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Asus Zenbook EVO Flip 13.3" FHD OLED Backlit Touchscreen Laptop $1298 (Save $800) + Del ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


One of the cheapest OLED backlit screen laptop out there, just a bit over 1Kg too

13.3" Full HD (1920 x 1080) OLED backlit touchscreen display
Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 processor (2.4 - 4.2GHz)
512GB SSD storage
Intel® Iris™ Plus graphics
1 x USB-A 3.0 port
2 x Thunderbolt 4 port
Wi-Fi 802.11 ax
Bluetooth v5.0
Windows 10 Home operating system
67WHrs, 4S1P, 4-cell Li-ion (up to 14 hours battery life)

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  • +16

    8GB RAM in 2021? I bought a laptop back in 2014 with 8GB RAM and add another 8GB and SSD to make it run smooth in Win10.

    • +16

      You’d be surprised how useable 8gb is if all else in the system is good

      • +12

        Right now my laptop is running Outlook, 2 Excel spreadsheets, 3 Chrome tabs. The memory usage is already over 7GB. I would blame Chrome but 8GB is abolutely not sufficient for future proof.

        • +10

          That's definitely chrome. It's very hard to recommend chrome over Firefox these days.

          8gb is plenty for most people that only do office work, and some video. I will agree 16gb is better, but if you get a well priced premium laptop that's only 8gb…it's probably ok!

          • +1

            @incipient: Wondering how much cost difference for another 8GB RAM putting into the machine. Reckon it will be less than $50 coz it is only for the memory chips. So the manufacturer is doing this to make sure that we will need to get a new one once in a while.

        • -9

          i recommend switching over to netscape and downloading more ram. otherwise try switching over to linux, when i did i got heaps of free ram.. probably because i couldn't get anything to run. why future proof when you can go back to simpler times…

          currently 12.5/15.7GB in use RAM.

          • @DONMAI: Enjoy your bogged down experience whilst everyone else surpasses you.

        • +7

          allocation =! usage, with tweaking you can get windows with office suite and 10+ chromium tabs down to 3-4gb or so of ram usage (1.x gb system), 8gb will be more than fine.

        • -1

          You must have some huge tabs and spreadsheets open then. 2 Chrome windows, 3 Excel and Thunderbird and its only 4.5 gb

      • +1

        My 4YO XPS 13 (9360/i5 7200U/8GB LPDDR3 1866MHz) is still running very capably with upgraded SSD and WiFi card.
        But if I was to buy a new laptop today, I'd be looking at 16GB RAM minimum.

        Who knows how long 8GB will be good enough?
        (Jesus, that's who)

    • +1

      I had 8GB in my system until the beginning of the year. Played every new game fine (admittedly at 1080p), could multitask. If you don't have software bloat and the other RAM specs are good it's enough for a lot of tasks. Having said that I wouldn't buy a system without at least 16GB now.

    • As Lps said, it's surprising what you can do with 8GB for RAM. I can stream PCVR games wirelessly to my Quest 2 with 8GB RAM, R7 1800x and R9 290. VR itself is already intensive, but there's also encoding the gameplay footage, which is RAM intensive. This is very playable btw :)

  • +5

    8gb onboard ram. non-upgradeable :(

    • +1

      Single-channel too

  • +5

    This’ll be great for linux at night

    That sweet terminal with black blacks, ooh yeah

  • +4

    wtf is OLED "backlit"? Is it the same as OLED?

  • +3

    i have a phobia with 8Gb ram

  • +8

    Would have been perfect with 16GB RAM
    For Normal tasks, it's okay, but not for Power users.. Specially with 10+ Chrome tabs

    • +1

      Mini keyboard sucks too.

  • Hi
    I'm looking looking for a touch screen device to watch movies. How does this compare with the new Apple pro 12.9? I guess this doesn't have Sim card slot though… Thanks

    • The iPad Pro is Mini LED and has much, much brighter output for HDR in movies.

  • +1

    This screen looks like it has a mesh overlay due to the pixel tiling arrangement of the OLED screen. It looks like it is lower resolution than FHD. I would prefer a LCD IPS screen to this as the mesh effect ruins the experience

  • +2

    Only selling point is oled screen. Everything else is mediocre. Not worth it imho

    • +3

      The build quality is great too, the frame is made from solid aluminum and the hinge quality is top notch. It's very solid yet light.

      It also has great battery life with a 67w/hr battery in a small thin and light.

  • +5

    Try using Edge and compare the RAM it uses to the other browsers.

    Right now I have over 100 tabs open in Edge with less than 3.5gb RAM being used by Edge. It's great at putting tabs to sleep to save resources and the last year I've found it leaner and faster than any other browser. I have 20 tabs open in Firefox and it's using 1.5gb. I no longer use Chrome due to how much more electricity it uses and how slow it is (for me) compared to Edge. I still use Firefox and Brave also, but not as my main browsers.

    • +3

      I moved to Edge from Chrome. Chrome is just a joke these days.

      • +1

        Made the same change a few weeks back

        • I just made the change!

          What finally convinced me was native ad-blocking in the android version of Edge and the ability to have 'profiles' on the android Edge.

          On desktop, I always had 2 Chromes open, 1 person and 1 work.

          As far as I know Chrome on android still doesn't let me have a second account logged in to see work bookmarks etc.

          Also have no idea when Edge android got ad-blocking for but I'm glad to have made the change.

          Passwords and bookmarks transitioned across easily enough.

          • @IceCreamBandit: Wait, I don't quite get this change. So you're using 1 browser for work + normal on Edge? I've got profiles for Edge and it still opens as two windows which was what I had for Chrome.

            • +1

              @th123: Sorry I didn't word that overly well.

              I used to use only Chrome on PC and mobile.

              On PC I have work and personal profiles open, on mobile my chrome was logged into my personal Gmail.

              The main annoyance that I couldn't add a second 'instance' of chrome on my phone to have my work account's bookmarks showing up.

              I read the above comments and thought to see if Edge had an android version. After doing some quick reading, I found that android Edge allowed profiles and had built in ad-blocking so I made the change!

    • +1

      Does Edge have extensions like Ublock Origin, Sponsorblock, ByeRupert, etc?

      • +1

        yeah it has all those, you install them through the chrome web store. Basically has all the same extensions that Chrome has.

    • -1

      I find Brave a very good browser as it blocks ads, trackers and malwares for me. Plus it gives me some crypt currencies.

  • +1

    Be careful guys .. I think this Asus has the small crappy keyboard… The width of the keys is fine but they are mini in height .. bad typing experience.

  • +2

    Not worth even if it gets 16gb RAM…

    • Ikr - not going drop $1.2k on a laptop with non-upgradable 8gb ram.

  • +1

    Deciding between this and a MacBook air.

    • That's a tough choice. Both are great. I am partial to the 16:10 aspect ratio that Mac's use compared to the 16:9 here. Can you compare them in person? Also the higher resolution of the Mac displays are a joy to use. I still have a retina 2012 13" macbook because of that awesome display. I also have an Alienware 13 R3 OLED with 2560x1440 OLED that is amazing but still prefer the Macbook due to 16:10 display.

      OLED laptops tend to have high resale value too, so the Apple resale advantage doesn't really come into play.

      If you can wait for the M1X Macbook's then I'd suggest to wait to compare as they may be here in a month or two: https://9to5mac.com/2021/09/02/apple-watch-series-7-macbook-...

    • +3

      If you don't need windows get the MacBook air, better system overall

    • +1

      Macbook Air will destroy this in performance

  • -1

    I don't think this actually flips all the way around into tablet form…..?

    • +3

      Yes it does. I just flipped mine into tablet mode and I'm not crying from having snapped my laptop in half.

      • haha ok is it actually the same model? I checked the photos and none of them show it in tablet form.

        • Yep! Same model and specs as the JB listing. Here is the official Asus page

    • look in the description. its not very clear in the product images but its def a 2 in 1 via description

      edit. LOL NM the jb description is just text

  • +1

    8GB is plenty for all day to day productivity tasks. Most work laptops have 8gb RAM and it works just fine. For gaming or creativity tasks you’d want 16gb min.

  • Nice screen and lightweight is about the only nice thing you can say about it.
    would be a great deal if it had 16GB RAM and Ryzen 7 5800u

    • +1


      Like this - if it was cheaper

      • yes. That's why the Lenovo offerings are so popular.

      • 999 isn't too bad.. about $1,300 AUD. If it goes on sale for $1,100 AUD it would be about the bestest ultrabook you could get for any price.

        • They had this for $1400 recently , was about to get it but it sold out

  • +1

    I'd be so concerned about using OLED screen on laptops.. :O

    • I've been using one in my Alienware 13 R3 OLED for ages.

      I've left it on 100% brightness for hours on end with a static screen and never had a problem with burn in.

  • Wish they made 2k OLED. 1080p AMOLED is like 720p pixel sharpness.

  • +1

    Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 Laptop Tablet 81X20001US 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Ryzen 7 4700U (8-Core) Processor at 2.0GHz $1438
    Bought it from on Amazon US very happy with it. The bonus is getting an amd ryzen processor.

  • +2

    for anyone who is concerned with 8GB RAM, this is what my work laptop is showing:

    Core I5-7200U
    256 SSD

    RAM Usage with 31 Tabs, while 2 running YouTube songs in background.

  • +1

    Asus is leading with bringing OLED to their laptops, from basic to advanced model like ProArt 16". 2022 gonna be OLED trend on laptops which is a good thing, just like how 2020-2021 with 120Hz smartphones.

  • An i7 would be a sweet trigger. But i am gonna check this display out.

    • +2

      Forget it .. keyboard is screwed up .. only small height keys

  • what is this macbook pricing? atleast put 16..

  • Same price as Harvey