Paying for 40 Upload Speed, Line Can Only Do 20

So I was on ABB 100/20 plan, upgraded to that promo they had for 6 months $89 on the 100/40 plan

That promo is over, and the plan naturally rolled over back to full price of $109

My modems been playing up a bit and was looking through some settings and noticed my line speed was at 100/20….

Did some tests and confirmed my upload speed was maxing out at 18-19Mbps

Spoke to ABB live chat and he confirmed my lone speed has a max upload speed of 20Mbps. So rolled back my plan back to 100/20 which is only $10 a month, but no point paying for something I couldn’t use/achieve.

I asked for a $10 credit for the 2 months I paid for 100/40 (waiting on live chat now for confirmation) of that credit)

Am on FTTN

Paying for 100/40 plan, can only achieve 100/20. Maybe check to see if you’re in the same boat.

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  • Interesting. I've got 100/40 as advertised. Think this is the last discounted month though and will revert back.

    Maybe consider Superloop whom seem to have a very good offer at the moment.

  • What NBN technology are you on? FTTN, HFC, FTTP?

    • FTTN unfortunately

      Although I get max. Speeds

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    FTTN sucks, you are lucky you get 100 down

      • Your equipment, the weather, congestion etc.. can affect the speed. You should do a test connected directly to the router.

        Also try and run a speed test here []

        • I think im just in an area where a lot
          Of People aren’t with ABB or just are on slower speed plans, cos I never have speed

          Did a test on speedofme via my pc connected via ethernet:

          Max download 106
          Max upload 20.5

  • FTTN and you can get 100 down. WoW.

    I asked for a $10 credit for the 2 months I paid for 100/40 (waiting on live chat now for confirmation) of that credit)
    did you get the credit?

    • Yes. He had to asked his manager

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    There is no reason why you can't get 100/40 since you can get 100/20. It wouldn't surprise me if Aussie BB never changed you to 100/40 on the backend. Speak to the network team on the phone and not live chat.

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      Agreed, If your line is only capable of 20 Up, it should not be capable of anything close to 100 Down. It's the same pair of wires for down and up.

      • Hmmm not sure; he said he did a line test on his end and it came back as max. 20 up

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          What does your modem say is the Maximum Attainable Line Rate Up and Down?
          I guess it's not impossible that you have really bad line noise specifically through the Upload frequencies, but seems highly unlikely.

          • @ESEMCE: I emailed abb support few days earlier than doing the live chat. They said my line can do 40

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              @Danstar: Your modem will tell you the answer definitively.
              But most likely is that if you can achieve 100 down, you can achieve 40 up (or very close to). As above, it's all travelling over the same physical wires. The difference between up and down in DSL is the "sound" frequency of the beeps and chirps (that are inaudible to humans).

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                @ESEMCE: Thought I already posted this here; but must’ve been to the ABB rep

                Maximum Line rate
                Up 51.02 Mbps down 123.96 Mbps

                • @Danstar: Those are great MLR speeds for FTTN. Has Aussie BB fixed the upload?

                  • @Twix: Well the live chat guy got the $10 credit and reverted me back to the 100/20 plan as he assumed my line couldn’t get 40…

                    So I’ll just leave it

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                      @Danstar: Cool. At least you know the 40Mbps upload is available.