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iPhone 12 64GB $979, 128GB $1,059 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


For those who missed out on Telstra Day deal, this is MUCH BETTER DEAL as you can combine with discounted gift card(s) for further discount.

Note: This is NOT mini

Was popular even slightly more expensive not long ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648153 and DOES NOT REQUIRE hideous Telstra ID/Account

Free delivery is not available to all areas.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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      possible, just purchase from JB as a backup though, then if succeed you can just cancel JB and take Apple's :)

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    Way to go. $70 cheaper than $1,049 offered by Telstra.

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      and no PITA Telstra ID 😂

      • +4

        F Telstra!

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    I wonder if I should pull the trigger on this instead of 13

    • +2

      13 is basically 12s, better buy this now at good price, use for a year then upgrade to 14 and resell this one without losing too much, why not :)

      • Good idea.
        The 13 really doesn't tempt me at all

        • have to play smart with Apple upgrades if you want to save money lol

    • 13 camera sensors looking huge

  • +10

    Not a bad deal, but to sell a $1000 phone with 64gb of non expandable storage in 2021 is an insult

    • You can get 64GB for $930 and 128GB for $1000 with 5% off gift cards or officeworks pricematch.

      • I didn't say you can't, I just think it's ridiculous to even release a phone with that little storage at that price.

        • If it's not for you just ignore it, not much price difference between 64GB and 128GB anyway. it is you deciding to focus on 64GB's price not the 128GB's.
          I have 64GB and never needed more storage.

          • -1

            @Sharp: You don't seem to get the point

            • +2

              @dosada: I would say the same thing for you

            • @dosada: If it's not for you, don't buy it. 64gb is plenty for my needs and how I use my phone.

              • -1

                @pharcyde: That is great for you, really. But I didn't ask about your needs, nobody normal can tell me that 64gb are appropriate for a so called flagship phone

                • @dosada: Well, it is. There are plenty of people like me. If I wanted more storage, I'd buy a phone that had those capabilities. So your point is ridiculous.

    • +1

      Wait till you open the box and realise there's no charger for that price either lol

      • Unfortunately that has become normal nowadays

        • For Apple and Samsung I guess but the excuse that it's reducing the impact on the environment is a cop out.
          Charging technology is also changing from model to model, if the phone is capable of say 65W charging, then it should be supplied (like many companies do), not fall back on a previous model's slower charger just because you should already have one.

          • @whitelie: They are just greedy and trying to squeeze every cent possible out of the customers. It's not like they are offering two variations of the handsets, one with charger and the other without but say $50 cheaper

    • Why do u need more built in storage?

      Besides Apps, everything is more secure on cloud

      • +2

        But you gotta pay for cloud isn't it?

        • iCloud is way cheaper than flash storage upgrades from apple- esp if on a family plan

      • And keep paying to apple?

        • I'm an app hoarder - I rarely uninstall if the storage allows.

      • everything is more secure on cloud


  • How to price match, do I call a particular store or their helpline numbers?

    • their helpline is better but they more likely not match the price

  • +1

    Buy this or wait for 13?

    • +2

      I'll wait because I want 120Hz screen, better 5G and better battery life. I don't care about camera upgrades.

      • +1

        Majority of people are not on 5G and the rollout is quite slow. Plus who needs 5G? Streaming 4k on your phone? lol
        I think waiting is pointless. 120 Hz screen makes no difference, seriously. Unless you game on your phone but how lame is that. Get a proper gaming machine.

      • 120Hz only for Pro models for sure as it is their selling point, as in 5G it is just .. 5G :), battery life on 12 is excellent already so there is not much room for improvement given iPhone 13 uses pretty much 5nm or 5nm+ chip. Anyway, point is the price

      • If you have a 5G phone, you may not get 5G speed.

    • Buy this or wait for 13?

      This. The new one is unlucky.

      • lol, 13 sounds good in Chinese, also Apple's main market. hence they don't care to get that number really lol

        • so why no IP 9 then lol - pretty sure no.9 is lucky as well

  • +1

    Does anyone have any thoughts on if the 12 will drop lower than this once the 13 drops?

    • due to shortage of chips and parts + 12 series been hot selling + TSMC's 20% increase that affects chip cost => Apple would possibly just reduce iPhone 12 models with just $100 as usual or they might kill off the whole 12 series and charge people a bit higher prices for iPhone 13s

  • +3


  • +1

    Good deal, grabbed one (mint green) for significant other to upgrade her iPhone 7 Plus (battery is degrading). Turned out to be A$1006.5 (5% off eGift 1050 + 9 CC).

    Self got a iPhone 12 black (from employer) and an X (own), don't feel like upgrading (tried the 12 mini, too small…)

    Thanks OP>

    • welcome :)

    • +1

      Very curious, what does +9 CC mean?

      • I guess (1050 * 95%) + 9 = 997.5 and Click & Collect

    • The remaining 9 using Credit Card sorry for the confusion…

  • +1

    Great price. Never seen such aggressive discount on current model ever. Bought 12 at RRP on launch :(


    • iPhone event incoming.

  • +3


    I actually got my wife to upgrade from her iPhone 6.

    It only took 7 years!!!

    • +6

      wow, you are lucky to have such wife, most would have been using iPhone 12 Pro Max since launch LOL

      • LoL

      • Putting up with 7 years of whinning is not lucky tbh. Shut up and take my money(iPhone 12)!

      • +1

        Haha, i'm still using my 8+ and only begrudgingly bought that one because my 6+ had that crappy screen issue that apple refused to take full responsibility for. I'm considering this deal but might wait for the next model to come out to see what price the older models drop to. I rarely complain about my phone but my fiance still keeps asking me to upgrade..to an android.. nope :D

    • +1

      Also bought one for my wife - she's been stubbornly hanging onto an IP6 so I convinced her to upgrade with FOMO ;)

  • +1

    officeworks has price matched (on the black colour only). Discounted gift cards here we come.

    edit: wtf price went back up

  • +1

    It’s now official, there is a name change.

    IPhone 12 is now known as iPhone 12 NOT mini. 🤣

  • Doh ordered from Telstra $1129 could have saved $70 already dispatched can't cancel

    JB hifi, Why not offer this deal earlier?

    • +1

      You can claim on the 7 day price match gurarantee to get a refund on the difference :)

      • can be a pain too and they will just match this very same price, better off saving extra with discounted gift card(s)

      • Thanks for that. that's better nothing anyone tried and had success?

    • -1

      you can decline accepting the delivery and it will be returned to Telstra, you definitely can cancel unless sign on a contract which is a bit complicated

      • +1

        I think its too much trouble I will try to claim that $70 difference via 7 day price match

  • can I use the HIM gift cards on the phone with JB HI-FI? I thought it was in store only, which are closed in VIC :(

    • +1

      don't think so, need swipe them physically

    • if its a tcn him card, seems like you can. https://thecardnetwork.com.au/pages/the-him-card#landing-ins...
      not sure about the other one.

      • thanks for the link, apparently JB Hi-Fi online is not on the list of online retailers.
        ah well, will settle for the telstra iPhone mini until 12 pro max is discounted properly (which is never :@)

        • please double check once you open the link. jb is supported for online. I just bought using them

        • https://imgur.com/YunpVjj once you click jb, select the online tab next to the in-store one.

          • @kazer: Mate you are brilliant - thank you! Online conversion wasn't available before so I was just sitting on my stash of TCN physical cards waiting for the lockdowns to lift in Sydney and missing the JB deals. Now I can covert and buy online. Woohoo.

            For others in the same boat, another thing that has changed (though some time ago) is that previously JB allowed you to clump smaller denomination gift cards into a single larger denomination gift card - useful for when you need to make big transactions online as there was a max 5 GC redemption limit. They no longer allow you to merge GCs but have instead removed the limit on max number of GCs per transaction so you can use as many as you want (sorry if already covered elsewhere in this thread, just excited to share as saw this elsewhere)!

  • Damn it OW dropped the price to match. Can’t PB now.

  • same price as Officeworks now

  • +2

    I love my 28 Degrees credit card. :)

  • +2

    Anyone tried buying shopback JB hi-fi giftcards? Do you get the cards straight away ? Can you use multiple cards in one purchase via the jb online store? Thanks.

    • +1

      Yep, purchased a $1000 gc from ShopBack for this and it came pretty much instantly. I only used the one gc.

      • Thanks mate for reply. 1 GC because you got the 64gb? I was thinking I would need a $1000, $50, and $10 to cover the $1059 128gb.

        • +1

          1 GC because I was actually getting the GC for my partner who was purchasing the phone. Unlike me, I didn’t think he’d have the patience to enter in that many extra codes to save a few extra dollars haha. Paid the rest via credit card.

          Other comments below suggest that you can use up to 10 GCs though so it should work.

    • +1

      Can confirm I bought a $500 and 2x $200 gcs and all were available immediately

  • +2

    would hv been nice if its 256gb

    • Why? Use iCloud instead

      • Cause i dont stay near the communication tower and I have poor network reception where i live and work. Any better solution?

  • +1


    Can someone kind enough to please shed some light on how to take the full advantage of this deal by using gift cards and credit cards :)) thanks in advance guys :)

    • +1

      ShopBack currently has 3% cashback on JB gift cards. Not sure if other places have larger discounts atm.

  • Possible to redeem multiple gift cards in the one order? Any cap in terms of how many gift cards are allowed to be used in a single transaction?

    • Would be good to know if anyone tried .

      I got 10 TCN cards

    • Spoke with JB customer service - 10 JB cards maximum in one online transaction

  • Ordered a red one for the missus, was going to wait for the iPhone 13 announcement but this discount is good enough to pull the trigger now. thanks OP

  • Snuck in with a cheeky Officeworks pricematch. $1006.50 for 128gb black.

    • wow they hadn't updated price in store?! congrats. so jelly.

      • I was sh!ting bricks. They were taking so long to do it because they couldn’t find the model number on jb’s site. Probably took a good 5 minutes at least.

        • +1

          That's nothing bro - 5 minutes would feel like an eternity but persistence pays off! i went to my OW last night and they gave me the death stare ("nah that needs Telstra ID").
          sad face

          • @IamaCam: people have had better luck on the hotline rather than instore

            they match and arrange pick up when you pay over the phone

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