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[NSW] LG 10kg Front Load Washer WV5-1410W $859 Delivered (Sydney, Wollongong, Central Co) @ Powerland


Includes free installation and removal of old appliance. Also available on their eBay store (cheers assailantsky)

Live in Launceston, Tassy? You can try GoodGuys price beat for $864 (pickup).

After the matching dryer? Try the HN deal at $884 by combining with the Heat Pump Dryer at $1554 to obtain a $200 gift card.

10kg Front Load Washing Machine with Steam

  • Intelligent Clothing Care with AI Technology
  • Reduce Allergens with Steam Cycles
  • Outstanding Wash with 6 Motion Wash Technology
  • Remotely Start and Monitor Wash Progress with ThinQ®

Key Features

  • 1400rpm Spin Speed Max
  • 4.5 Star Water Rating (WELS)
  • 4.5 Star Energy Rating

Last deal on OzB was popular at $868

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    Same price on their eBay store (linked below), might be a better option if you have discounted gift cards. I've purchased other appliances from them before and had good experiences with their delivery in Sydney.

    Worth noting that they are a local store based in Sydney, please consider supporting them compared to the big chains, especially in a pandemic.


    • Cheers - updated

    • Can confirm, excellent service and cheapest prices.

      We purchased a Fisher & Paykel Top Load Washing Machine a few weeks back from their eBay Store (had 5% eBay Plus Promotion), and it was delivered the next business day.

  • I bought Bosch 10kg front load for around $1000 3 weeks ago. I would choose Bosch over LG.

    • How/where from? Great deal.

    • Imo lg washing machines are better than Bosch made in china. Made in German bosch may be arguably better than LG, but from my experience LG's inverter tech has been superior.

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    I bought a Bosch front loader (German made 9kg version) from TGG last week after dumping the 5year old LG 10kg inverter direct drive front loader machine purchased for around1,200 and spend more than $500.00 for repairs during the 5 year period, haven't had any issues with the motor though which has 10 year warranty. Really disappoint with LG.

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      sad! I have a 16yo LG still churning but the seal leaks a bit. I got a Bosch dryer and looking to get a washer, but LG has been so good to us. YMMV.

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        I think old LGs are good, most problems on new ones are related to the circuits boards and smart things.

  • LG has both hot and cold water inlets, which means you can use cheaper off peak HWS or in my case, heat pump HWS to provide warm water. Bosch and other euro brands only have cold water inlets so they heat the water using peak electricity and are slightly most expensive to run. Point is moot if you always use cold water to wash - we all should be but don’t always.

  • I bought this 10kg washer and the 9kg dryer

    good guys had it at $868 for the washer and they sold me the dryer for $1499 price matching this site https://pselectronic.com.au/shop/appliances/dryer/lg-9kg-hea...

    Washer is excellent, the inverter control on the motor really makes a difference in how it tumbles the clothes and we get really good results from the basic quick 30 wash

    Also love that it has a dedicated hot water inlet to use our heat pump hot water!

    Other thing is that there is so little vibration with these units!!

    It then auto connects to the dryer and tells it which program to use. Dryer is excellent. Much quicker than the Stirling heat pump dryer we had from aldi (bed sheets tool 6 hours in the Stirling vs 2 in the lg) may still be slower than a standard heat element dryer, but not by much.

    Both are super quiet compared to our previous products.

    Only had them a month so can't commwnt on longevity yet. But first impressions are excellent

    • Same initial experience with our LG until 4 years and started issues with few cercuit boards and controllers which we had to replace spend more than 500 bucks.

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    Looks like it's Out of stock