitely worth the extra $380 over XR for the long run.

    • +6

      Running a 12 mini that I upgraded to from an XS (same chipset as XR) once you get over the new phone feel, considering all iPhone's feel the same, the difference is next to nothing. Camera with the new wide angle lens is better but I'm not much of a photographer so I barely notice. I've also switched off 5G to save battery life as for me 4G is perfectly fine. I only got the 12 mini for the lower weight and size.

      • Thanks for the feedback! Running the iphone X and battery capacity has dropped to 77%. Seems like a good decision to hold out longer for either the 12 pro max to drop or hang out another year for the 13 to drop.

        • +1

          If I were you I'd get a battery replacement for your X, what is it about $120 to get Apple to do it? Wait for the 13 or 12 Pro price drop and see how you feel. Either way having a fresh battery in your X is going to up the performance and usability and if you do decide to upgrade will raise the price you're able to get for it. Seems like a win-win to me.

    • +4

      Xr still a decent iPhone I feel

      Personally would only upgrade once xr stops working well. Depends what you want in a phone

  • damn bought the 12 from the telstra deal :(

    • cancel it LOL

      • +4

        It arrived like 30 mins ago 😂

        • +1

          Damn that's some nice shipping :O

          • @Shammy111: i actually ordered it like 2 days ago when the deal started 🤣

    • +2

      i called Telstra and they said they'll price match

    • +1

      I think all Telstra Day deals come with that 7 day price guarantee. So you should be able to price match it.

  • +1

    Good deal, I have the iPhone 11 and I want to see what the next ones bring. Hopefully TouchID+FaceID

    • +1

      Doubt it will have TouchID, smaller notch and usual camera improvements, possibly 120Hz display are looking likely.

      • +1

        Yeah I doubt it too, but with everyone wearing masks I really want touchId again.
        I know I can use my apple watch to unlock but I don't like the look of it.

        • +5

          I have a SE 2020, been using it as my main phone instead of my 12 pro Max, lot to compromise but Touch ID is king during lockdown LOL

        • +1

          Iris Scanner?

      • +1

        120Hz more likely for Pro and Pro Max ONLY

        • +1

          Yeah, that's true. Currently have an iPhone X and app refresh/only 3GB of RAM is annoying me. Think my next iPhone will be a Pro for the 6GB of RAM, 13 base will probably still be 4GB.

          • @Marrk: Hey I’m using the iPhone X, what’s the issue with the ram you are having? App refresh?

            • @BusMan247: It's when you are in one app (e.g. scrolled quite far down a feed), you open and use another app for a little bit, go back to the original app and it has refreshed/you have lost where you were previously in the app.

              • +1

                @Marrk: Oh no way, yeah my X does that too (obviously by the sounds of things). I didn’t know it was a ram thing. Oh well hopefully the new phone sorted it out!

  • Any take on possibility for Apple to price match?

    • why would you want to do that lol?

      • Price beat with use of apple discount gift card for cheaper

        • My last iPhone they actively pricematched instore for me. Not sure during lockdowns.

      • if you have recent Woolies/BigW Apple gift cards :) (about 15% worth of discount in Rewards Points)

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