NBN 250/25 $99.95/M (Was $119.95), 1000/50 $119.95/M (Was $139.95) for 6 Months (New & Existing FTTP/HFC Customers) @ Superloop


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    Existing customers. WOW.

    • ikr

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      Ugh.. Deal comes up a month after I jump to ABB..

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        I have been with Superloop and am currently with ABB. I'd rather pay more and stay with ABB. Superloop was absolute rubbish for 1000/50 on 5mod.

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    Nice deal. But I still find that 100/40 is still sweet spot. It’s crazy that 250Mb plan is a degrade on upload speeds.

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      Honestly I only signed up for the 1000/50 for a month to test if I like it

      Yeah it's been 1 year and I haven't gone back

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      Completely agree. With working from home and everyone on video chats, I can't justify going down in uploads.

      • -10

        I doubt there's a noticeable difference in video chat performance between 100/40 and 100/20.

        I got the over the top email today from Superloop as others did…

        Hey Superlooper,

        Not sure I want to be called a Superlooper, but anyway…

        We hope you've loved your speed upgrade!

        Didn't notice one bit of difference.

        Yet, sadly, we must bid a fond farewell to this limited-time offer….your plan will revert back to 100Mbps / 20Mbps.

        Sadly? Who died? Going from 100/40 to 100/20 is not sad.

        BUT! If you can't bear to part with those beautiful, beautiful speeds, head to your Member's Area…

        Calm down, super super loopy loopers.

        • They're doing a Superblooper with me. I'm getting 100/5 and they can't fix it. But I can't notice the difference either. Lol. But all other ISP's before my perpetual churn after their discount offer period expired; upload and download speeds worked correctly … well peaked when it was working on a good day

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          I think it would make a difference if you screen share during a teams call etc… that is when upload matters!

          • @bobz79: RDP, screen share, video conference on 20mbps upload and seems adequate. Video transmission is usually capped at 720/1080p (and most are receiving at 720p). Don't often upload large files so the extra download speed is worth for me.

          • @bobz79: Are you saying the data rate changes when you share a screen, significantly more than when you're looking into the HD camera? You might be right, but surely the screen capture is performed in real time on your computer, then converted to the same video format and data rate as the camera does it? I don't see why a screen share needs to be higher data rate.

            • @cerealJay: Because you can screen share and use camera at the same time.

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                Because you can screen share and use camera at the same time.

                Sure, but the data rate would probably halve anyway, since the receiver gets a small image of you in the corner at most. It may well be that the data rate increases when sharing screen, but probably not twice as much. By design it would be optimised. Would be good to find out exactly how much bandwidth a screen-shared session uses.

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                  @cerealJay: Never had an issue, 50/20 is fine

                  • @G-rig: Same. My GF is on a teams call right now and has her cam on. Using 2.5 to 2.6mbps upstream. I have never seen a cam only session go any higher than that with Teams. Incoming seems to max out around 3.5mbps when in a meeting with lots of cams and a screen share.

                    20mbps up is generally pretty decent for a family to work from home. Definitely helped by a router with good quality of service.

                • @cerealJay:

                  since the receiver gets a small image of you in the corner at most.

                  Not at all, you can completely ignore someones screenshare and keep their camera at full size and resolution if you want.

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                    @Jonzay: They outbound requirement is 3.2mbps according to their site https://support.google.com/meethardware/answer/4541234?hl=en... which appears to say that they cap it regardless what is being transmitted. My guess is they adjust the bit rate and resolution accordingly, much like how they do in YouTube so it never exceeds the threshold. User turns off screen share but keeps camera? Crank up stream for that only. Both on but 1 bigger than other? Send more bits to bigger feed.

                    • @blurn: This makes sense and is likely a similar story for MS Teams. If they didn't cap and optimise in the way you describe, their service would let people down on slow connections, and people would switch to a service that performed better for more participants.

                  • @Jonzay:

                    you can completely ignore someones screenshare and keep their camera at full size and resolution if you want

                    Fair enough. I think the main point is however that 50/20 or 100/20 is plenty fast enough to handle even the double HD video data rate on the upstream, given the rate capping and video compression.

      • I've been on the 250/25 since their last promo, it was at $79 but has gone up to $89, I'm a bit confused why it hasn't either gone up further or the speed dropped back to 100/20 as it was before signing up to the promo.

        Honestly I WFH full-time with WebEx calls on mobile over wifi and Citrix VDI. Wife/kids are on YouTube, Netflix and Disney plus regularly. I don't come close to using the upload bandwidth and even /20 up was enough. I'd happily go back to 50/20 based on my consumption.. and I will just to save the extra $$ each month.

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      I absolutely agree, 100/40 is the best plan in that regard.

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        shame they didn't offer that upgrade for existing members, I'd stay and pay a bit more for 6 months

    • Yep, the 250/25 isn't necessarily an upgrade at all. Many (depending on their usage) may not even notice the difference between 100 and 250 down. I upload plenty to the cloud so for me it would be a big downgrade. But that's NBN's speed tier decision, not Superloop.
      The 1000/50 is definitely an upgrade on all accounts.

  • Why always first 6 months only? Anyway, I did set alarm for 5 month and 29 days.

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      nbn set the promos to 6 months.

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          NBN's goal is to make money. The idea is to give you a taste, and hopefully get you hooked. The problem is that there's constantly some kind of deal, so a lot of people come to expect the deals as normal.

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        Yes I am on the previous free upgrade with ABB until Christmas. 250 isn’t all that much different to 100 IMHO and if by Christmas the standard price for 250 isn’t what I pay now I will drop back to 100.
        Five in the family gaming, multiple Netflix and teams streams 100 Mbps copes more than enough. If there was two in the house I reckon 50 is enough.

        I typically get 265/23 in the evening.

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      Better reset it to 5 months and 27 days if you signed up today.

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    Good deal thanks op

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    250/25: Typical evening speed = 240.0Mbps
    1000/50: Typical evening speed = 250.0Mbps

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      Depends on area and time I guess, but I'm generally getting 600+ in the evening nowadays (just did a speedtest now at 9:40PM, and it's 750+)

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        Good to know, thanks.
        I didn’t even realise I could get 1000/50 until just now. Decisions, decisions…

      • Just done a speedtest and I'm getting 950+ at 9:50pm.

        I'm with ABB.

      • My past experience with Superloop was horrible, getting 25Mbps on 1000/50 plan in the evening until 11PM. That was around February this year with the 6 months promotion. Like 7 months before that with ABB I have never gone down below 750Mbps, and I switched back to ABB after a month with SL and the speed restored immediately.

        • Had the same issue also in Feb and I bugged them until they fixed it. It's fine now.

    • Yeah, I have no idea where they get those figures from.

      I have had 1000/50 from TPG for over 6 months. TPG says typical evening speeds are 250Mbps, I have tested may times over the course of the 6 months and I have never got a result of less than 900Mbps. Either I am extremely lucky, or that typical speed is wrong. The service has been great.

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        By setting expectations low, they can achieve those speeds in the majority of cases. If they set it too high, people complain, and they get fined by the ACCC. TES is just a pointless fictional number.

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      They don’t have enough data from automated testing to give an accurate expected speed, so under quote to not get in trouble with ACCC.

  • Is it still next to impossible getting customer service from these guys? I'm thinking of an ABB switcheroo but I've read a few reviews that support with SL is a bit meh…

    • +6

      They have never ever replied to a single email of mine. Don't even bother.

      Phone support is good though. Aussies answering phones and can actually get things done.

      • Hahaha same here haven’t heard back from the one email I sent like 2 weeks ago

    • +2

      I found the opposite. Customer support was quicker to get onto & much more helpful.

    • +1

      In my experience, yes. They don't answer emails and no phone support outside of business hours.

    • +2

      Yes. I Had some connection issues and was with them until recently. 4+ hour wait times on the phone, close overnight and if you request a callback and they don't get to you that day, don't expect a callback next day.

      Switched to ABB and got the issue fixed which was an NBN cable problem. Very frustrating when your internet drops out at 4pm and too bad, you have to set an alarm to call them first thing at 10am next morning because you won't get through.

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    I rang and asked a few days ago about their discounted plan and got told I'm ineligible. I moved to tangerine and now they have come with this deal.

    • +7

      In a way, maybe we should thank you lol

    • I contacted them and they couldn't offer the new customer discounted price for the 20/50 but they offered $5 off for 6 months. I am on a cheap grandfather plan so was happy with that.

    • Similar story. I'm moving to letsbemate for $69 (100/20) with mobile bundle.

  • damn lack of FTTC deals

    • FTTC deal is here.

      • Not quite as good, but if a new customer it's ok I suppose

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    1000mb still has a 3TB limit, then it shapes to 100mb

    Still, 3TB is a pretty decent level of data, I seem to range from 500GB to 1TB. I really want the extra 10mbps up though, for me that's worth the extra $20 a month for a while.

    • 3TB is counted separately for up/down. Closest I ever got to 3TB was when I got my PS5 and just downloaded all my PSN (Mostly chunky PS4) games to it on top of my usual monthly traffic. Still didn't reach the cap lol.

      As much as I'd like no cap, I find it quite reasonable

      • Ah, that's good to know. Realistically I never come near it (except one time I had to restore some online backups, hit 8TB in a month), but I'm usually 500GB down, 250GB up. Which makes the 50mbps upgrade useful in itself for me.

    • I guess with 1000Mbps download, you end up downloading more in general. Only 100/40 upgraded to 250/25 and only average between 300-400GB download and 60-90GB upload right now

    • Shaping to 100mbps isn't terrible but makes it hard to justify the extra cost at full price. Usually do around 5-7TB/month on our 100mbps plan.

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    Bugger, thought I could upgrade to 100 from 50 M plan for same $69/m. Looks like excludes that tier for existing customers.

    • +1

      Yup, slower speeds are part of the other (linked) deal which is only for new customers

  • I'm an existing customer, currently paying $74.95 for 100/20

    I want to trial the 1000/50 to see what speeds I get during the evening before fully committing. Is there anyway they let us do a 1 month trial without increasing the current price we are on???

    • I think Launtel still having 7 day trial included 1000/50 plan.


      I only trial for 1 day and changed back to ABB due to the speed wasn't that good.

      Evening I'm liked getting like 300-500Mbps.

      • Yeh it'll be hard getting full gigabit speeds, Thats why I want to trial

        I'm currently on the 6month $74.95 special. The promo runs out on 6th October and my price will revert to $89.95 so I'm doing bit if research now to get the best deal.

        If I change to this $99.95 250/25 promo, will my 6 month promo reset??

        • Do you start the service with new provider before you disconnect old connection? Is that possible on FTTP?

          • +2

            @bhunter101: Yes you can, FTTP allows you to have 4 RSP connected at one time.

            • @Homr: Thanks.

            • @Homr: But there's restrictions with the plan that you can order.

              This is what happened when I trial with launtel on 1000/50, when I signup with ABB they unable to get another 1000/50 plan activate on port 1 or 2 due to the limitation.

              The only options I'll got was ABB completely take over port 1 or signup on lower speed plan first.

              eg: if you already have 1x 1000/50 plan active on port 1 with ABB then your next plan must be 250/xx or lower on port 2 with SL.

      • +1

        I only get 700Mbps down on the 1000/50 plan on HFC in Wishart, QLD.

        • That's enough

    • Not with Superloop. Aussie BB have a free month of Gigabit.

  • +1

    I assume you lose your existing grandfathered plan?

    • Yes.

  • +5

    My free 1000/50 speed upgrade ends soon, will be dropping back to 100/40. 😢

    • +1

      Ditto… Tbh I didn't notice much difference though, not enough to justify the extra $ I would have had to pay for it if it wasn't free.

      • I got an extra 20Mb per second and that was only when downloading games using Steam. I'm really thankful I didn't pay for it.

  • Can anyone change plan from member area? I keep getting timed out

    • I’m having problems too. Might try later.

      • +1

        Do you know how the monthly fee will apply when changing mid month?? Will it pro rata?

        • I can't answer you definitively, but I just upgraded recently to a plan that was $20 more expensive in my last week of the month. I've now got a pending charge for $20 for that week of use so I'm guessing they charge the full month price.

          • @hybir: Looks like they charge you the difference no matter how many days left, so its not pro rata. I've got 8 days left till my next quota reset and will have to fork out $25 difference but they mentioned it will be $10 so I'm confused there.

            My plan will change from Superloop NBN 100/20 Unlimited to Superloop NBN 250/25 Unlimited - 6 Month Discount
            My plan change will take effect from today
            Only one mid-month plan upgrade per service month is allowed and I will not be able to revert this change for the current billing month, however, I can set an additional plan change for the next rollover if required
            My plan spend will increase by $10.00 from $89.95 to $99.95
            My plan data limit will remain at Unlimited and will be metered by download or upload
            My router supports speeds in excess of 100Mbps, and that my connection speed will ultimately be limited by the capacity of my equipment
            My plan will be upgraded immediately, and two charges of $10.00 will appear on my next generated invoice for this upgrade
            the first charge will be for the current period being upgraded, and
            the second charge will be for the following period in advance that has already been invoiced.
            Once my plan change is submitted, nbn™ may take up to 48 hours for the speed change to complete

        • It won't let you change mid-month if you're staying on the same speed, the only option is to change from next billing period

          • @drasticmeasures1337: it does allow you to change.

            I got two options: Change now or next quota reset.

            • @Homr: sorry, yeah I edited my comment:

              if you're staying on the same speed

              I had 1000/50 and side-graded to the promo 1000/50 and the only choice was next month heh

      • +1

        HTTP 504 Gateway time out

        And a message on their profile page saying the plan changer is not available.

        Are they the first ISP OzBargained?

        • yup thats what I got too

        • It's working now!!!

          • @Homr: Amazing how immediate tech support for a web service failure is actually possible- at least when the potential for reputational damage presents itself

  • +17

    Would not recommend SL for the following reasons:

    • CVC charts are 15 minute averaged intervals so a gigabit user downloading a 40GB game for example would not show up on the chart. Very misleading if you ask me.
    • CVC runs very close to the sun on many POI's.
    • You will be very unlikely to hit full speeds on 1000/50 or 250/25 as they shape this plan pretty hard during peak time.
    • Support queue times seem to have gone back to being quite long.
    • There have been a few state wide outages this year in NSW/VIC.

    To top it off they claimed for JobKeeper when they weren't eligible for it as their revenue actually increased.

    • If their forecasted turnover was uncertain or known to be low, they qualified, like many other businesses. If it turned out high, then that's lucky. Many businesses did this.

      • +4

        If anything connectivity providers should have been able to predict their revenue would have increased due to covid (and it did). I don't buy that reason personally.

      • Many businesses did the right thing and returned Jobkeeper.