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Flying Power Energy Drink 250ml $0.79 (Usually $0.99), Chazoos Microwave Popcorn $0.49 @ ALDI


Available in Tropic, Original, Guarana, 99.9% Sugar Free Tropic, 99.9% Sugar Free Original or 99% Sugar Free Guarana varieties.


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  • Flying Power gives you wings?

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      More like extra fingers, but I like the positive outlook :)

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        woooosh right over your head

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          woooosh over your head cause you didn't get the joke. In-case you didn't know, this is a rip-off of Red Bull, meaning instead of giving you wings, it's just gonna give you a few extra fingers and call it a day lmao

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      It has what plants crave!

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      You buy 5, then you have a dollar. You go to dollar shop and then you buy something for a dollar. Winning!!!


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        Be a man

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          Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

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    Huh, it only just occurred to me, that since these are 250ml cans; the brand name 500ml energy drinks from amazon are actually cheaper; as most of them (they rotate whos on special) go sub-$40 for a 24 pack of 500ml. (When normal 99c price, of course) Good work Amazon.

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      Forget the brand name energy drinks, these are my preferred now. Pretty sure they are made in the same factory by the same companies.
      (Made in Austria)

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        Sorry, im an ozbargainer. The brand names are cheaper, so I'll drink the cheaper.

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          They are all unhealthy for average humans.

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      But then you're drinking 500mL when (arguably) 250mL is enough. I wouldnt be one to advocate drinking too much of this stuff.

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        Not necessarily in one sitting.

        I usually end up having roughly half a can at breakfast, then the other half at afternoon tea.

        I dont do hot drinks during day hours (dunno why, just dont enjoy it), so its my "coffee".

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        A true ozbargainer would pour it into 2x250mL containers and save.

        • +1

          Nah Nah Nah Richy Richy ……
          You mix it with tap water 2 parts to 1. (use puddle water though to save on home water bill)
          Then you have a sip but spit back into can, no swallow!

          I'm still on my first can after a month using this pro tip.

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    I believe the special ends October 5th.

    Monthly Super Savers
    On sale 1 September-5 October

  • Which flavour is best?

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      That's subjective. Get one of each.

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      Sugar free

    • +1


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      I like the Original best. Tastes like a stock standard energy drink. A mix of all the big names.

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    Tropical is my favourite, tastes like blue V, green tastes like normal V, red one tastes like Red Bull IMO of course.

  • Anyone know if the popcorn has milk? Sounds strange but the old recipe extreme butter popping corn brand didn't and was hoping these might be milk free

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      Ingredients: Popcorn (76%), Vegetable Oil [Vegetable Oil, Antioxidant(307], Salt, Natural Flavour, Natural Colour (160a).

      No mention specifically..

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        Awesome thanks mate couldn't find ingredients list online

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    I smashed a few packets of dat popcorn over the last few days.

    It's pretty legit; salty, buttery, and full of those little bits of crud that get stuck between your teeth. 10//10 would do again for $0.49.

    • How is it compared to the Poppin’ brand that Woolies and Coles sell?

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        Sorry I'm not really a connoisseur so I don't have the best frame of reference (probably shouldn't have "reviewed" it in hindsight).

        In fact I haven't popped my own corn in years…

        All I can say is it's much better than the worst cheap stuff I'd had. It's up there with the best microwave popcorn I've tasted (which isn't a high bar). Though maybe more salt than ideal, and less colouring than some.

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        I personally don't think they're as good, but passable if you want some popcorn.

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        Me + kids like the ALDI popcorn better
        Than the blue 5 in a BOX one from woolies.

        Assuming that's the the brand u referring to.

        • Yep that’s the one!

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    Just buy the energy drink Sodastream flavour: https://sodastream.com.au/products/xstream-energy-drink

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      What kind of junk is this?

      Serving size: 250 ml (made up of 16 ml of drink mix and 234 ml of carbonated water)

      In that 16 ml you've got 12.5g of sugar, 12.5 of carbohydrates and 6g of vitamin b3.

      There's so little caffeine in this they don't even list how much.

      If you look at the ingredient profile, it's sugar, water, fructose, food acid, flavors, colors, sweeteners, antioxidant… and then some caffeine.

      Like what? <1g?

      "Contains caffeine" my ass. Mate hand in your energy drink card, you're done.

      • "Supplies you with caffeine and vitamins for the pick up that you need. Perfect for hardcore energy drinkers"

        yeah right…

    • Sounds like a sodastream sales rep.

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    Flying power energy drink


  • +1

    Flower Power Energy Drink yeah!

    250ml isn't close to being enough, will need 3 at least

  • Good stuff. Original flavor tastes nearly identical to red bull.

    • you say that like it's a good thing

  • Love the green and yellow flavours..

  • If your buying it for the rush, pretty sure the hydroxycut tablets are like $15 for 35? tablets (1/2 price) at coles at the moment. 1 tablet will be like drinking a 500ml monster/red bull

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    Does not taste anything like redbull or even close to it

    • I dont think they are trying to imitate red bull, but the ingredients are practically identical for a fraction of the price

      Who cares if it tastes the same?

      • I do. It's the only thing I drink

  • I prefer Aldi's sugar free product to Red Bull's light blue sugar free cans. Red Bull has tweaked the formula and made them oddly very sweet.

  • +3

    79c, 69c after 10c container refund. 69c. Nice.

  • So the Guarana one has 0.1% Guarana and 0.02% Caffeine. That doesn't seem like very much. Although not sure how it compares to other companies.
    Also is this a permanent price drop?