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Mouse Pads $1, Wireless Mouse $4, Bluetooth Mouse $10, Indoor TV Antenna $5, Car Dash Phone Holder $5, Selfie Light $10 @ Kmart


Mouse Pad - Leaf $1.00
Mouse Pad - Leopard $1.00
Wireless Optical Mouse $4.00
Bluetooth Wireless Mouse $10.00
Indoor TV Antenna $5.00
Car Dash Phone Holder $5.00
Wired Optical Mouse $3.75
10-inch Tabletop Selfie Ring Light $10.00

C&C: $0 until the end of lockdown
Delivery: $0 with $65 order

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      I don't even want to imagine the sound quality on this

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        For $0.25 you don't have to imagine!

      • Actually they pick up quite decently, someone at my work went out and brought a bulk batch for all our small meeting rooms lol. Does the job good enough for for 25c.

        • Did they claim back from company?

          • @Chchnu: Of course they did the small sum of $20 or so they spent out lol.

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    You are missing a watch deal in there, sir!

    Analogue Watch with Nylon Band $8 was $15.

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      Looks like a panerai

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    I use to be a massive hoarder of such things, now i just see em as…..junk…just sits there and collects dust….

    • Reminds me of my views of the government, lol.

  • I saw a woman at the checkout yesterday with a trolley full of these mouse pads, etc.

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      For sale: Assorted new electronic and computer peripherals 50% off from $15. Call Anna.

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    Anyone used this indoor antenna for their living room tv? How's the picture quality and does it catch all the signals?

    • No

    • I picked to use with PC tv tuner, signal is good enough and can't complain.
      I am in the upstairs room at work, antenna is placed next to the window.

  • Does anyone else find their closest stores are always out of stock ?
    I can't "pre-order" items out of stock for future delivery and I also can't click n collect because nothing is ever stocked.

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      I’m finding the same thing. Everybody is ordering crap online and they are running out of crap stock. Any crap that you do find takes weeks to actually get to your house.

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    Their website sucks

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      Facts and they haven't fixed it for more than a year now.

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    Thanks bought the $4 wireless mouse. Click and collect for $4 is a first.

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