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Free Delivery for Standard Debit Card (Save $8.99) @ Revolut


save $8.99
might as well get the card now it's free delivery

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$60 for the referrer only. Referee gets $0. Each referrer can refer up to 5 sign-ups. Three minimum $10 purchases by referee required.

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    almost joint & open the account. luckily I checked this website first regarding this company.

    • you saved me as well, thanks

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      I've been using for more than one year - mostly for shopping using disposable virtual cards, no problems so far.

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      Yet their Google Play and Apple App store reviews tell a totally different story. Product review is known to have heavily skewed reviews that do not represent the majority of users, just look up any other bank and you'll get similar ratings. So take ratings from that site with a huge grain of salt, especially with such a small sample size.

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        Agreed. Most products which are hugely popular gain terrible ratings on their site. I do read the reviews but definitely with caution and cross check other sources… A big grain of salt for sure

      • Recent reviews in Google play store seem to confirm the issues mentioned in productreview. Please read the latest reviews in Google play store before signing up.


        I've been using Revolut for quite awhile for small amounts. I recently made a large deposit (several thousand dollars), and the same day Revolut blocked me from my account. I'm not even able to see my balance. They repeatedly asked me for the same documentation, which I provided each time. I'm nearly certain I'll never get my deposit back, and there is a plethora of online stories that they repeatedly victimize users. I'd recommend reading Revolut's Wikipedia article. Avoid them at all cost.

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      Lol as if trusting product review. The disposable card alone has saved me hundreds of dollars.

      • Are these disposable credit or debit cards?

        Is there a fee for this feature?

        • Debit. There were no fees when I signed up but according to some of the posts here they might have introduced a monthly fee recently.

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        How does a disposable card save money? Genuine question.

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          Infinite free trials for things like Stan, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc…

          • @xers: Oh right…

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              @ShouldIBuyIt: Haha, so fraud. Awesome!


              p.s. Before I get crucified, I will happily use a VPN to get overseas prices, so maybe I’m a hypocrite :P

          • @xers: How do you not get locked out of Amazon every time you do new prime? Everytime I try it the new account locks me up..

      • Zip pay has disposable card for free

        • Really? Couldn't find any info on it.

          Edit: I take it back. Logged into my zip money account and it's there. They're only valid for 24 hours though.

  • Does the $350 cover overseas atm fees? Or just the fees charged by revolut?

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      the only bank that cover International ATM fee is ING. In many rip-off countries the ATM fee can be $8(Thailand) or $15(Fiji)

  • Everyone here recommending Wise/Transferwise should check this out:


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      I don't use Facebook. Got a summary?

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        Basically a thread where people who have been scammed by Wise who have got together to file legal petitions.

        Even though it looks like genuine people with genuine issues, none of these can be relied on

        • Sure but why would hundreds of people make up these claims?

          This has been going on long before they changed their name - possibly why they changed their name!

          I'd urge anyone with an interest to check out the group and make up your own mind.

          • @gadgetguy: Haven’t personally had any issues using Transferwise or Wise as it’s currently known.

            Have made transfers and conversions in the thousands.

            Have you personally had any issues with them?

      • "Group to gather the people who have been scammed by Transferwise (Wise), and share knowledge to recover our money."

        Has been going for a while - stories often involve "Wise" closing accounts with thousands of dollars locked in them.

        Some harrowing stories in there.

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          Wait till you hear about Paypal…

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      Wow! This is scary!!!

      I have used world remit at least about 30-40 times and have found them very reliable. They have an office in Sydney too.

      I think I will not be using big money transfers using wise.

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        Have always used currencyfair. Decent rate and only $4 to transfer the money out. Shame they removed the at limit trading feature.

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      It seems most were caught out by some overly cautious Anti Money Laundering practices. AKA "Don't be from the Middle East, Africa or South America."

    • This Revolut is not any better, it maybe ok if you just put in small amount of money. When you start transferring large amount then your account got blocked. The shittiest part is that it takes them ages to reply, you have no way to contact them. No phone, no email contact, only through their chat via the app. So your money is at their mercy. Customer Service is non-existent

      You have to lodge AFCA complaints yet they still don't bother to call you back or email you back even with AFCA case. If you ever thought about transferring large amount of money, think again. You may missed all your planned schedule until you can get your money back.

      It can takes more than 1 month until they bother to refund you and close your account.

  • I can't find a list of the 110+ currencies.

    Does anyone have a link that they can share?

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    Signed up via a referral link, met conditions within 10 minutes, got $25. Sent a referral link to my wife, met conditions on her account. Got extra $50.

    It takes time and patience but it is free money.

    • Is it for the referee only? or the new sign ups?

      • Please see the post, it is all there:
        $25 for the referrer and referee.

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      verio, since you've been on both sides as a referrer and referree, what details did you see when you referred your wife? and what details did your wife see when she used your referral link?

      • You can only see a name of the person who referred you when going through the referral link, that is all.

        • Thanks for confirming.

  • Been a few years now, but used to use TorFX to transfer GBP back from the UK. Haven’t seen them mentioned here.

    Just called them up and asked them to beat CurrencyFair’s rate.

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    Not applicable when you register long time ago. I cant get free delivery.

  • Looks like only handful number of countries supports direct deposit and the others are just SWIFT? Which takes days and hefty fee.

  • If using the referrer link, can the referrer see your name, email and number?

    Also why would they normally charge a delivery fee for card?

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    Interesting stories about TransferWise.

    I have used Instarem for about two years now and have had no issues. Exchange rate is better than Wise at most times.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. Tried Instarem first time and the rate is actually not better than wise but there's very low threshold for fee waiver. (AUD 200+)

      Whereas wise never waive any fee regardless the amount hence worked out better. The UI ain't good as wise but whatever since it's cheaper.

  • Is it consider as cash advance if I add money from credit card?

  • lol why would anyone pay for this in the first place? if you bank with a bank like macquarie you get this already with the spot rate and no fees..

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      its really good for traveling really. not that its useful atm.

    • I just checked the Macquarie rate for usd/aud and it's way worse than Revolut - .728 vs . 739

      Plus they have a $15 flat fee under 10k.

      • card transactions? or transfers?

  • Anyone know how long the free card delivery will last?

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    Hi do you know if i put money using applepay counted as cash advance (huge interest)? Thanks

  • Tried to create an account via my phone and it wouldn't work. Really weird. Anyway, struggling to think of how i would even use this in the first place. I already churn credit cards a few times a year and mobile numbers tend to be more of a sticking issue than payment details for new accounts in my experience. Happy to be corrected on any of these points though just cant think how i'd use it.

  • How does this compare to a 28 degrees card?

    • it's not a credit card

  • What's the benefits of this card? I skipped past, but has alot or comments.

    Do people use it to buy CC?

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      I didn't read your comment. is it worth reading?

  • is this free delivery offer only exists for new customer?

  • Can you BPAY bills using this like you can with Beem It?

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    Don't forget, if signing up with a referral:

    What do my friends need to do?

    • Sign up to a Revolut account using your unique referral link
    • Verify their identity and pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
    • Add money by connecting their bank account or debit card
    • Order a physical Revolut card
    • Complete 3 purchase transactions with their new Revolut card (this can be through a virtual card while they wait for their physical one) of at least $10 each
    • It would be great if this was on the post description.

      I didn't realise I had to start the signup with their invite URL. I thought they would've asked for a promo/invite code during the setup process, but no…

      *sigh** wasted effort for another ozbargainer and I to get $25 each… soz

    • Does the the referrer see the referree details when the referree signs up?

      • +1

        According to verio (commented earlier), when he referred his wife…

        You can only see a name of the person who referred you when going through the referral link, that is all.

    • Will logging into my bank and and doing an ETF to my Revolut account a valid method to add money or is it mandatory that I link my bank account or debt card to satisfy the condition to obtain the referral credit

    • How do you do KYC check?

  • Can I use this or a Wise card to transfer USD transferred to my Paypal for some work I'm doing at a better Aussie rate than the crap Paypal one? TIA

    • Sadly not that I've been able to figure out, and I have tried with both.

      Wise has a US bank account which you can link to Paypal and withdraw USD to, but Paypal recently(ish) implemented a 3% fee to withdraw USD, which makes that option about as expensive as withdrawing to AUD with Paypal's shitty rates.

  • So does the free account still get access to Virtual cards?

    • Yep

      • Thanks - its strange because 'Disposable virtual cards' are only listed as a feature with the Premium and Metal cards (not the standard).
        Perhaps they changed it?

        • Disposable cards are not the same as virtual cards. Disposable cards automatically destruct and are replaced by a new card after any purchase is made on them - ie they are single-use. Virtual cards you can use multiple times, manually delete/create new ones, set limits etc.

          Disposable cards were available for free users for a while, it seems they aren't anymore, however I still have one from when they were free.

          • @Hardicus: Thanks. OK so two types of virtual cards, disposable and not?
            I got the phrase 'Disposable virtual cards' from their feature list for the Premium account

    • Second this question. Previously virtual cards were the only on the paid service.

  • Can someone answer this Q - can you use these to withdraw money at worldwide ATMs without fees like the 28 degree card? I've been wanting to get rid of that credit card, so if this is a good alternative without any fx conversion fees, I'd move over.

    • you still get slugged with foreign ATM fee, just open ING account if you want to withdraw money oversea. ING is the only bank that reimburse foreign ATM fee and no fx fee.

      • +1

        From 01 Mar 2022

        Removing the $0.50 Cash Out Bonus
        International ATM Fee Increasing from $2.50 to $5.00 but will still be rebated up to 5 times per month*
        International Transaction Fee Increasing from 2.50% to 3.00% but will still be rebated*

        *Eligible Customers who use their card 5 times and deposit $1,000 in the previous month

        • ING is the best one for reimbursement of foreign ATM fee which in many countries are rip-off like Thailand and Fiji.

  • I missed signing up with referral link. Trying to chat to know my options but it's been over 4 hours and 52 minutes no agent has responded. Can I simply cancel my account and get a refund and sign up again? I didn't verify identity yet. However I did deposit $25 to start the account.

    Anyone here in the same boat as me?

    • probably can. though they might be storing imei

      • Can they? I am not sure if they can. But anyway, I first need them to acknowledge to my chats, over 5 hours already.

  • +1

    It seems the Free delivery offer got expired?

    • Is it only on the premium plan which is $10.99? Just read all the comments on this post and I can’t work it out.

      • +1

        should be back again

    • It looks to be the case once I managed to complete the signup/ NYC etc today. The app shows a $8.99 for Standard Delivery fee for the Standard debit card.

      • +2

        Free Standard Delivery was definitely available when I signed up two days ago (Sunday). Maybe offer is now expired.

      • should be back again

    • should be back again

  • I just asked support and they said the free card promotion has been on hold since May 2020 so not sure how we’re meant to get this deal?

  • New promotion for September is live, mods will need to flush codes as new one ends with !SEP1AGG

    Would be great if someone can make a new post for September (current referral reward is $30 for referrer and referee)

  • Anyone know which ATMs support PIN change for the physical card? Says it should be possible at ATMs, but I tried westpac and CBA, no success…

  • Never got my card. Not sure, if anyone else had the same experience?

    • +1

      Received mine about a week or two ago.

  • It seems the free delivery offer is no longer available.

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