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iPhone 12 64GB $1049 (Was $1349), 128GB $1129 (Was $1429) @ Telstra (Account Required)


Phone died last week so went to telstra to look at the iPhone 12 mini, sales rep mentioned there "could be" a deal on this week for the iPhone 12. Likely discount due to the "potential" new iPhone launch in a few weeks. Phone avaliable to purchase outright, or over 12/24 months. Appears to be inclusive of all colours.

Make sure you select outright when purchasing. A Telstra account/ID is required, which you will have if you currently have or have had a product with Telstra in the past. See previous deals for discussion requiring that (example), worst case you can go on a plan and should be able to cancel after a month.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Telstra business have $400 off the mini.

    • They do, but only on a plan (no option to buy outright).

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        not correct, I got a mini yesterday outright with the 400 discount,

        • rightio - can't see that option on their site, so good work.

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          Is ABN all that's required for a business account? Do you know if Pro MAX is also $400 off?

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    "could be" a deal on this week for the iPhone 12

    Eventually this will be the new norm price for the superseded iPhone when new ones come out!

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    Standard price. Telstra rep told me that they have a deal on the first Thursday of every month, just like how they had the one day sale on the 12 mini last month. I’m not saying it’ll be for the 12 this week, but I’d be holding out to see.

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        My apologies.
        Got confused between “potential deal”
        And the first sentence saying I went looking for a iPhone 12 mini.

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          Like the time I caught the ferry to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for my shoe. So I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. "Gimme five bees for a quarter," you'd say. Now where were we… oh yeah. The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn't have any white onions, because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones…

          • @damion: oh man, the 80's were weird.

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    Thanks but must admit part of me is still sad that we live in the days of $1000+ phones, even more so when they are considered a bargain.

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      What our phones can do now vs the phones we had 10-15 years ago are very different.


      While we call them 'phones' these devices are really much much more. People would easily have seperate devices for a camera, video camera, radio, music player, ebook reader, voice recorder, gps, flash light, scanner… etc.

      For some people it has even eliminated the need for a laptop.

      So from that perspective - it actually is a bargain. Considering all of those items would easily total over $1k.

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        What our phones can do now vs the phones we had 10-15 years ago are very different.

        But what they do now vs what they could do 3 or 4 years ago before this $1000+ trend became the norm is not very different at all.

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          Very true, even the iPhone 4s a 10 year old phone did everything in that list but obviously not as well.

          • @thatsapaddlin: The 64gb 4s was $999 so only $1 short from the $1k mark anyway.

            • @Pinchy: Yes but photos, videos and apps were all much smaller so you can compare same ram.

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      Have to agree with thatsapaddlin. Yes a "smart" phone nowaday is more capable, but so are many cheaper phones capable of doing those tasks. It is just the phone companies have succeeded in convincing the mind of the world population it's a norm to spend $1000-$2000 on a phone. Those management and shareholders are just laughing all the way to the bank.

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        Its not convincing, they are more important to people than ever before, so the price reflects that, People get more use from their phones than cars they spend $25k on, prices will continue to rise

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        Yea, like no on needs more than a Kia Rio from 2007, but people still buy bigger and newer cars. Those damn car companies convinced the mind of the world population it's a norm to spend more than $5k on a car.

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        I'm tax deducting my phone all the way to the bank and using it for business to generate income. Buy once cry once.
        I generally keep my phones 2-3 years minimum. Not sure why tall poppy syndrome is so prevalent here.

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          I've found that if there is anything you're going to use very often, buy once cry once is a better saving and generally, better for the environment once you factor in the life span of said item.

          E.g. better quality woolly socks, shoes, phones.

        • Personally I bought my iPhone 12 128GB last November. Also tax deducting it as during this current Covid-19 outbreak, I have been using it a lot for telephone consultation at work. I also normally keep my iPhone for 3 years, after that it is handed down to my father for 3 more years usage, so my iPhones can be used for a total of 6 years each. But the final verdict is I still wouldn't call a $1000 price tag for it as a bargain. If my iPhone is like half-priced $700 or less, yeah then it is a bargain to me.

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      Yea, I remember in 2005 spending $49 a month for 2 years to get a really crappy phone that had 2 lines of text and you could only play snake on it.

      • Dad told me he spent $5k back in day for one of the first consumer mobile phones. Ridiculous, especially when you account for inflation.

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          The first major smart phones around 2009 were well over $1k, like HTC windows phones, palm and O2.

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            @onlinepred: And it was not just phone cost. I needed to pay even for incoming calls.

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              @sidozziee: and 25c an sms!

              • @onlinepred: Cash cow for the telcos

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                @onlinepred: I saw a bill for $1,250 for exceeding the included $250 on a $49 cap plan comprising 25c text messages back in the day while working for a telco.

                • @kipps: I remember the days of $0.50 text messages. And people are complaining about paying $1k for a phone.

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        Back in 2005 we bought a Sony camcorder for $3,000 and it needed to be carried in a carry case. Not to mentioned a small digital camera for another $300..

    • You don't have to purchase a $1000+ phone - good that the option exists for those who need / want it.

    • People lost their ability to prioritize a long time ago. became tribal and do anything for the tribe

    • part of me is still sad that we live in the days of $1000+ phones, even more so when they are considered a bargain.

      It's not a $1000 phone, it's $1000 miniature computer, GPS and semi-pro camera. We have far greater technology in our pockets than the first space shuttle, and you think $1000 is to much to pay for that?
      If you want a $300 phone there are also plenty of those available too. What a time to be alive…

    • Same I don't see why they should be over 1k. I got my pixel 5 $800 that's about the right price.

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    This is not iPhone 12 mini so stop posting iPhone 12 mini deals to contradict this deal.

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      It's not a iPhone 12 mini deal. The title says iPhone 12.

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        I knew that. You knew that. But the post started with at least 2 other people posting the prices for iPhone 12 mini.

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      yes sir lol

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    some iPhone 12 and 12 Pro experiencing "no sound" issue + iPhone 13 series in less than a month = worth the wait

    • Free repairs if there is an issue. Might be worth saving hundreds of dollars - the miniscule chance of it happening that is.

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        nit during lockdown coz it's a PITA send it away and back aka without a phone for a week normally

        • +3

          Probably best not to buy any new product then hey, if your current phone works then it’s not worth the risk. Buying iPhone 13 new is a risk as you don’t know what issues it may have.

        • +1

          Express replacement if you have apple care. You get one first. and then send it back. 9.99 a month. includes ADR.

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    Got an iPhone 12 Pro here. Probably worth waiting until the iPhone 13 comes out.

    Rumoured to have 120Hz screen, smaller notch, larger battery, always-on display, better Wi-Fi capabilities, and of course the A15 chip.

    No touch ID however.

    • What are the rumours saying about the charging port ? USB C / lightning / wireless ?

      • They wont stray from lightening unless its to full wireless, I have read that it MAY be full wireless however this is unlikely

      • +3

        As above, Kuo a very accurate leaker believes that the portless design won't be for this year.

      • IP 13 ones will have same wired lightning

        • Ffs

        • IP 13 ones will have same wired lightning

          This is the main reason that stops me going to Apple. Everything I have is USB C so one charger and one cable does everything. Expecting a special cable for one device is just stupid.

    • +2

      That Touch ID rumour is based on one analyst from Bloomberg, so no cert it's out (or in either for that matter). Sure hope it is included, I've been rocking an iPhone 8 that needs replacing since the 12 was released because I wanted Touch ID… really hope Covid & Face masks have swayed them (yes, I know you can combo it with the watch to work around it but what a PITA).

      • +3

        Went from a 6s to an 11 myself and even before masks I found myself missing Touch ID. When they bring it back I’m trading up.

        • +1

          I personally don't think they'll bring it back for two reasons - one, it's adding something back they've taken out previously, and more importantly, it's redundant hardware having two biometric systems in the phone. I can see why people might want it in this time of masks though.

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        They have Touch ID in the power button of the new iPads already, I don't see why it would be a problem to implement it in the iPhone power button as well. If the under-display scanner is still underbaked there are certainly alternatives.

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      Apple is not introducing Touch ID at all. The new iPhone 13 has ability to use face id through your mask. They developed this technology and will not go towards Touch ID even in the future.

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    Last week Optus had a similar deal 350$ off on iPhone 12 which makes it just 999$. Also 300$ trade in bonus for an eligible iPhone. I have placed an order for IPhone 12 128gb monthly 89.83$ device payment on 12 months month on month contract.

    • Didn't you have to sign up with a plan to get that discount?

      • Yeah Optus small plan 45$/monthly. Also got an option from Optus that if i port another number 50% off on any plan.

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    Is it a good time to buy an iPhone? Heard the rumour that iPhone 13 will be more expensive. Also there could be price increase with electronics globally by the end of the year, due to chip shortage.

    • The worst time to buy iPhone 12 when iPhone 13 is coming out at the end of September. 12 would drop another $200.

      • +7

        I really can't see this phone dropping to $849 for another 2 years. I think this is a pretty fair price for an iPhone 12.

        • We got the iPhone 11 last year right before iPhone 12 was released for under $1,000. I do admit that I was exaggerating that it will drop another $200. Maybe another $100 is very real at $950.

          • +1

            @DarkOz: I think you’re talking out of your behind. $300 off for iPhone 12 is excelllent

          • @DarkOz: The iPhone 11 though was a bit of a budget version compared to the 11 Pro. The 12 and 12 Pro are much more in line (in terms of display and design).

            • +1

              @bozbargain: If I remember correctly I got it through the Apple store with 8% CR. So I am hoping that it would be repeated again this year. If they drop the price to match at $1,049 with $76.29 CR it could end up around $972.71.

              Also, like a few had mentioned. Telstra day in 2 days and hopefully they would beat their own deal.

              • +1

                @DarkOz: Can get more discount with those Apple gift card deals @Woolies & BigW if you’ve jumped in. Roughly 13% off.

                • @hawkeye93: That too! Unfortunately I missed out on those gift cards.

                  • @DarkOz: BigW deal is still available until tomorrow. Better check your local store but not sure if there’s any thing left there.

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    Can we go back to the days when there were $49 or $59 even $69 plans that come with a phone.

    • +1

      When didn't they? Did you even try to search? Woolies + samsung phone = $35 a month for 24 months. Way cheaper than it used to be, and the phones are way better

    • Can we go back to the days when there were $49 or $59 even $69 plans that come with a phone.

      Telstra prepaid is $300 for 12 months which works out to $25/month which inlcudes unlimited calls/txt and some international. Is this not good enough for you?

    • and why do we want that?

  • +4

    Hold 2 days mate. Might pay off.
    First Thursday of the month is Telstra day

  • +1

    HOLD !!!!!!!!!

  • Handsets unlocked?

    • yeah locked to Optus

  • wait for telstra day. Think its on the 2nd oct.

  • Is this the lowest for iPhone 12 128gb or just wait it out til Telstra Day?

    • 64GB version was $949 last time, so $100 cheaper than this. Reckon the same with 128GB.

    • Last Telstra day was $400 off

  • I’m definitely waiting in Telstra Day, however Vodafone have $600 off the mini (all capacity’s) if you take a 24/36 contract, I know it’s Voda!! Optus have a price match option where you can request they match via live chat, $600 off admittedly a 2 year contract isn’t bad on Optus.

    FYI I tried to work out how to discount is applied by Voda, appears if you leave during the 24 months you forfeit the entire discount.

    This might be useful if you’re after the little iPhone

    • I got a 12 months month on month plan with Optus. Received 350$ off on IPhone 12 which makes it just 999$.

  • -3

    Around $200 gets you a perfectly adequate (and utltrareliable!) Xiaomi mobile for typical use. Of course if you're a fan boy stooge then go ahead and waste $1000 .. 🤔🙄😥 .. !!


      • +2

        I can't imagine spending money on beer would be a pleasent experience. About to go to my tap and get water for 1/5000th the cost the beer.

        • I can't imagine spending money on water would be a pleasant experience. About to go to my anywhere and get air for infinite less the cost of water

        • Spending money on beer sucks, but its worth it broooo.

    • banggood hahaha